2011 Year End  eMARS User Group Meeting June 16, 2011

2011 Year End eMARS User Group Meeting June 16, 2011 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Agenda. Opening Remarks Ed RossKHRIS Issues Jill Anderson, Personnel 2011 Year End Barbara Aldridge-MontfortNew Year Updates Barbara Aldridge-MontforteMARS 3.9 Update Rachelle WilkinsChase Banking Contract Donald SweasyMisc Items Barbara Aldridge-MontfortQ

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2011 Year End eMARS User Group Meeting June 16, 2011

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1. 2011 Year End eMARS User Group Meeting June 16, 2011

2. 2 Agenda

3. 3 New Year Table Initialization (NYTI) Occurred Thursday, May 5 Created FY12 records for all ACTIVE chart of account elements Effective dates on FY12 records will be blank Clean Up Add Effective dates to FY12 records if applicable Review FY12 records to ensure accuracy Any records added to FY11 after May 5 will need to be added to FY12 if applicable

4. 4 Expiring Master Agreements Users should create Delivery Orders (DO) against Master Agreements (MA) set to expire on June 30. Once the MA has expired neither a DO nor PRC can be created and properly reference the MA

5. 5 2011/2012 Encumbrance Roll Scheduled to begin COB, Friday, July 1 eMARS will be unavailable July 2 – July 4 All non-capital encumbrances greater than $1,000 will be established in FY12 Modification document User ID ENCROLL All non-capital encumbrances less than or equal to $1,000 will lapse, thus closing the award CBDL Documents User ID ENCROLL Clean Up Unnecessary encumbrances (2302 Outstanding Encumbrance Report) Pending encumbrances by COB July 1

6. 6 BFY 11 Pending Encumbrances Encumbering documents in Pending phase will not roll to FY12 ALL FY11 encumbering documents need to out of Pending phase by COB, July 1 Complete Approval Process Reject Document back to Draft phase Documents left in Pending phase will be rejected back to draft by the Office of the Controller Spreadsheet listing pending documents by department will be posted at: http://finance.ky.gov/internal/eMARS/

7. 7 Payments against Encumbrances Payments against 2011 encumbrances must be in FINAL status by COB, Friday, July 1 Payments against lapsed PON2 documents PRC with “Memo” reference to PON2 Use same Cited Authority shown on PON2 Payments against all other lapsed awards PRC with “Memo” reference to award Use the Small Purchase Cited Authority

8. 8 Payment Reminders Payment documents submitted but NOT approved by COB June 30 will infer FY12 upon final approval Payment documents approved on or after July 1 with the fiscal period (BFY, FY, Period) blank will infer FY12 upon final approval July 1 – Last day to pay against FY11 encumbering awards July 8 – Last day to pay FY11 expenditures

9. 9 Coding Period 13 Entire Fiscal Period 13 (BFY=2011; FY=2011; Period 13) must be coded Period 13 (BFY=2011, FY=2011, Period=13) can be coded on the Header Section or on the Accounting Line of the payment document Fiscal Period (BFY, FY, Period) from Header will infer on all blank Accounting Lines Fiscal Period (BFY, FY, Period) coded on an Accounting Line will override period coded on Header Period 13 must be coded on the Header of PRCI documents Period 13 should be coded on the Header of PRC2 documents Applies to non-capital funds

10. 10 Matching Payments During Period 13 the FY & Period on PRM’s are determined by the BFY on the referenced PO/DO/CT at the time the PRM is created If the BFY on the referenced award is less than the current BFY, then Period 13 is inferred on the PRM If the BFY on referenced award is equal to the current BFY, then the current period is inferred on the PRM Verify PRM’s were created and submitted correctly May need to copy forward to a PRC to correct PRM’s Remember BFY on encumbered awards over $1,000 rolls to BFY 12 COB, July 1 Encumbrances less than $1,000 will lapse COB, July 1 PRM’s against lapses award will reject

11. 11 BFY 11 Pending Transactions Payment documents in Pending phase (submitted but not fully approved) affect cash and budget balances ALL FY11, non-capital, payment documents need to out of Pending phase by COB, July 8 Complete Approval Process Reject Document back to Draft phase Documents left in Pending phase will be rejected back to draft by the Office of the Controller Spreadsheet listing pending documents by department will be posted at: http://finance.ky.gov/internal/eMARS/

12. 12 Follow Through Check for rejected PRM documents and make corrections as needed Review the AD/EFT Exception report to ensure FY11 payments have been disbursed AD/EFT report is posted daily at: http://finance.ky.gov/internal/eMARS/ FY11 payments on the AD/EFT Exception report after soft close will be closed by the Office of the Controller – Vendor will NOT receive payment

13. 13 Moving/Correcting Expenditures A JV2E document should be used to correct expenditures that have incorrectly posted to the wrong Fiscal Period Reduce expenditures (negative amount) in appropriate Fiscal Period and Increase expenditures (positive amount) in the other Remember to code entire fiscal period on each Accounting Line (BFY, FY, Period) Period 13 Soft Close – COB July 8 Period 13 Hard Close – 12:00 pm, July 15 JV2E’s will require Finance approval after soft close, July 8

14. 14 Allotments General Fund Object Type Allotments will collapse on July 1 All Allotments must be in the black by the end of the Fiscal Year During closeout, agencies should utilize the budget screens in eMARS as infoAdvantage reports are a day behind and do not include pending amounts BQ3LV1 (Appropriation) BQ3LV2 (Allotment) BQ3LV3 ( Object Allotments)

15. 15 Fixed Assets Real Property Closing Packages will be sent in mid-August Fixed Asset Cleanup Fixed Asset shells $5,000 and above must be processed by September 1, 2011

16. 16 Key Dates Period 12 Soft Close – Thursday, June 30 Period 12 Hard Close – Tuesday, July 5 Encumbrances Roll – Friday, July 1 (COB) Period 13 Soft Close – Friday, July 8 Period 13 Hard Close – Friday, July 15 (12:00 pm)

17. 17 New Year Procurements RQS for new year (FY12) may be submitted to OPS Document comments should state, “ Delivery is not desired prior to July 1, 2011” PSCs/MOAs for the new year (FY12) may be submitted to OPS Documents requiring a July 1, 2011 effective date must be submitted by Monday, June 20

18. 18 New Year Procurements New Year (FY12) procurement activity may submitted using FY 2012 Document must use a non-accounting event type (PR01, PR07) if submitted for approval prior to the agency’s allotments being loaded into eMARS Document must include entire Fiscal Period on the Header (FY = 2012, BFY = 2012, Period = 1) Awards may be modified to an accounting event type (PR02, PR03, PR05, PR06) once the agency’s allotments are loaded

19. 19 New Year Allotments New Year Allotments will be posted by department at: http://finance.ky.gov/internal/eMARS/

20. 20 Cash Overrides ALL agency cash overrides MUST be reviewed annually and submitted on a SAS14 to the Office of the State Budget Director

21. 21 Project Timeline Beta ends June 17, 2011 Testers have found and reported issues SME’s have made suggestions on improvements CGI has accepted many suggestions infoAdvantage testing scheduled to begin in August Kentucky specific testing scheduled to begin in September Anticipated Go-Live….April 2012

22. 22 Recommended Settings for Optimal Performance Operating System – XP Pro (SP2); Vista; Windows7 CPU – 1.0 GHz Processor (32 or 64 bit) Minimum RAM – 2GB Recommended, 1 GB Minimum Display – 1024x768 Minimum Display Resolution Graphics – 32 MB Graphics Card Internet – 10 Mbps Ethernet Card Browser – IE8 or Firefox 3.5 or 3.6 for Windows Form Printing – Adobe Central Pro 5.7

23. 23 Decision Point Accordion View vs. Secondary Navigator

24. 24 New Bank Account Codes New Bank Account codes in eMARS Crosswalk found on eMARS Web site http://finance.ky.gov/internal/eMARS/BankingContractTransition.htm All documents processed to “FINAL” must post to new bank accounts beginning July 5 New “exception” Worklist created for CRC Documents submitted with old bank account codes will go to this Worklist CRC will reject back to submitter for correction

25. 25 Treasury Changes New deposit scanner at Treasury Maximum 999 checks for single deposit (CR document & Treasury transmittal form) Possible change to transmittal form to account for Foreign checks To be determined by Treasury New GAX5 document used to re-issue checks Possible changes to NSF (checks) process

26. 26 Assembly Reminders Needs to be Legible Avoid using Headers/Footers, page breaks and track changes View assembled document to ensure formatting is correct Clear formatting if needed Copy contents into WordPad or Notepad

27. 27 OPS Approval Reminders OPS rejections slow down approval process Review Documents thoroughly prior to submitting for approval Ensure all corrections on rejected documents have been completed Ensure document has been assembled or re-assembled properly

28. 28 Clean Up Please discard (delete) any documents in “Draft” status that will not be utilized.

29. 29 infoAdvantage “Freeze” Some heavy users of infoAdvantage have reported the application “freezes” or “locks up” while developing reports CGI/SAP has made some suggestions that require technical support Contact the Commonwealth Service Desk by emailing: CommonwealthServiceDesk@ky.gov

30. 30 eMARS Training/CRC Availability CRC staff heavily involved in eMARS 3.9 Upgrade Phone coverage may be limited at times eMail: Finance.CRCGroup@ky.gov Training environments require year-end updates

31. 31 eMARS Availability

32. 32 Questions ?

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