Outdoor recreation 12
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OUTDOOR RECREATION 12. By Chantelle Jimenez. X-country skiing at Otway. Practicing our skiing techniques before we hit the hills!. Jay and I think we are pro at this or something. Captain Morgan poses during every trip!. All smiles on this sunny day! .

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Outdoor recreation 12


By Chantelle Jimenez

X country skiing at otway

X-country skiing at Otway

Practicing our skiing techniques before we hit the hills!

Jay and I think we are pro at this or something..

Captain Morgan poses during every trip!

All smiles on this sunny day

All smiles on this sunny day!

Funny faces and creeper Dave makes for a fun time!

Outdoor recreation 12


  • Difference between classic and skate skiing

  • Staying in the groves makes you go faster

  • How to read your GPS properlly


  • Classic skiing

  • Finding geocaches

  • Did the extra trip up with Mr. T


  • Skiing down hill

  • Speed

  • Skate skiing

Troll lake cabin snowshoeing


Our tents are all set up on troll lake after a long day!

The beautiful view just before the cabin. The city seems so close!

Outdoor recreation 12

One of our many stops during our hike up !

One of the greatest things is taking off your pack after a long trip.

Outdoor recreation 12

Funny how fours later into our voyage and we can still get a glimpse of the city.

Attempting to balance on this small path was difficult at some points!

Trekking in the trees!

Outdoor recreation 12

When sleeping on snow, it’s always nice to keep warm

We got to wake up to this beautiful winter morning

Sam just keeping our cabin clean for the rest of us

Outdoor recreation 12

  • 3 things I learned:

  • How to snowshoe

  • How to set up a tent on snow/ice

  • How to distribute weight within my pack

  • 3 things I wish to improve on:

  • My balance on snowshoes

  • Packing for winter conditions

  • Physical fitness for going up hills ( I sucked. )

  • 3 things I did well:

  • Setting up camp

  • Snowshoeing a long distance

  • Cooked a yummy dinner

Mount robson 5 days

Mount Robson (5 days)

Sometimes, there are moments in life that you just can’t explain..

First time the outdoor rec group was able to reach this spot on the way to the caves in four years. Couldn’t ask for a more amazing view!

Outdoor recreation 12

We stayed alive; so celebrate

Before our journey into the water

Our wonderful little group

Conquering the waves!

Outdoor recreation 12

We had Dave candies for days

My roomates

Staying dry and happy 

Definitely worth getting a cold -jumping in glacial water

Outdoor recreation 12

Some of the best moments were definitely on the bus rides to and from our journey….

Although I couldn’t ask for better roommates, our tent parties we hosted were always “intents”.

Outdoor recreation 12

Im sure there are to many simonselfies to count..

Seeing the waterfalls gave us motivation to move faster…

But trekking across slowed us down

Everyone enjoyed stopping for a bite to eat.

Outdoor recreation 12

Looking at the falls, hoping for a shower

Surviving our hike to the cave and pretty proud of ourselves.

Only BC can have views like this.

Can you move mountains?

Outdoor recreation 12

  • 3 things I learned:

  • Different strokes to whitewater rafting

  • How to properly adjust my pack

  • Hiking shoes will be my best friend when doing this trip again.

  • 3 things I did well:

  • Keeping my own pace the entire trip

  • Rafting

  • Stayed warm and dry 

  • 3 things I can improve on:

  • Taking it slower going up hill to be more comfortable

  • Bring food that won’t take up as much room in my pack

  • Remembering things… ie my food bag 



Thank you to everyone who made all the trips as fun as they were and to Mr. Thompson who organized everything for us. Although I have only been a part of you guys for this semester, I could not ask for a better group. Love you kids 

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