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Properties of Solutions. CA Standards. Solutions are homogeneous mixtures. Standard 6a. Solute. A solute is the dissolved substance in a solution. Sugar in soda drinks. Salt in salt water. Carbon dioxide in soda drinks. · Solid in Solid-Liquid mixtures

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Solutions are homogeneous mixtures

Standard 6a


A solute is the dissolved substance in a solution.

Sugarin soda drinks

Saltin salt water

Carbon dioxide in soda drinks

·Solid in Solid-Liquid mixtures

·The lesser amounts in liquid-liquid mixtures

·gas in gas-liquid mixtures


Standard 6a

A solvent is the dissolving medium in a solution.

Waterin salt water

Waterin soda

·Liquid in Solid-Liquid mixtures

·The larger amounts in liquid-liquid mixtures

·Liquid in gas-liquid mixtures

Water is the universal solvent!!!

“The Solution Process”

Standard 6b

What causes solute and solvent to become a solution?

Caused by the random molecular motion of the solvent

Standard 6c

“Factors that Affect the Solution Process”


Agitation (stirring)

Surface Area

Pressure ( in gas and liquids)


·the ability of substance to dissolve

·amount of solute that can dissolve in 100g of water

Solubility Trends

Solids tend to dissolve best when:

· Heated

· Stirred

· Ground into small particles

Gases tend to dissolve best when:

· The solution is cold

· Pressure is high

“Like Dissolves Like”

Nonpolar solutesdissolve best in nonpolar solvents

Polar and ionic solutesdissolve best in polar solvents


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