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Research & Development: Learning from the past, Shaping the future. Richard B. Evans President and CEO, Alcan Inc. Aluminum Association Spring Meeting Montreal, April 25, 2006. 1886 Discovery of the electrolytic aluminum process. Canadian subsidiary. Pittsburgh Reduction. algroup. Pechiney.

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Research development learning from the past shaping the future

Research & Development:Learning from the past,Shaping the future

Richard B. EvansPresident and CEO, Alcan Inc.Aluminum Association Spring Meeting

Montreal, April 25, 2006

Alcan linked to earliest aluminum r d experts

1886Discovery of the electrolytic aluminum process

Canadian subsidiary

Pittsburgh Reduction





2000 acquisition

2003 acquisition


Alcan linked to earliest aluminum R&D experts

European acquisitions link Alcan to Paul Héroult

Alcoa roots link Alcan to Charles Martin Hall

©2006 ALCAN INC. 3

Aluminum young and omnipresent
Aluminum: young and omnipresent

Produced commercially for only 118 years, aluminum dominates today’s non-ferrous metal production

©2006 ALCAN INC. 4

From art to technology solutions

Quality R&DVision of future needs


From “art” to technology solutions

Competitive advantage

©2006 ALCAN INC. 5

Fifty years ago s derberg looked good
Fifty years ago, Söderberg looked good…

If we knew then what we know today, would we have embraced Söderberg?

©2006 ALCAN INC. 6

Aluminum lithium 1970s solution for aerospace market
Aluminum-Lithium: 1970s solution for aerospace market

… but lower energy prices made Al-Li less appealing

©2006 ALCAN INC. 7

Automotive industry was not ready for aiv
Automotive industry was not ready for AIV

Aluminum industry subsidized wholesale automotive applications

©2006 ALCAN INC. 8

Alcan enterprises 80s view of the future
Alcan Enterprises: ’80s view of the future

Not all our R&D failures have been limited toaluminum

©2006 ALCAN INC. 9

Future does not always deliver
Future does not always deliver…

The key question is: “What makes the difference between success and failure?”

©2006 ALCAN INC. 10

Most advanced technology in the business
Most advanced technology in the business

Breakthroughs across four generations of clean, reliable technology

©2006 ALCAN INC. 11

Ongoing advances in heat treatable alloys
Ongoing advances in heat-treatable alloys

A380 Airbus

10% weight reduction =

Savings of 90,000 tonnes of aviation fuel/aircraft =

Reduction of 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

©2006 ALCAN INC. 12

Light weighting part by part
Light-weighting part-by-part

Light-weighting by increments more successful than wholesale change

©2006 ALCAN INC. 13

Automotive industry
Automotive industry

Weighted Average Light Vehicle Aluminum Content

for North America, Europe and Japan

3.6% CAGR


Pounds Per Vehicle

Source: Ducker report December 2005

©2006 ALCAN INC. 14

Automotive industry1
Automotive industry

2006 Light Vehicle Aluminum Content

50% SUVs and Pickup Trucks

5% SUVs and Pickup Trucks

20% SUVs and Pickup Trucks

Average Curb Weight

7.74% Aluminum

259.28 lb/v

7.18% Aluminum

251.33 lb/v

7.97% Aluminum

318.7 lb/v

Source: Ducker report December 2005

©2006 ALCAN INC. 15

Automotive industry2



Automotive industry

2002 Versus 2006 Content by Region for All Components other than Powertrain, Driveline, Wheels and Heat Exchangers

This comparison highlights why Europe is the worldwide leader in the use of aluminum for new innovative applications of aluminum in light vehicles.

Pounds Per Vehicle

Source: Ducker report December 2005

©2006 ALCAN INC. 16

Automotive industry3
Automotive industry

Aluminum Closure Content Per Light Vehicle

North America and Europe were close to the same inthe year 2000, but Europe has nearly twice the content of North America today. Japan could be close to North America by the end of the decade.

Pounds Per Vehicle

Source: Ducker report December 2005

©2006 ALCAN INC. 17

The big three energy ghgs and globalization
The Big Three: energy, GHGs and globalization

These factors will drive the next decade’s R&D efforts

©2006 ALCAN INC. 18

Discontinuous change drives r d
Discontinuous change drives R&D

Energy prices can take existing designs and technologies from sub-optimal to obsolete

©2006 ALCAN INC. 19

Perception of global warming has impact
Perception of global warming has impact


Whether you agree or not, enough do agree to justify extensive work on R&D solutions


©2006 ALCAN INC. 20

Technology not politics or economy drives globalization
Technology, not politics or economy, drives globalization

Globalization stimulates innovation in several important ways

©2006 ALCAN INC. 21

Bright future for industry s innovators
Bright future for industry’s innovators

Evolving through new processes, products, and technologies

©2006 ALCAN INC. 22

©2006 ALCAN INC. 23