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Department of health division of school health
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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of School Health. 2005 SCHOOL HEALTH UPDATE. Presented by Beth Anne Bahn, CRNP State School Health Consultant December 13, 2005. DIVISION OF SCHOOL HEALTH. Jon Dale, Director Beth Anne Bahn, State School Health Consultant

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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of School Health

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Presentation Transcript

Department of health division of school health

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHDivision of School Health



Department of health division of school health

Presented by

Beth Anne Bahn, CRNP

State School Health Consultant

December 13, 2005

Division of school health


Jon Dale, Director

Beth Anne Bahn, State School Health Consultant

Rosemary Moyer, State School Health Consultant (Jan 2006)

Martha Drager, Administrative Officer

Bill Barbour, Steps School Health Coordinator

Richard Brown, Administrative Support

Six District Located School Health Consultants

Legislative regulatory initiatives of interest

Legislative/Regulatory Initiatives of Interest

Act 187 of November 2004

Asthma Inhaler Bill

  • School Districts must develop a policy

  • Policy must allow for the possession and self administration of medication via an asthma inhaler

  • Physician order and parental consent needed

  • Student must demonstrate competence and responsible behavior

Doh communication to schools

DOH Communication to Schools

  • What:Letter to Superintendents/Pupil Services Directors and Certified School Nurses

  • When:Spring 2005

  • To include:

    Notice of the passage of the law

    Copy of the law

    Example of an Asthma Action Plan

Pa chapter of the american lung association

PA Chapter of the American Lung Association

Developing Toolkit for Schools, School Districts and School Nurses

ALA’s Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative, and other ALA resource tools, federal agencies and best practice based materials

Toolkit for schools

Toolkit for Schools

  • Asthma Basics

  • Asthma Inhalers & School Template Materials

  • Asthma Management Plan

  • Asthma & Exercise

  • School Personnel Resources

  • General Asthma Resources

Proposed timeline

Proposed Timeline

  • One CD of Tool Kit has been sent to each School District. Can be downloaded from (asthma/school programs).

  • Planning for providing technical assistance to school nurses and school personnel on implementation

Department of health division of school health



Department of health division of school health





Department of health division of school health


  • Review school health record to validate identified asthmatic student– baseline data

  • Tracking of asthma episodes during the school year

  • Parental home questionnaire

  • Primary Care Provider questionnaire

  • School environmental data questionnaire

  • DOH to provide analysis and feedback, information, education, findings and conclusions

Department of health division of school health


6 Priority Areas:

1. Surveillance

2. Environment and Workplace

3. Awareness and Education

4. Providers

5. Disparities

6. Public Policy

Varicella reporting doh regulation chpt 27 communicable diseases

Varicella ReportingDOH Regulation Chpt. 27Communicable Diseases

  • Amended/required starting January 26, 2005

  • Who Reports:

    • All healthcare providers

    • School nurses

    • Day care providers

    • Laboratories

Varicella reporting cont d

Varicella Reporting (cont’d)

  • Required variables for reporting:

    • Age

    • History of vaccination

    • Severity of disease

Department of health division of school health


  • School nurses call local health department when it becomes known or suspected that a student has varicella

  • Provide contact information for student to health department for further follow-up

  • Inform student’s parent/guardian health dept will be contacting them

Proposed amendments to chpt 27 communicable disease regulations

Proposed Amendments to Chpt. 27Communicable Disease Regulations

  • Includes clarification of procedures related to communicable disease investigations in schools

  • PSBA provided comments/concerns

  • Meeting with PSBA March 9, 2005

Proposed legislation

Proposed Legislation

  • SB 676 (Conti) – Amendments to Health Services Chapter, Public School Code

  • SB 449 (Wonderling) – Epi pens

  • HB 185 (Stairs) – Competitive foods/beverage & advertisement contracts

  • HB 189 (Stairs) – Physical education & recess

Proposed legislation cont d

Proposed Legislation (cont’d)

  • HB 191 (Stairs) – State & School Advisory Health Councils

  • SB234 (Vance)/ HB1010 (Creighton) – CPR certification for CSNs

  • HB 256 (Crahalla) – School screening for diabetes

To access proposed legislation

To Access Proposed Legislation

Department of health division of school health

Proposed Immunization Changes

7th Grade-Booster of Tdap

7th Grade-Meningococcal vaccine

( 11 and 12 years of age)

Department of health division of school health

School immunization requirements for a child transferring from another State into Pa school.

Department of health division of school health

PA Optometric Association

  • Children’s Vision: A Guide for School Nurses and Teachers

  • Topics addressed: Development of Vision

  • Vision Skills Related to Learning

  • Vision Problems- S/S, Treatment

  • 2 hour presentation-FREE

  • Available Winter of 2005

  • ACT 48 Credits available

Department of health division of school health

English as a Second Language

Medical Forms

Requirement of “No Child Left Behind”

Translated into 13 most common languages in PA

Examples: Asthma Action Plan, PANA Growth Screening Letter, Screening Results, Health History

Department of health division of school health

  • 7.5 M U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Cooperative Agreement

  • 5 year project to implement chronic disease prevention efforts

  • Directed to schools, health care delivery, communities & businesses

  • Targeted Communities

    Fayette, Luzerne & Tioga Counties

Focus areas

Chronic Diseases





Tobacco Use


Phys Inactivity

Focus Areas

Targeted counties


  • Community Consortium

  • Community Lead Agency – Area Health Education Council (AHEC)

  • State & local coordinators to assist schools

  • Evidence based interventions

  • Evaluation at the local, state & national levels

New electronic reporting via web based application

New Electronic Reporting Via Web-based Application










  • Development in progress

  • Pilot testing – Winter 2006

  • Revised report/data collection begins

    SY 05 – 06 (NOW)

  • Web reporting available end of SY 05 – 06 (Voluntary first year)

  • Ability to email School Health



NOT a fully integrated system w/school computer systems

  • Data imports are not currently a viable solution because SHARRS is designed for manual data entry via the Internet

  • DOH may conduct a study to determine the need for dev. of an electronic data transfer system using a prescribed interchange format.

Spring mailing next steps

Spring Mailing/Next Steps

  • DOH will re-enter 2004-05 report info into the new web-based system

  • DOH sent a hard copy template of revised annual report in May

    (so schools can adjust data collection)

  • DOH will send revised Instruction Manual for the 05 – 06 web-based report

Department of health division of school health

Growth Screening Program

Mandatory implementation and reporting for:

SY 05- 06 Grades K-4

SY 06- 07 Grades K-8

SY 07- 08 Grades K-12

Department of health division of school health

Growth Screening Program


Department of health division of school health

A resource to support schools in meeting new school health requirements.

Department of health division of school health

Support for the Implementation of the PA Growth Screening Program“Growth Screening Communication Kit”

Growth screening communication kit

Growth Screening Communication Kit

  • Online Resource for School Nurses, Community Partners, and Health Care Providers

  • Provides templates to support consistent messages to families about the growth screening program, healthy eating, and physical activity

Communication kit development

Communication Kit Development

  • School Nurse Interviews

  • Focus Groups (School Nurses, Community Organizations, and Health Care)

  • PANA – State Leadership Partner Review

Growth screening communication kit1

Growth Screening Communication Kit


Background materials

Background Materials

  • Growth Screening Fact Sheet

  • Recommendations from School Nurses

  • School Implementation Stories

  • Growth Screening News Stories

Pre screening planning templates

Pre-Screening Planning Templates

  • Presentation for School Boards & Administrators

  • Letter to School Administrators

  • Letter to School Staff

  • Pre-Screening Letter

Post screening reporting templates

Post Screening Reporting Templates

  • Post Screening Letter for Parents

  • Healthy, Active Kids Parent Education

    • 2 page version

    • 4 page version

Department of health division of school health

Parent EducationSample Page

Web resources




Healthcare Providers

Coming Winter 2006

County-based Inventory of Youth Weight Management Programs

Web Resources

Pana priorities for healthy schools and communities

PANA Priorities for Healthy Schools and Communities

  • Healthy School Food and Beverage Choices

  • Keystone Healthy Zones Schools

  • Quality and Quantity Physical Education

  • Physical Activity Opportunities (Safe Routes to School & Close to Home Recreation)-Keystone Active Zones

  • Support for Growth Screening Program

What s in store for 2005 06

What’s in Store for 2005-06?

Support for School Health Councils and Planning and Implementing Wellness Policies

Pana 2005 06 state wide satellite meetings

PANA 2005-06 State-wide Satellite Meetings

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Professional Development

  • Tuesday, March 7, 2006: Implementation / Evaluation for Wellness Plans and Basic Grant Writing to support activities

Pana 2005 06 events

PANA 2005-06 Events

  • Walk to School Day 10/5/05

  • Great PA Apple Crunch 10/19/05

  • Jump Rope/ Hoops for Heart 2/06

  • Go for the Greens

    (green veggies)3/17/06

  • Keystone Healthy Zone School

    Celebration Day 5/3/06

Pana 2005 06

PANA 2005-06

  • Third Annual Keystone Healthy Zone Schools Recognition and Mini-grant Program (March- April 2006)

Www panaonline org


Phone: 717-948-6315

Action for healthy kids pennsylvania

Action for Healthy KidsPENNSYLVANIA




Achievement tied to good health

Achievement Tied to Good Health

  • Physical activity

    • Improves self esteem

    • Reduces anxiety and stress in teens

  • Documented facts:

    • Good health and nourishment enhance performance on cognitive testing

    • Improved test scores are a result of participation in school breakfast program

Afhk after school program

AFHK After School Program

  • Major focus for PA AFHK

  • For after school programs participating in the USDA After School Snack Program

  • Developed in Partnership between AFHK and the NFL- Recharge Program

  • For students (athletes/non-athletes) in grades 3 – 6

Afhk nfl after school program

Reinforces life skillsof:

Healthy eating

Physical activity


Goal setting

Up-out-of-your-seat activities

Turn-key kit:

After school instructor’s guide

Three integrated modules with 30 sequential yet stand-alone activities

Family resources

Special-edition Football Cards

AFHK/NFL After School Program

Visit the afhk website

Visit the AFHK Website

School health web page

Data/reports from Annual Report Database

Laws & Regulations

Policies & Procedures

Manuals, Guidelines & Forms

Links to Other Sites

Training opportunities

Grants & Funding


Information on current school health issues

What’s new



School health web page live

School Health Web PageLIVE!!!!

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