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New South. Review.

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new south

New South



Which statement BEST explains why the term Bourbon Triumvirate was most appropriate for Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt, and John Gordon?a. They shared a strong belief in white supremacy.b. They ruled the state consecutively for a period of over 30 years.c. They were political rulers drawn together by power and political goals.d. They were known for excessive business practices and high profit motives.


Joseph Brown, a member of the Bourbon Triumvirate, did not supporta. Increasing the number of industries in the South.b. Creating stronger economic ties to the North.c. White supremacy.d. States’ rights.


The Bourbon Triumvirate believed in a. Lower taxes.b. Stronger economic ties with the North in order to expand Georgia’s economy and white supremacy.c. Economic assistance for the poor.d. Expansion of educational opportunities.

stronger economic ties with the north in order to expand georgia s economy and white supremacy
Stronger economic ties with the North in order to expand Georgia’s economy and white supremacy.

Which description BEST explains how the Bourbon Triumvirate might have described the Redemption period?a. A time for black and white southerners to come together and work in harmony to rebuild the state’s economic, social and political systems.b. A blending of the new and old, keeping old southern traditions while building new traditions around industries to rival the North.c. A New South Progressive era when farms had to be replaced by business and industry in order for the south to prosper.d. A time for social, economic, and political reforms to ease the suffering caused by the war.

A blending of the new and old, keeping old southern traditions while building new traditions around industries to rival the North.

As the leader of the New South movement, what was Henry Grady supporting?a. blacks leaving the South to work in the Northb. southerners growing more cotton for exportc. northern investment in southern industryd. southern investment in northern factories


Which Georgian and his achievement are matched correctly?a. Tom Watson – civil rights leadersb. Hoke Smith – inventor of the steam enginec. Henry Grady – editor of the Atlanta Constitutiond. Robert Toombs – mayor of Atlanta after the Civil War


The New South, envisioned by Henry W. Grady, woulda. provide separate facilities for different races.b. maintain its southern heritage.c. rival the North economically.d. promote tourism.


What Georgia leader coined the phrase “New South?”a. Alfred H. Colquittb. Rebecca Latimer Feltonc. John B. Gordond. Henry W. Grady


The main purpose of the International Cotton Exposition that was held in Atlanta was toa. showcase the industries of the New South.b. get ideas from foreign countries.c. showcase the cotton gin.d. bring visitors to Atlanta.

the international cotton exposition was held in a athens b atlanta c augusta d savannah
The International Cotton Exposition was held in a. Athens.b. Atlanta.c. Augusta.d. Savannah

What Georgia Populist leader called on black and white farmers to unite in an effort to gain fair treatment from the state and national governments? a. Joseph E. Brown b. Henry Grady c. Hoke Smith d. Tom Watson

The Populist party in Georgia was the party of thea. Wealthy.b. Abolitionists.c. Small farmers.d. Federal bureaucrats.
What group was supported by Tom Watson, a Georgia populist?a. Farmers.b. Mill workers.c. Miners.d. Railroad workers.

What was Tom Watson’s greatest accomplishment?a. A voting bill for womenb. The Rural Free Delivery Billc. bill to provide meat inspectiond. A bill to increase the minimum wage


When Rebecca Latimer Felton wrote for the Atlanta Journal, she focused on the need for reforms ina. Voting laws.b. Race relations.c. The prison system.d. Working conditions.


Rebecca Latimer Felton did NOT support thea. Educational reform movement.b. Temperance movement.c. Suffrage movement.d. Convict lease system.


How did the state legislature help stop the over one million children under the age of 16 working 13 or more hours in a sweatshop, the cotton fields, and textile plants?a. They set minimum wages for children.b. They passed laws requiring school attendance.c. They made it illegal for children to work in dangerous places such as around fast-moving machines or mines.d. All of the above.


The major Georgia industries in the New South era werea. Farming, textile mills, and naval stores.b. Cotton, textiles, naval stores and kaolin.c. Textiles, forest products and mining.d. Rice, indigo, row crops and forest products.


The “bridge” linking the New South Era and Progressive Era was the a. Suffrage movement.b. Temperance movement.c. Populist movement.d. Civil Rights Movement.


The most important by-product of the Rural Free Delivery Bill passes by Congress wasa. Jobs for mail carriers.b. Construction of new roads and bridges.c. Improved costs of mail delivery.d. Increased speed of mail delivery.


The county unit system affected voting and politics in Georgia bya. Favoring cities where most people lived.b. Focusing power inside the Atlanta area.c. Helping blacks get more voting power.d. Giving the rural areas more power.


Which statement BEST explains the growth of Georgia’s textile industry during the late 1800s?a. Georgia had abundant water resources to provide power for textile mills.b. Georgia had abundant supplies of essential raw materials for textiles – cotton and wool.c. Georgia had water resources, a network of railroad lines, a supply of cotton , and coastal seaports.d. Georgia had a strong educational system, which trained workers with special skills and expertise in textiles.

georgia had water resources a network of railroad lines a supply of cotton and coastal seaports
Georgia had water resources, a network of railroad lines, a supply of cotton , and coastal seaports.