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Persepolis. Mr. Rush Go Muskies. Objectives Examine/ Evaluate the role of the US in Iran Analyze the causes of the Islamic Revolution Analyze causes of oppression by the Shah/ Islamic Fundamentalists Consider role of individuals . Tasks AG- History of Iran Who is the author?

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Mr. Rush

Go Muskies

what we will do

Examine/ Evaluate the role of the US in Iran

Analyze the causes of the Islamic Revolution

Analyze causes of oppression by the Shah/ Islamic Fundamentalists

Consider role of individuals


AG- History of Iran

Who is the author?

How to read a Graphic Novel

Read Chapter 1.

Collins Writing

Homework: Read

Map of the Middle East

What we will Do
why should we care about iran
Why should we Care about Iran?
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Will Iran start arms race?
  • Talkin bout a revolution
key terms
Key Terms
  • Cultural Revolution
  • Persian Empire
  • Shah
  • Reza
  • sanctions
why is the book called persepolis
Why is the book called Persepolis?
  • Why does Satrapi call her book Persepolis instead of something like Growing Up in Iran?
anticipation guide from introducation
Anticipation Guide from Introducation
  • ___ 1. Iran has always been rich.
  • ___ 2. Iran is the site of one of the great Ancient empires- the Persian Empire.
  • ___ 3. The Iranians fought against Germany in World War II.
  • ___ 4. The Americans overthrew the Iranian government in the 1950’s.
chapter 2 the bicycle
Chapter 2: The Bicycle
  • On page 10, Marjorie’s friend says “The Revolution is like a bicycle. When its wheels don’t turn, it falls.” What does she mean by this?
  • Is a revolution a good thing? Why or why not?
chapter 2 the bicylce
Chapter 2: The Bicylce
  • Turn to page 11.
  • What is Iran’s history? Who controlled Iran? How might this history impact Iran?
chapter 2 the bicycle1
Chapter 2: The Bicycle
  • At the end of the chapter, Marjane asks to demonstrate against the government. Would you let your child demonstrate and be “a part of history” or would you make her stay at home for safety’s sake?
    • Explain your position
    • Use 3 facts from the story
    • Give 1 counterargument and why you disagree.
who is majarie satrapi
Who is Majarie Satrapi?
  • How would you describe the child Marji to whom we’re introduced at the beginning of Persepolis? To what extent is she like children anywhere? To what extent is she different from the child that you were or the children that you grew up with?
role of the west
Role of the West
  • Turn to page 21.
  • The British want the Shah out of power because they want oil. They say to Reza “Give us the oil and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • What responsibility does the West (Britain, US, etc.) have in what happens in Iran today?
map of the middle east
Map of the Middle East
  • Map of the Middle East
the heroes
The Heroes
  • On page 51, the question is raised about what should be done to the torturers. What do you think should be done to those who torture- should they be forgiven or punished? Why?
  • His uncle has to leave the country to go to the Soviet Union. Yet, he risks punishment to return home. If you were kicked out of the United States, would you risk an arrest to return home? Why or why not?
family tree
Family Tree
  • Develop a family tree for Marjorie. Write a short description of their political involvement. How do you think her family influences her thinking?
the sheep
The Sheep
  • In this chapter, she describes two points of view of the Islamic Revolution from her uncle and her dad. Write a brief description with 3-5 bullet points of each person. Explain which one you support.
the trip
The Trip
  • On page 75, she describes two types of Women and 2 types of men.
  • Describe each of these in 5 words or less.
  • Which would you be? Why?
the wine
The Wine
  • You are invited to a party with Marjorie’s family where there is dancing and people are dressed in Western clothing.
Marjane’s mother quotes her own father’s saying: “When a big wave comes, lower your head and let it pass” (94). To what extent does what Satrapi calls this Persian philosophy of resignation explain secular citizens’ acceptance of Islamic rule?
social class
Social Class
  • What does the book suggest about social class in Iranian society, especially, for example, in the story of the courtship between the family’s maid and their neighbor (34-37) or the distribution of keys to paradise to boys drafted into the army (99-102)?
what is the role of religion
What is the role of Religion?
  • What does the book suggest about the role of religion in Iranian culture, especially in the lives of people like Marjane’s family?
role of education
Role of Education
  • What role does the educational system play in post-revolutionary Iran?
teenage rebellion
Teenage Rebellion
  • What forms does teenage rebellion take among Marjane and her friends? To what extent are they like teenagers everywhere? How are they different?