the ivy league before the ivy league the essentials
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The Ivy League Before the Ivy League The Essentials

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The Ivy League Before the Ivy League The Essentials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ivy League Before the Ivy League The Essentials. By: Chancelor Griffin. Harvard University “. Oldest higher education institution in the United States Namesake is after John Harvard, the University’s first benefactor

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Presentation Transcript
harvard university
Harvard University“
  • Oldest higher education institution in the United States
  • Namesake is after John Harvard, the University’s first benefactor
  • Established in 1636 following majority vote of e Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Initially named “New College”
  • Founded by Puritan ministers
yale university
Yale University
  • Established in 1701 by Congregationalists ministers.
  • Originally referred to as the Collegiate School
  • Name in honor of Welsh merchant ElihuYale, who was one of the first benefactors of the school
  • Yale’s early scientific and religious heavy curriculum was a result of the Enlightenment influenced presidents Ezra Stiles and Thomas Clap
university of pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania
  • One of the nine original Colonial colleges and fourth oldest institution in the United States
  • Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740 after his desire to establish an institution not merely focused on clerical instruction.
  • Became one of the first multidisciplinary institutions and first United States university to have both graduate and undergraduate schools of education
princeton university
Princeton University
  • Originally named College of New Jersey
  • Established as America’s fourth college in 1746 in Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • Originally founded by New Light Presbyterians in order to correctly instruct ministers in their views
  • Charter for the institution was given on October 22, 1746 by the Province of New Jersey
  • John Witherspoon became instrumental in school’s focus on more liberal education as he helped institution place less emphasis on clerical instruction and more on
columbia university
Columbia University
  • Founded on October 31, 1754,
  • Original name was King’s College
  • Royal charter of King George II of England
  • Fifth oldest in the United States
  • Originally Anglican Univeristy
  • Name changed to Columbia following patriotic passion of the Revolution in 1784(comes from Christopher Columbus)
brown university
Brown University
  • Established on on March 2, 1764 as a result of a charter from House of Magistrates passed by Samuel Ward and Edward Thurston
  • First Ivy League to accept all religions
  • Third college in new England, 7th in America
  • Originally called College of Rhode Island
  • Moved to Providence, RI in 1770
  • Renamed Brown after Nicolas Brown in 1804, class of 1786 after $5,000 gift
dartmouth university
Dartmouth University
  • Ninth oldest University within the United States
  • Charter for the institution signed on December 13, 1769 by John Wentworth governer of New Hampshire and was issued under King George III
  • Originally founded by Rev. EleazarWheelock(Puritan) as place of educationfor Native Americans
  • Became last instututioncreateadwithinColonialrule
cornell university
Cornell University
  • Established by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White in January 1864.
  • Both men met in New York State Senate and due to their individual aspirations for the betterment of education were able to create Cornell as a result of Cornell’s $400,000 endowment.
  • Became one of the first American co-ed Universities
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