What’s New in WebSphere Commerce 7
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What’s New in WebSphere Commerce 7. Webinar Agenda. Overview of Royal Cyber Key Trends shaping the market Customer Interaction Platform Strategy V7 Platform Highlights Power next generation interactions with Precision Marketing

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What’s New in WebSphere Commerce 7

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Presentation Transcript

  • What’s New in WebSphere Commerce 7

Webinar Agenda

  • Overview of Royal Cyber

  • Key Trends shaping the market

  • Customer Interaction Platform Strategy

  • V7 Platform Highlights

    • Power next generation interactions with Precision Marketing

    • Deliver rich customer centric experiences with new Web 2.0 Stores and integrated Social Commerce

    • Optimize cross channel interactions with Cross Channel Processes and Mobile Commerce

    • Enable peak performance with Foundation enhancements

  • Royal Cyber Success Stories

  • Our Resources

  • Royal Cyber Certifications

  • Royal Cyber in different industries

  • Royal Cyber Clients

Company Overview

  • Established:

  • Based in Illinois (USA), serving multiple industries including many Fortune 1000+ companies since 1997 by experienced IT professionals.

  • To offer cutting edge IT services globally

  • help organizations both in Public and Private sector to improve and modernize their services

  • supplementing organization’s skill set with team augmentation

  • On-site resource deployment

  • Improved Return-on-Investment (ROI) by taking projects offshore


To date, Royal Cyber Inc. has grown into a reputable IT firm not only in USA but also in European, Middle Eastern and South Asian Markets.

Why Royal Cyber?

Today’s demanding customers

  • Active participants openly sharing and seeking consumer driven content

  • Proud of being an individual and expects personalization and high customer service in every interaction

  • Driven by three new currencies: time, value, and information

  • More knowledgeable about products, costs, and price

  • More savvy about technology and products/services

  • Less loyal to any given retail entity

  • Self-sufficient and demands information to make smart decisions

Today's change — and even more so, tomorrow's changes — will come from newly empowered consumers, who, by harnessing the tools that Web 2.0 technology affords them, can wield power and influence over retailers in a way never witnessed before. - Gartner 2008

Millennials: 15 - 35

Gen X: 36 - 50

These customers and segments will continue to evolve… in 2015…

Traditionals: 70+

Boomers: 51 - 69

New Touch points

New Interaction Models

The changing face of technology


New Store Formats

Enables companies to deliver a consistent, customer-centric experiences across multiple channels and touch points










Partner Relationship












User Tooling




Contracts &


Catalog & Contents




Cross Channel Precision Marketing

Management Center Enhancements

Empower marketers to create, manage and deploy personalized marketing campaigns across direct and extended brand touch points

Cross Channel Precision Marketing Engine

Web, Mobile, Cross Channel

Social Participation

Integrated with ecosystem

B2B “behavioral marketing”

Behavioral segmentation and personas

Multi Variate Testing

Power Next Gen Interactions with Precision Marketing

Precision Marketing Engine

SEO and Landing Page Optimization

Customer Registers

Places Order

SMS Order Confirmation

Thank you for your purchase. Your order # is 13721

Cross Channel Dialog: Register and Order

Customer Registers

Email Offer

Thank you for your registration. We’re running a special on ____

Wait one week

Cross Channel Dialog: Register No Action

Change Banner $10 Off Next Order

Add to Active Participant Segment

Send $10 Off SMS Coupon

Customer Writes 5 Reviews

Thank you for your review. Receive $10 off next order

Social Commerce: Reward Active Participation

Marketing Planning and Execution

Optimize the Customer Experience

New B2C and B2B Store Models

Merges both traditional Web 1.0 and 2.0

Integrated Social Commerce

New Web 2.0 Widgets

B2B Operational Support

Search engine optimization improvements

Performance Improvements

Deliver Rich Customer Centric Experiences with new Web 2.0 and Integrated Social Commerce

New B2C Store

Scrolling eSpots

Enhanced Category Pages

Faceted Search

Enhanced and Actionable “Quick Info”

New Cart

Enhanced Product Detail Pages

Integrated Social Commerce

Taps into his Facebook network of fellow Office Managers for their insight

Oliver is shopping for an office espresso machine

Asks Community if this is a good machine for office use


New “Elite” B2B Store leverages Web 2.0 best practices to create a rich B2B experience

Enhanced Product Pages

Advanced Procurement Options

B2B Checkout

Cross Channel

Processes and Mobile Commerce

Buy Online and Pickup In-store (BOPIS)

Or Reserve Online and Pay/Pickup In-store

Endless Aisle

Buy out-of-stock items in-store and ship to home

DOM Integration

Store inventory visibility

Order transfer, inventory allocation, and status update

Optimize Cross Channel Interactions & Cross Channel Processes

Mobile Message Support (SMS)

Mobile Store Model

Mobile Transactions and Cross Channel Support

Integrated into Cross Channel Precision Marketing with support for Mobile triggers, actions

Optimize Cross Channel Interactions with Mobile Commerce

Optimized Mobile Experience

Mobile Product Pages

Advanced Search



WebSphere Commerce Location Server

REST API – User Location

Location Based Services




User tap-in upon entry to a Store

(RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - Research)

User detection (GPS, 2D barcode,…)

Social Networking Sites (customization)

Customers Profiles

(Opt-in, preferences, segmentation,…)

Marketing & Promotion

  • Online & Store Specials

  • Coupons

Location based

marketing triggers

User Location Alerts

User Notification

  • Mobile Applications

  • Email, SMS,

Foundation Enhancements

Improved response time for rich & personalized experience

1 to 2 second response times delivered, even with complex content

Scalability for increased volumes

Support massive transaction volumes associated with the peaks of the retailing cycle

Availability for increased criticality

Zero downtime maintenance and multi-site redundancy

Enable peak performance with foundation enhancements

Process more orders

Latest IBM JVM delivers up to 20% throughput improvements

JDBC Type 4 driver delivers up to 15% throughput improvements

Load catalog and inventory data up to 3x faster with new data load utility

Deliver a superior shopping experience

Leverage Web 2.0 stores for fast page loads with rich content

Streamlined CSS

Fast parsing with Dojo 1.3.1

Leverage data cache for SQL queries to improve response times by up to 16x

Achieve sub-second response times for most pages

Best in class performance keeps getting better

Remote Widgets

Remote widgets takes customer interaction to the next level by shaping how your customers access, interact and experience your brand.

Remote widgets allows you to automatically and centrally manage your brand experience and marketing promotions across various web sites through business user tools, synchronize web promotions on your retail site with that of 3rd party sites, and enable shoppers to share their wish list with their network on social sites.

Enhance the customer experience with co shopping

Coshopping enhances the customer shopping experience by enabling two shoppers to explore a store, view products, and chat about product details.

Attract more shoppers to your store by delivering a smarter and more collaborative shopping experience.

Coshopping also enhances an existing contact center chat solution to allow a customer service representative (CSR) to guide the customer through product browsing and selection on the site

Digital wallet

A digital wallet, a starter store enhancement available in the Madisons and Madisons mobile stores, is a container for coupons.

Customers use the digital wallet to store, access, manage, and organize coupon assets.

Typically, customers redeem or remove digital coupons from their digital wallet in the storefront before checking out. Digital wallets contain references to coupon definitions stored for promotions.

Delivering Smarter Commerce










Partner Relationship












User Tooling




Contracts &


Catalog & Contents




Royal Cyber Success Stories

Success Stories

Company Profile

  • Office Brands is the largest independently owned business

  • to business (B2B) provider of stationery, office products

  • and business technology solutions.

  • Office Brands has over 1150 employees who operate

  • extent to 170 metropolitans and regional locations.

  • Office Brands encourages their customer to browse

  • around their Online Catalogue.

  • Business Benefits

  • Office Brands aim is to deliver a national online retail storefront. With the help of IBM WebSphere Commerce extended site functionality we were able to create individual storefront for the 150 individual businesses.

  • The contract and price level feature allows them to customize their catalog for individual business customers.

  • Featured such as saved orders and requisition list allows customers to easily place orders

  • Filter and Search capability allows customers to easily find orders.

  • Customers view latest catalog and pricing based on their updated contract with the integration of their e-store with the ERP system.

  • Managing 100’s of stores from a single interface heavily reduced our operational costs.

  • Ongoing managed services support from a trusted business partner, Royal Cyber.

  • Office Brands can run multiple promotions and provide latest catalogs to customers.

  • Office Brands can provide marketing Spots which can be managed by individual dealers to provide marketing promotions on their storefronts.

  • Office Brand websites are based on both B2B and B2C, to interact with their customers based globally.


  • Checkout process for current order, shipping billing method, order summary, order confirmation and PayPal express checkout.

  • Search combination using price faceted, rst solar search and price range.

  • Site structure allows multiple brands and multiple stores.

  • Customers can see their Order history details.

  • User can see the price of product even he does not login into the store.

  • Store Locator helps customers locate nearest store and reserve products in the store.

  • Precision Targeted Marketing features and custom promotions help business users to retain customers.

Success Stories

Company Profile

  • Universal store provides their customers with the best range of quality lifestyle contemporary fashion from around the world.

  • Universal is an Australian based company which provides the latest young Men's and Women's Fashion styles from well known International and Australian brands as well as new and unique labels in an energetic and fun environment.

Universal Store


  • Business Benefits

  • Universal store leveraged their Ecommerce System with minimal customization to create a first-rate online shopping experience for their customers.

  • Store web design also increased the conversion rate and ROI of the business online because of the low cost of deployment whilst serving an extensive and robust operation.

  • Universal E-Commerce store contained all the features required to implement a good ecommerce store. Basics such as the shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and administration functions are all included.

  • It also allowed modifying existing features or adding in new ones.

  • The basic built in structure of the Ecommerce out of box store was excellent. This made for a stable reliable platform.

  • Royal Cyber Inc understood the business logic of Futura ERP by scheduling meetings with technical team leads.

  • Both systems were sync in order to eliminate the manual interactions which really reduced the maintenance cost.

  • Payment integrations with Google checkouts and PayPal.

  • By using Data Blue API Royal Cyber improved the address verification.

  • Improved and customized theme design of the website.

  •  Royal Cyber provided social networking integration with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc in order to increase more customers.

  • Mobile Commerce Implementation.

  • SEO

  • Product Reviews & Ratings

Success Stories

Problem …

  • City Beach was currently running their website on Websphere Commerce V6. In order to fulfill the requirements they needed Websphere Commerce V7

  • City Beach was constantly looking for better support or hosting options, thus maintaining a cost reduction model instead of the likely cost increase model they were facing previously.

  • City Beach was paying maintenance costs on the 3rd party plug-ins. By going to a standard Version 7 package the maintenance on these additional packages were not required.

  • City Beach was looking for a quality and timely response in order to increase customer’s satisfaction.

Company Profile

  • City Beach was founded in 1985 and is based in Mansfield, Australia.

  • City Beach retails apparel, footwear, accessories, and hardware through a network of its retail stores in Australia.

  • City Beach is one of the largest retailers of Surf and Beach apparel in Australia

  • City Beach has over 57 stores throughout Australia and is still growing which has become a part of many Australian lives.

  • In addition to physical stores, the company also operates and markets its products through an Ecommerce online store.

  • By online shopping City Beach has made live even more easier for their customers to shop their favorite brands whenever it suits them.

  • City beach operates a chain of retail stores in Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast .

Success Stories

New features added

  • Store locator with Proximity Search, integrated with Google Maps API

  • Web 2.0 features

  • Improved search engine optimization

  • Integrated WebSphere Commerce 7.0 with PayPal Payment

  • Kampyle feedback form

  • Zeacom live chat

  • Address verification using QAS

  • Customers reviews and rating

  • Remote widgets

  • Social Commerce

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Word press which is a third party application was added

Benefits …

  • WCS V7 delivered a seamless, branded shopping experience across all channels, including digital and physical touch points within each channel

  • It also drives improved customer loyalty and increased shopping cart sizes by delivering rich, personalized and contextually relevant content at each stage of the shopping experience

  • Websphere Commerce V7 provided powerful business user tools for Merchandising, Catalog Management, and Cross-channel Precision Marketing campaigns and promotions

  • It Leverages the power of the underlying IBM platform for optimal performance, scalability, reliability and high availability

  • Also it reduced the Software licensing cost from version 6 to version 7.

Success Stories

Company Profile

  • AROMATIQUE... Creator of Decorative Fragrance has been

  • in business for over twenty eight years.

  • Products sold in 7,000 gift shops and major department stores in the United States and Canada

  • Aromatique facilities encompass areas covering a total of 400,000 sq.ft

Problem …

  • Previously Aromatique was using WebSphere Commerce 5.6.1.

  • The website’s response time was very slow.

  • The design of the website was not attractive.

  • Aromatique products were not placed in high ranking

Migration activities performed

  • • New Production and Staging Environment

  • • Migrated Database from DB2 8.1 to DB2 9.5

  • • Migrated custom code from WebSphere Commerce 6.0 to WebSphere Commerce 7.0

New features added

  • Store locator with Proximity Search, integrated with Google Maps API

  • Gift Registry Integrated with WebSphere Commerce

  • Web 2.0 features

  • Improved search engine optimization

  • Commerce 7.0 with PayPal Payment Service Provider.

Success Stories


Old Website Design Template

  • Migrate WebSphere Commerce from 5.6.1 to 7.0.

  • Created new and modern website template.

  • Install Gift center for Madison square.

  • Store Locator.

  • Created new ESpots/ Content-Spots, campaigns and promotions

  • Business Benefits

  • Improved website’s response time with optimal performance, and high availability.

  • New attractive website design tempts customers to stay long on the website for the purchasing and help them to complete the buying process with minimal time.

  • Store Locator helps customers locate nearest store and reserve products in the store.

  • Precision Targeted Marketing features helps Aromatique business users to retain customers.

  • Hits on the site have more than doubled after utilizing Search Engine Optimization features.

  • Ability to launch new features such as Mobile and Social commerce.

New Website Design Template

Success Stories

Company Profile

  • 360training is a market leading provider of compliance and workforce e-Learning solutions

  • 360training located in Austin, TX, services over 1500 e-learning partners

  • 360training have trained more than 3 million users worldwide.

  • The courses and portal are fully hosted and supported by a live 24x7 help desk.

Problem …

  • Solution…

  • Extended sites in WebSphere Commerce allows an enterprise seller to extend existing data assets and to manage a large number of sites.

  • Environment Setup

  • Catalog Management

  • Reporting

  • Integration

  • Promotions

  • Due to their growing needs and market demands, 360training is looking to upgrade their ecommerce infrastructure to an enterprise level solution.

  • As the numbers of VARs are constantly increasing, it is extremely hard for the 360training IT department to create, manage and support all the VAR e-learning portals.

  • Due to high demands of these requests, the IT

  • department usually exceeds the deadline resulting in loss of customers and revenue for both the VARS and also the 360training company.

Royal Cyber Services

Typical Team Composition

Packages & Promotions

  • Free POC

  • Free 40 Hours Consulting

  • Free Product Demo , Webinar

  • RFP/RFI Answering for IBM

  • Cost/Effort Estimation for IBM

  • Support Package (whole offshore team at price of 1 onsite resource)

  • Experienced WW Resources at Local Pricing

Royal Cyber in different industries

Our Clients

Royal Cyber Certifications


EmailInformation DeskTechnical Support

info@royalcyber.com support@royalcyber.com

for more info

Royal Cyber 55 ShumanBlvd, Suite 1025, Naperville, IL 60563 USA.

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