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Enterprise Wildcats. Nutrition Guide for Football. If You Have a Desire to Win …. YOU MUST HAVE A TREMENDOUS DESIRE TO PREPARE !!!. The More You Put In….. The More You Get Out!!. Physically: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!.

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enterprise wildcats
Enterprise Wildcats


Guide for


if you have a desire to win

If You Have a Desire to Win…..


the more you put in the more you get out
The More You Put In….. The More You Get Out!!




Unlike common people, football players should have uncommon goals and dreams that require extra effort, determination and discipline if they want to develop their bodies and athletic ability to their greatest potential.

It is ultimately the decision of the athlete if they want to train and do all the little things necessary that develop a champion!
  • Weight Room
  • Agility and Conditioning
  • Classroom
  • Citizenship and Character Development
  • Proper Nutrition (In and Out of Season)
proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is extremely important for football players. Nutrition is the one component where the athlete is the most misinformed and misunderstood. (Just eating 3 square meals each day is NOT adequate nutrition standards for football)

Proper Nutrition


Nutrition is part of the athletic equation the player has control over (unlike his gene pool). A player must understand if he is not fueling his body properly, he is not going to reach his potential--- which ultimately affects the performance of the team as a whole.

consistency is key
Consistency is Key

Don’t drastically change eating habits on the day of a game.

Your body had gotten use to the daily routine. Drastic change can cause very negative results.

We should do the right things nutrition wise each day in order for our body to function properly and perform at an optimum level.

eating is a habit
Eating is a Habit
  • Unfortunately for most people, eating is a bad habit. Most people eat for pleasure and not for the sole purpose of fueling their bodies.
  • Athletes must know the facts about diet and dietary habits, in order to perform at an optimum level.
  • You cannot run the #24 Car on Kerosene.
Football players and coaches are constantly looking for an edge over their opponent. NUTRITION IS DEFINITELY AN EDGE THAT IS OFTEN OVER LOOKED BY MANY COACHES AND PLAYERS!!
  • It does not only impact strength, speed and stamina, but recovery as well.
  • Nutrition, although not always easy, is a factor that we Can Control.
liquid meal replacement
Liquid Meal Replacement

Protein & Various Supplement Shakes

1. Should not be used to replace meals.

2. Used as a supplement to acquire the required daily grams of Protein and


3. All supplement liquids should be GULPED not sipped for faster absorption into the body.

a catastrophic state of the football player
A Catastrophic State of the Football Player:

If you work your body hard and do not properly feed it, the body goes into survival mode and will start eating muscle to survive. *(Not fat but muscle that was gained from hard work in the weight room by the player and coaches alike.)

what does the body need
What does the body need?

1. High Quality Protein

2. Abundant source of Carbohydrates

3. Necessary Fats

4. Vitamins and minerals

5. Plenty of fluids (water and sports drinks)

6. Rest and Recovery time.

  • Building Blocks for feeding and gaining muscle.
  • Football players need 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per lb. of Body Weight (BW)

3. Good sources of protein are: fish, chicken, turkey, beef, low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts and soy, etc.

eye opener
Eye Opener……..

If some form of Protein is not consumed within 20-30 minutes after a workout, up to 80% of the workout session effectiveness is LOST.


1. Football is a stop and go sport w/ short burst of intense effort, followed by rest, eating adequate amounts of Carbs in critical. Therefore the primary fuel substrate for football is CARBOHYDRATES.

2. During hard training, a player needs 3.6 to 4.5 (4.0 avg.) grams of Carbos to 1 lb. of BW.

3. Good Carbs choices are: (whole grain) breads and cereal, pasta, rice, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, some vegetables, muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc..

  • Healthy fats (Unsaturated) are needed to complete a well balanced athletic diet.
  • Need a minimum of .45 grams of fat per pound of BW per day.
  • Choose healthy fats such as, canola oil, olive oil, and nuts. (ex. trail mix)
vitamins and minerals
Vitamins and Minerals

Every player should take a multi-vitamin designed for athletes each day. I recommend one high in B-vitamins.

I also suggest taking one with breakfast and also another at night before bed. The vitamin taken at bedtime remains in the body longer due to less frequent urination during the night. (unless you are one of the fortunate mature-aged males that “whizzes” frequently during the night)

recommended food ratio
Recommended Food Ratio

Protein = 30% of food consumed

Carbs = 60% “ “

Fats = 10% “ “

*The plate at the table should contain

2/3 Carbs and 1/3 Protein each meal.*

what nutrient group is the hardest to obtain
What Nutrient Group is the hardest to obtain?

Most people eat entirely too many empty calories each day (calories that have no real value to fuel the body)

There empty calories take the form of simple carbs (which turn to sugar) and excessive fats that fill the stomach and slow the body down.

Ans. Good quality Protein and Complex Carbs are the 2 groups that are the hardest to obtain in our daily eating routines.


(i.e. A 200 lb. player should consume between 5000-6000 total calories/day to properly fuel his body and add 1-2 lbs of weight/week.)

200 lb. Player

(Daily Nutrient Requirements in Grams)

Protein (1.0 x BW) 200g 800 cal.

Carbs ( 4.0 x BW) 800g 3200 cal.

Fat ( .45-.50 x BW) 100g 900 cal.

Empty Calories 1000 cal.

*Total Daily Caloric Intake 6000 cal.

when to eat
When To Eat?

1.To take in the required numbers of calories in order to gain muscle, a player should eat 4-5 meals and 2-3 snacks per day. Each meal and snack should contain (P,C,F)

(i.e. A 200 lb. player should consume between 5000-6000 total calories/day.)


Sample Meal Times

Gain Weight

Meal 1 6 - 7:00am

Mid-morn snack 9:00am

Meal 2 11-11:30am

Meal 3 1:30pm

Mid-afternoon snack 3:00pm

(post-exercise snack) w/in 30 min.

Meal 4 5:00pm

Meal 5 7:00pm

Late-night snack 10:00pm

hey coach how can i gain weight
Hey Coach, How can I gain weight?
  • In order to gain 1 pound you must intake 3,500 calories/week more then what your body already maintains.
  • 1 lb per week – Add 500 calories/day for 7 days
  • 2 lbs per week – Add 1000 calories/day
  • Creatine – a muscle and strength enhancing supplement. Works well in short, intense and explosive movements of work.
  • EAS Betagen – A brand of creatine mix. A very good product but expensive.
  • Vanadyl sulfate- contains glycogen which is the storage form of glucose in animals. Get starches (CARBS)

into the muscle.

  • Testerone boosters- teenage bodies produce enough naturally.
  • Nitric Oxide- a pre-workout energy boosting drink.

Mission Statement

Your mission ...

Discipline is the fuel of achievement. Creativity sparks the flame.

Passion fans the fire.

Discipline keeps it going for as long as it takes.


Disciplining yourself can be tedious,

annoying, inconvenient and even

agonizing. And yet, the results brought

about by self discipline cannot be

reached in any other way. Discipline

puts your most incredible dreams

within reach. With self discipline,

you can make the best of your

possibilities come to life.


But how do you bring yourself to that level of discipline? You get there by knowing what you absolutely must do, and knowing that through self discipline you can make ithappen. What do you know in your heart that you are truly meant to accomplish. When you experience life as a mission, the discipline you need will be there.


Discipline and focus, applied consistently over time, can take you to truly amazing places. Where is it that you are uniquely suited to go? You can define your DREAMS!!!

daily nutrition journal
Daily Nutrition Journal
  • Each player should keep a daily journal on his food consumption in order to keep a record of food intake.
  • Once results are observed, players will see the reason and take pride in their journals. Seeing is Believing. Take ownership in the system.
  • If a player does not write down what goes in their mouths, they will not get enough food required to grow and gain the 1-2 lbs./week.