Particle production at forward rapidity in d au and au au collisions in star experiment at rhic
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Particle production at forward rapidity in d+Au and Au+Au collisions in STAR experiment at RHIC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Particle production at forward rapidity in d+Au and Au+Au collisions in STAR experiment at RHIC. Bedanga Mohanty (for STAR collaboration) Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,Kolkata. Outline:. Motivation. Results from Au+Au collisions. Multiplicity & h -distribution

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Particle production at forward rapidity in d+Au and Au+Au collisions in STAR experiment at RHIC

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Particle production at forward rapidity in d+Au and Au+Au collisions in STAR experiment at RHIC

Bedanga Mohanty (for STAR collaboration)

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,Kolkata


  • Motivation

  • Results from Au+Au collisions

  • Multiplicity & h-distribution

  • Scaling of particle production

  • Limiting fragmentation

  • Detectors at forward rapidity

  • Forward Time Projection Chamber

  • Photon Multiplicity Detector

  • Forward p0 Detector

  • Energy dependence

  • Centrality dependence

  • Identified particle

  • Results from d+Au collisions

  • Multiplicity & pTdistributions

  • Nuclear modification factor

  • L production & Baryon transport

  • Summary

Bedanga Mohanty


Kharzeev, Kovchegov, and Tuchin, Phys. Rev. D 68 , 094013 (2003)

  • Study of particle production at forward

    rapidity (low xBj) can help in understanding

    gluon density in heavy nuclei


y = 0

y increases

  • Limiting Fragmentation :


  • Why do charged particles show a

    centrality dependence ?

  • How does photons (mesons) behave ?

  • Do identified particles also follow

    limiting fragmentation ?

  • Nuclear stopping and rapidity loss of baryons

Bedanga Mohanty

Forward Time Projection Chamber, Photon Multiplicity Detector & Forward p0 detector

Forward Time Projection Chamber

Photon Multiplicity Detector

Forward p0 detector

View of East tunnel platform from STAR






  • Coverage: 2.5 < || < 4.0

  • Event-by-event number

    of charged particles

  • Spatial distribution (,)

    and pT of charged particles

  • Coverage: 2.3 <  < 3.8

  • Event-by-event number

    of photons

  • Spatial distribution (x,y)

    or (,) of photons

  • Coverage: 3.3 <  < 4.1

  • High energy p0 mesons

PRL 92, 171801 (2004)

NIM A 499, 713 (2003)

NIM A 499, 751 (2003)

Bedanga Mohanty

STAR preliminary

STAR preliminary

Central > peripheral

peripheral > central

h-distribution of charged particles at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions @ 200 GeV

Pseudorapidity distribution

Particle production shifted by hCM

  • Increasing asymmetry of charged particle density with centrality at forward rapidity

  • Results from HIJING, AMPT and Saturation model (hep-ph/0212316) consistent with data

  • The p+p distribution shifted by hCM (weighted mean of dNch/dh-dAu) is found to be consistent with dNch/dh in d+Au collisions normalized by Npart/2

Poster by Joern Putschke

Bedanga Mohanty

STAR preliminary


STAR preliminary


|h| ~ 3.1

pT distribution of charged particles at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions @ 200 GeV

Transverse momentum spectra

Mean transverse momentum

  • <pT> increases with Npart for Au-side and remains constant for d-side

Poster by Joern Putschke

Bedanga Mohanty

Forward p0 production in p+p and d+Au collisions @ 200 GeV


  • Inclusive forward p0 production in p+p collisions at 200 GeV consistent with NLO pQCD calculations

  • At small h, data consistent with KKP, as h increases data approaches cal. with Kretzer set of FF

  • Data agrees with a model that treats Au nucleus as a CGC.

  • The model includes low xBjevolution of the Au wave function

G. Rakness, nucl-ex/0501026 D.A. Morozov, , hep-ex/0505024

A. Dumitru, A. Hayashigaki, J. Jalilian-Marian, hep-ph/0506308

Bedanga Mohanty

STAR preliminary

Charged hadron

Nuclear modification factor at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions @ 200 GeV


STAR preliminary

  • RCP larger in Au-side  Cronin effect more in Au-side of d+Au collisions

  • Strong centrality dependence of RCP in d-side. No such dependence observed in Au-side

  • HIJING explains the data, effect of shadowing negligible

  • Observed rapidity dependence consistent within the color glass condensate framework

  • RdAu-p0 lower than h-(expected) as p + p -> h-is isospin suppressed at large h

Bedanga Mohanty

L & anti- L production at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions @ 200 GeV

Invariant Mass

 and Anti- particle spectra for d+Au minimum bias events

dN/dy ratio central/peripheral

TL= 0.241 d-side

TL = 0.232 Au-side

STAR preliminary

  • Spectra for d & Au-side of collisions

  • dN/dy ratio indicates wounded nucleon scaling works on d-side (arrows).

  • Au-side models under predict data – Nuclear effects or re-scattering ?

Poster by Frank Simon (163,Saturday)

Bedanga Mohanty

Nuclear stopping power and rapidity loss

Net baryon density

Rapidity loss

PRL 93, 102301 (2004)

PRD 32, 619 (1985)

Dy = (ncoll –1)/a + b

  • Ave. rapidity loss of d-baryon increases with number of collisions it suffers with Au participants

  • Rapidity loss obtained by fitting to Dy = (ncoll –1)/a + b ; a = 3.6+/-1.3 & b =1.6+/-0.3. 1/a – mean rap. Loss per int.

  • Rapidity loss higher than Au+Au collisions

  • Fits : 6th order polynomial, integral normalized to number of participating d-nucleons

  • Transparency in peripheral collisions & high stopping in central collisions

Poster by Frank Simon

Bedanga Mohanty

STAR preliminary

STAR preliminary


STAR preliminary

D. Kharzeev et. al. PLB 507 (2001)121, hep-ph/0111315


Multiplicity distribution of photons and charged particles for Au+Au collisions @ 62.4 GeV

Multiplicity distribution

Multiplicity vs. sNN


No. of events



s (GeV)

No. of events

  • Center of mass energy dependence of charged particle multiplicity at mid-rapidity and forward rapidity

  • Comparison with QCD model is good for higher energies at large h


Bedanga Mohanty

Nucl-ex/0502008 (To appear in PRL)


STAR preliminary

Pseudorapidity distributions of photon and charged particles for Au+Au collisions @ 62.4 GeV

Pseudorapidity distribution

Comparison to models






Models fail to explain the charged particle data.

Do a reasonable job for photons.

Bedanga Mohanty

Nucl-ex/0502008 (To appear in PRL)

STAR preliminary


STAR preliminary


Scaling of particle production at forward rapidity

Scaling with Npart


Scaling with Ncoll




  • Photon production seems to scale with number of participating nucleons

  • Charged particle yield normalized to Npart decreases from peripheral to central collisions

  • Photon and charged particle production do not scale with Ncoll

Bedanga Mohanty

STAR preliminary

STAR preliminary





h - ybeam

Limiting fragmentation : Energy & Centrality dependence

Energy dependence

Centrality dependence

h - ybeam

  • Photon and charged particle production follows energy independent limiting fragmentation

  • Photons show a centrality independent limiting fragmentation.

  • Charged particles show a centrality dependent limiting fragmentation

Bedanga Mohanty

Limiting fragmentation scenario for pions


(To appear in PRL)


h - ybeam

  • p production follows energy independent limiting fragmentation in nucleus-nucleus collisions

Bedanga Mohanty


  • Multiplicity, pT spectra and Nuclear modification factor of charged particles at forward rapidity in d+Au collisions at 200 GeV presented

  • p0 production in d+Au collisions consistent with CGC picture

  • First measurement of L at forward rapidity in RHIC is used to obtain the nuclear stopping power in d+Au collisions at 200 GeV

  • First measurement of photon multiplicity at 62.4 GeV Au+Au collisions in RHIC is used to show that photon production follows energy and centrality independent limiting fragmentation

  • Charged particle production at 62.4 GeV follows energy independent but centrality dependent limiting fragmentation

  • Limiting fragmentation for pions in heavy-ion collisions presented

Bedanga Mohanty

What more in forward physics from STAR …

  • Study of fluctuations in multiplicity of photons and charged particle in common coverage of PMD and FTPC

  • Azimuthal anisotropy of charged particles at forward rapidity (Gang Wang’s talk in this conference)

  • Azimuthal anisotropy of photons at forward rapidity

  • Back-to-Back azimuthal correlations at large Dh

  • (An interesting process to look at is when one jet is at forward rapidity, while other one is at mid-rapidity)

  • Forward Meson Spectrometer

G. Rakness, nucl-ex/0501026

L. C. Bland, et al., hep-ex/0502040

Bedanga Mohanty

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Bedanga Mohanty

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