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Body cavities and membranes
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Body Cavities and Membranes. Body Cavities. Ventral Cavity - divided by the diaphragm into Thoracic and Abdominopelvic Cavities. Divisions of the Thoracic Cavity. Pericardial Cavity- contains heart. Pleural Cavity- contains lungs. Pericardial Cavity. Divisions of the Abdominopelvic Cavity.

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Body Cavities and Membranes

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Body cavities and membranes

Body Cavities and Membranes

Body cavities

Body Cavities

  • Ventral Cavity-divided by the diaphragm into Thoracic and Abdominopelvic Cavities

Divisions of the thoracic cavity

Divisions of the Thoracic Cavity

  • Pericardial Cavity-contains heart

Pleural Cavity-contains lungs

Pericardial Cavity

Divisions of the abdominopelvic cavity

Divisions of theAbdominopelvic Cavity

  • Upper portion- contains stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder and mosts of the intestines

  • Lower portion/Pelvic Cavity- contains rectum, urinary bladder, reproductive organs, and rest of intestines

Dorsal cavity

Dorsal Cavity

Divided into two more cavities…

  • Cranial Cavity-contains the brain

  • Vertebral Cavity- contains the spinal cord



  • Parietal Pleura

  • Visceral Pleura

  • Parietal Peritoneum

  • Visceral Peritoneum

  • Pericardium

  • Greater Omentum

Break it down

Break it down…

  • Parietals – Line the CAVITY they are in

  • Viscerals – Line the ORGANS

  • Pleura – refers to the chest area (pleural cavity)

  • Peritoneum – refers to the abdominal area

  • Pericardial – peri = around; cardial= the heart

  • Greater Omentum- holds the spleen in place by attaching it to the stomach

So let s try this again

So let’s try this again…

  • Parietal Pleura

  • Visceral Pleura

  • Parietal Peritoneum

  • Visceral Peritoneum

  • Pericardium

  • Greater Omentum

Other membrane types

Other membrane types

  • Synovial Membranes -

    • These membranes secrete a fluid to lubricate the ends of bones in joints.

  • Serous Membranes

    • These membranes secrete a watery fluid to keep the organs in the cavities lubricated and separated so they are able to move.

  • Meninges

    • These membranes provide a protective covering for the brain and spinal cord.

  • Mucous Membranes

    • These membranes line the tubes of the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, and reproductive system for protection.

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