Greek Religion, Philosophy, and Literature

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What You Will Learn Today. The Golden Age of AthensThe ArtsThe Search for Knowledge. The Golden Age of Athens. 479

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Greek Religion, Philosophy, and Literature

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1. Greek Religion, Philosophy, and Literature Homework tonight – Pg. 164 #’s 1,2,3 Clear everything off of your desk except for your notebook and a pen/pencil.

2. What You Will Learn Today The Golden Age of Athens The Arts The Search for Knowledge

3. The Golden Age of Athens 479 – 431 B.C. are called the Golden Ages of Athens.

4. What is the Golden Ages During this Golden Age, Athens grew rich from trade and from silver minded by slaves in regions around the city.

5. Video 1 min The influence and of Ancient Greece.

6. How did the Greeks grow rich and powerful? Tribute – payments made to Athens by its allies, added to its wealth.

7. Golden Ages Athenians also made amazing achievements in the arts, philosophy, and literature. And democracy reached its high point. Pericles was leader and most powerful man in Athenian politics.

8. Pericles He was a well-educated and intelligent man had the best interests of his city at heart. When he made speeches to the Athenians, he could move and persuade them. The most important change he made in democracy was to have the city pay a salary to its officials.

9. The Flourishing Arts Architecture Parthenon, a temple to the goddess Athena. The temple is made of fine marble. Rows of columns surrounded it on all four sides. Greeks made many advancements as far as the arts are concerned.

12. The Search for Knowledge Greek Religion Wherever the Greeks lived, they built temples to the gods Their gods were immortal, which meant they lived forever. Greeks worshipped a family of gods and goddesses called the 12 Olympians

13. Video Religion – 3 min

14. The Search for Knowledge Greek Science and Philosophy Most Greeks believed that their gods were the source of all natural events. But a few thinkers disagreed. About 15 years before the Golden Age of Athens, some people thought about ways besides myths to understand the world. .

15. What is a philosopher? Philosophers – People who challenge the current way of thinking.

16. Knowledge Socrates wanted people to consider the true meanings of qualities such as justice and courage. To do this, he asked questions to make others think about their beliefs. He was put to death because he challenged all the values of Athens. He was brought to trial and convicted.

17. Knowledge Tragedy – a serious story that usually ends in disaster for the main character.

18. Video Theater 2 min

19. Entertainment? Comedy – comic writers also competed at dramatic festivals. During the 400’s B.C. in Athens, these poets wrote comedies that made fun of well-known citizens and politicians and also made jokes about the customs of the day.

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