An introduction to forest trends
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An Introduction to Forest Trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to Forest Trends. Our Mission:. Forest Trends seeks to accelerate the evolution of economic systems in which: Commerce sustains forest ecosystem services (e.g. watershed protection, biodiversity and carbon storage)

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An introduction to forest trends

An Introductionto Forest Trends

Our mission
Our Mission:

  • Forest Trends seeks to accelerate the evolution of economic systems in which:

    • Commerce sustains forest ecosystem services (e.g. watershed protection, biodiversity and carbon storage)

    • Companies and communities that manage forest ecosystems in a sustainable fashion receive market recognition, and

    • An equitable share of the benefits generated from forest-based commerce is returned to local communities.

Our strategic goals
Our Strategic Goals:

  • Accelerate the development of markets for forest ecosystem services

  • Expand markets and investments that encourage improved forest management

  • Promote markets and investments that improve livelihoods of forest communities.

Our niche
Our Niche

Focused on:

  • Forestry, the area outside of protected areas

  • Markets and market based instruments (MBIs)

  • Critical markets, not just forests

  • Forest landscapes, not just high conservation value forests

  • One step closer to commerce

  • Forest services
    Forest Services:

    • International Working Group on Markets for Environmental Services (“Katoomba Group”)

      • Convenings held in critical markets / critical forests:

        • Sydney, 2000; British Columbia, 2001; Brazil, 2001; London, 2002; and Tokyo, 2002

      • Products:

        • Introduction of Market-Based Instruments for forest services

        • Global scoping of MBIs for watershed management with cases (with WRI), MBIs for biodiversity (with The World Bank)

        • Interactive simulation trading game for environmental services

        • Support FLOWS as a dissemination mechanism

    Investment in sustainable forestry management
    Investment in Sustainable Forestry Management:

    • East Asia Initiative

      • Yellow Mountain, China, May 2001

        “Market-based Approaches to Sustainable Forestry Development and Forestry- based Poverty Alleviation: Global Trends and Implications for China”

      • Shanghai, China, September 2001“From Forest to Furniture: New Green Market Opportunities in China”

      • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, September 2001

        “Commercial Forestry in the Russian Far East: Opportunities for Sustainable Trade, Conservation, and Community Development”

      • Advising China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development

  • Pacific Rim Initiative

    To better coordinate existing interventions and new initiatives (w/ WWF, CIFOR, RCEEE, Weyerhaeuser, etc.)

    • Joint plan, market and investment analysis

  • Investment in sustainable forestry management1
    Investment in Sustainable Forestry Management :

    • Forest Conservation Finance:

      • Developing scorecard/due diligence criteria for socially responsible investments

      • Initiating design of forest ecosystem investment fund

    • Emerging Issues:

      • Assess impact of certification movement and challenges ahead

      • Analysis of best practices of forest plantations

      • Consumption: information on alternative paper sources, building materials and packaging materials

    Forests and livelihoods
    Forests and Livelihoods

    • Strategic Information:

      Reports: forest and tenure, status and issues

      • Who Owns the World’s Forests?

      • Making Markets Work for Forest Communities

  • Catalyzing Market Connections

    • With local stakeholders, evaluate market chains of community forest products, work towards addressing gaps and structural constraints

    • Brazil, China, India and Mexico

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