Sign of the chrysanthemum by katherine paterson
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Sign of the Chrysanthemum by Katherine Paterson. Day 5 Discuss Chapters 8-9 Pre-reading Chapters 10-12. Question 1. Why does Muna hate it when Fukuji closes the door to his workroom?.

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Sign of the Chrysanthemum by Katherine Paterson

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Sign of the Chrysanthemumby Katherine Paterson

Day 5

Discuss Chapters 8-9

Pre-reading Chapters 10-12

Question 1

Why does Muna hate it when Fukuji closes the door to his workroom?

Letting Muna into the forge would mean that Muna had been promoted from house servant to apprentice swordsmith

Pg. 65

Question 2

How did Takanobu lose his sword?

He gambled it away in a dice game.

Top of pg. 70

Question 3

What favor did Takanobu ask of Muna that upsets him so much?

He asked Muna to get him one of Fukuji’s swords.

Pg. 70-71

Question 4

Why do you suppose Fukuji would never sell a sword to Takanobu?

Fukuji will only sell to worthy Samurai, not drunken, lying, thieves.

Pg. 70 and pg. 54

Question 5

Who does Takanobu claim to be? How does Muna react to this claim?

Takanobu claims to be Muna’s father. Muna thinks it’s a cruel joke, but cannot ignore the possibility that it is true.

Pg. 71-72

Question 6

What is the chigo? Why does Muna watch him so intently?

Sacred page boy of the festival. He compares his own namelessness to this boy’s wealth, privilege, and beauty.

Pg. 75

Question 7

Why does Takanobu need the sword by the end of the Gion Festival?

Revolt may happen anytime and he needs to be ready to fight.

Pg. 76-77

Question 8

What does Fukuji say when Muna asks to be his apprentice?

Fukuji says it is more important that Muna asks himself whether he is a worthy apprentice.

Pg. 79-80

Question 9

What happens to Akiko after her father dies?

Her uncle sells her to a brothel.

Pg. 81

Chapter 10-12 Vocabulary

Chapter 10-12 Plot Summary

  • First event in chapter 10: Muna runs down Suzaku Oji planning to snatch Akiko out of the house on Rokujo Avenue.

  • Last event in chapter 12: Muna falls asleep, has a dream, and wakes up, disoriented. He still has the stolen sword with him.

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