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Adaptations Over Time. Who was Jean Baptiste de Lamarck?. Hypothesized that traits developed during a parents lifetime are passed to offspring Inheritance of acquired characteristics Ex: large muscles. Larmarck. Who was Charles Darwin?. Theory of Natural Selection

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Who was Jean Baptiste de Lamarck?

Hypothesized that traits developed during a parents lifetime are passed to offspring

Inheritance of acquired characteristics

Ex: large muscles



Who was Charles Darwin?

Theory of Natural Selection

Organisms with traits best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce.

Traits are passed to more offspring.

Changes take place gradually


Principles of natural selection
Principles of Natural Selection

  • Organisms produce more offspring than can survive

  • differences/variations occur among individuals of a species

  • Some variations are passed to offspring

  • Some variations are helpful. Those with helpful variations survive and reproduce better than those without.

  • Over time, offspring of those with helpful variations make up more of the populations and eventually may become a separate species.


What is a variation?

Variation – inherited trait that makes the individual different from others in the species

Permanent changes or gene mutations

May be helpful or harmful



What is an adaptation?

Adaptation – any variation that makes the organism bettered suited to its environment

Ex: color, shape, chemical makeup


Darwin lamarck activity
Darwin Lamarck Activity

  • Elephant activity

The speed of evolution

How quickly do changes in inherited characteristics take place?

Two hypothesis

Gradualism model –slow, ongoing process

Punctuated equilibrium – rapid evolution

The Speed of Evolution

Vocabulary circles
Vocabulary Circles place?

Define in your own words

Definition from book

Vocabulary word

Use the word in a sentence – what does it mean to you?

Draw a picture which represents the word

Vocabulary circles1
Vocabulary Circles place?

The gene that takes control and shows up if it is there

Factor that dominated or covered up the other form


People will have blue eyes if they have the dominant gene

The Romans dominated the Greeks

Ideas about evolution
Ideas About Evolution place?

  • Camouflage activity

  • Flashy Fish activity –


What are fossils? place?

Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of an organism that lived in the past.


Types of fossils

What are the different types of fossils? Textbook page 164 place?

Imprint fossils

Mineralized/petrified fossils

Molds and cast fossils




Most fossils form when organisms die and become buried in sediments

Types of fossils

Fossilization game
Fossilization Game place?

  • Great Fossil Find

What do fossils reveal
What do fossils reveal? place?

  • Fossils help scientists piece together information about the Earth’s past.

  • Millions of fossils collected by scientists are called the fossil record

  • Fossil record is incomplete – WHY?

What do fossils reveal1
What do fossils reveal? place?

  • Fossils are used to build models

  • Footprints give clues to how fast the animal travels and how tall it was

  • Fossil record gives clues about how and when new groups of organisms evolved

Life s history

What is the geologic time scale? place?

“Calendar” of the Earth’s history

Precambrian Time is the largest span of time

First 4 billion year’s of the Earth’s history

Few fossils from these ancient times

Life’s History

Geologic time scale

Create a poster of a particular time during the Earth’s history

facts about the plants and animals that were alive during the period

illustrations showing the landforms and bodies of water that were present.

Geologic Time Scale

Fossil record
Fossil Record history

  • Life Has a History web search

    • Periods 1,3,4 use Level 2

    • Periods 2,5 use Level 1