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ECS 15 Introduction to computers Spring 2011 Prof. Xin Liu - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECS 15 Introduction to computers Spring 2011 Prof. Xin Liu Class Schedule. prerequisites: None. Class: MWF 10:00a.m.-10:50a.m.; 194 Young ; Labs: A01 M 5:10 p.m.-8 p.m.; 2020 SLB A02 W 3:10 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.; 2020 SLB

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ECS 15Introduction to computers

Spring 2011

Prof. Xin Liu

Xin Liu

Class schedule
Class Schedule

  • prerequisites: None.

  • Class: MWF 10:00a.m.-10:50a.m.; 194 Young;

  • Labs:

    • A01 M 5:10 p.m.-8 p.m.; 2020 SLB

    • A02 W 3:10 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.; 2020 SLB

    • A03 T 9:00 a.m.-11:50 a.m.; 2020 SLB

    • A04 R 9:00 a.m.-11:50 a.m.; 2020 SLB

  • Can I go to a different lab?

  • Xin Liu


    • Instructor: Xin Liu


    • Instructor office hour:

      • F 11a.m.-2:00p.m. at 3013 EUII (Kemper Hall)

      • Extra office hours announced when necessary

    • TA:

    • Reader (for the term paper):

    • TA office hour and location

      • same as the lab sessions

    Xin Liu

    Class material
    Class material

    • Optional Textbooks

      • Michael Dawson, Python programming for the absolute beginner, 2nd edition, Thomson Course Technology, ISBN: 1-59863-112-8.

      • Spraul, V. Anton, Computer Science Made Simple, Broadway Books, 2005, ISBN: 0-7679-1707-3.

    • Class website:


      • Check for notes

      • Notes and useful information links posted.

      • Why some notes are not accessible (yet)?

    • Announcement:

      • Emailed to the mailing list

    Xin Liu


    • Grading

      • Term paper (20%)

        • Computer in an area of your interest

      • Lab assignments (35%)

        • 9 small projects (basic computer skills, basic programming)

        • No homework

      • Midterm 20% (one mid-term)

        • Close book, one sheet of notes allowed

        • In class

      • Final 25%

        • Close book, one sheet of notes allowed

    Xin Liu

    Class policy
    Class Policy

    • All lab assignments require individual efforts. Discussions are allowed, copying NOT.

    • Late policy

      • Full credit if on time

      • 50% if within 24 hours

      • 25% if within 48 hours

      • 0 after 48 hours

    • Regrading Policy

      • One week regrading period after grades returned to students

    • Incomplete will not be granted

      • Unless proved emergency with filled emergency form

    • Academic Integrity

      • Writing, commercial software for checking plagiarism

      • Lab assignments

    Xin Liu

    Good grade guideline
    Good Grade Guideline

    • Computers are rational

      • Understand, not memorize

    • Active classroom participation

    • Do your own assignments

      • Help you understand

      • Help you do well in exams

      • Help you in your later studies

      • Projects and term paper are “easy” grades.

        • Sufficient time, sufficient help

    • Follow the lecture and notes

    • Final review

    Xin Liu

    Road map
    Road Map

    • Computers (3-4 weeks)

      • Hardware: motherboard, processor, memory, I/O devices, etc.

      • Software and application:

      • Graphics: image, video, 2D, 3D, game,

      • History and ethics

      • Search (do you google?)

    Xin Liu

    Why does this help
    Why does this help?

    • Computer Literacy

    • Basic knowledge of computers

      • Order a computer

      • Buy a digital camera

      • Configure your wireless router

    • Basic understanding of software and tools

      • Word process, ppt, excel, access, etc.

    Xin Liu

    Road map1
    Road Map

    • The Internet (2-3 weeks)

      • Layered architecture

      • Applications: web, email, p2p, etc.

      • The path of your email/webpage.

      • LAN: local area network, wireless local area network.

      • Security

    Xin Liu

    Why does this help1
    Why does this help?

    • Internet drastically changes the world

    • What do these things mean?

      • Wikipedia

      • Web 2.0

      • Long tail

    • Internet is reaching beyond PCs

    • Security and privacy

      • IRS sending you an email?

      • Are you anonymous on the Internet?

    Xin Liu

    Are you anonymous on the internet
    Are you anonymous on the Internet?

    The above cartoon by Peter Steiner has been reproduced from The New Yorker, (Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20)

    only for academic discussion.

    Xin Liu

    Road map2
    Road Map

    • Python Programming (3-4 weeks)

      • Getting started (Chapter 1)

      • Basic concepts: type, variable, I/O (Chapter 2)

      • Loops: while, for, if (Chapters 3-4)

    Xin Liu

    Why programming
    Why Programming

    • What is a program?

    • You can handle little problems yourself

    • You know when you hire someone how big a job it is (like going to a mechanic)

    • You have some idea of what is possible.

    • A good programmer has more job options (you’ll need more than this one class, though)

    Xin Liu

    Why python
    Why Python?

    • Great for interfacing one program to another

    • Free!

    • Used in industry –Google, ILM, NASA….

    • Easy to get started with!

    • Lots of “libraries” (add-ons) that do things like sound editing, computational biology, Web database access…..

    Xin Liu

    What should you get from this class
    What should you get from this class?

    • You can handle little problems yourself

      • Do research, find interesting stuff

      • Security

      • impress your friends

    • Your know when you hire someone how big a job is.

    • You know some idea of what is possible

    • People with good IT skills have more job options.

    Xin Liu

    It teaches you to think
    It teaches you to think!

    • The computer is your genie in a bottle

      • It can be your best help

      • It can be really frustration

    • It does exactly what you tell it to

    • Your job is to figure out what/how to tell it.

    • Learning the language is easy, …

    • Some people really like it!

    Xin Liu

    Other options
    Other options

    • ECS 10: Programming in Python

      • You will get full credit (after taking ECS 15)

      • GE class

    • ECS 30: More intensive class for those with some programming experience (basic, c, java), learn C++, required for ECS majors.

    Xin Liu

    Lab session
    Lab Session

    • Go to your registered Lab session if possible.

    • Priority goes to students registered in the lab session

    • TAs will be there the whole time to help you.

    • Joint with TAs’ office hours

    • Yes, you can go and ask any question related to the class.

    • Please let the TAs talk about the lab assignment first.

    • Lab assignments are posted two weeks in advance

    • All due on Friday 6pm, at smartsite

    • Grades posted one week after due date.

    • Please check your grade and TA comments (if any).

    Xin Liu

    Computer labs
    Computer Labs

    • We have two computer labs you can use

      • Meyer 1131

      • SLB 2020 (where your lab sessions are)

      • Sometimes used by other classes

    • Of course, you can also do everything on your own computer

    Xin Liu

    Lab assignments
    Lab Assignments

    • Lab 1: Create your webpage, due on Friday, Apr. 8

    • Lab 2: Advanced Word Techniques, due on Friday Apr. 15, 

    • Lab 3 : Introduction to Excel, due on Friday, Apr. 22

    • Lab 4: Excel Chart and Pivot Tables, due on Friday, Apr. 23

    • Lab 5: Introduction to Access, due on Friday, May 6

    • Lab 6: Starting Python, due on Friday, May 13

    • Lab 7: Jeopardy, due on Friday, May 20

    • Lab 8: Wheel of Fortune, due on Friday, May 27

    • One more

    Xin Liu

    Lab assignments1
    Lab Assignments

    • I may change sequence to better coordinate with classroom material

    • 1 lab assignment per week

    • Assignments posted

      • You can go to your lab sessions at least twice.

    • Do not be afraid to ask for help!

    • We are here to help.

    • Computer related questions are much easier to be answered when demonstrated.

    • Google.

    Xin Liu

    Term paper
    Term paper

    • 20% of the total grade

    • Credit for writing

    • ~2500 words (around 10 pages)

    • A research paper on a topic related to computers that interests you

    • An opportunity to learn some detailed information and how they are used in some area of interest to you.

    • Lecture on writing the term paper

    • Start early!

    Xin Liu


    • Introduction & Prospectus Due Friday, Apr. 15

    • Progress Report Due Friday, Apr. 29

    • Draft Due Friday, May 13

    • The paper itself Due Friday, May 27

    • All due at 6pm

    • Hard copy samples available for viewing

    Xin Liu


    • Check a list of potential topics at the class website

    • computers in education

      • for teaching reading

      • for teaching music

    • computers in biology

      • bioinformatics

      • computational biology

    • computers in art, architecture, and design

      • computer-generated and computer-supported art

      • computer-aided design

    • digital libraries

      • legal issues (e.g., intellectual property)

    • music on the Internet

      • legal issues and debates

      • technologies

    Xin Liu


    • Internet on entertainment

      • P2p file sharing

      • Video-on-demand

        • Netflix’s video-streaming service

        • $1.99 TV show downloads from Amazon/iTune

      • E-books

        • Amazon’s Kindle and $9.99 book offering

    Xin Liu


    • Social networking websites and their impacts

    • Online advertising

      • Google?

    • Security and privacy

    Xin Liu


    • computer and/or Internet addiction

    • failures regarding computers in schools

    • famous computer viruses and "worms"

    • "computer illiteracy" or lack of access to computers as a problem in society

    • Digital divide

    Xin Liu


    • Projects and term paper are good for your grades.

    • Plan early.

    • Do them well.

    Xin Liu


    • Please include “ECS 15” in your subject line, to me and to TAs.

    • Why?

    • One day response, TA/reader, myself.

    • If your requests not responded, let me know.

    Xin Liu

    Email etiquettes
    Email etiquettes

    > R U handing back midterms Th?

    Xin Liu


    Hi Gary,

    This is Shareen, from your Thursday discussion section. I was wondering if you are going to be handing back the midterms this week?



    • It is also best to address your email to one person, possibly cc to others.

    Xin Liu

    Last slide
    Last slide

    • I am constantly looking for ways to make this class better, more useful, more fun

    • All comments/suggestions welcome.

    • Anonymous if you like.


    • Questions?

    Xin Liu