Oliver s Vegetables

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Oliver s Vegetables

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1. Oliver’s Vegetables By Vivian French

2. Learner Outcomes: Students will recall the word vegetable from the Food Guide Pyramid. Students will identify 7 vegetables from the story. Students will touch each vegetable. Students might try a new vegetable.

3. Pre-reading Strategies: What do you predict the story will be about? What is Oliver holding? Is it a vegetable from the Food Guide Pyramid?

4. As I read the story, I want you to: listen for names of the vegetables that Oliver gets from the garden, to pretend to taste each vegetable with Oliver, and to repeat the words that Oliver said about how much he liked each one.

5. Summarize Where does Oliver live? Where do Oliver’s grandparents live? Have you ever planted vegetables? Do you see carrots in the picture? Has anyone eaten beets? Do you see cabbage? What does spinach look like? Has anyone eaten rhubarb? Where are the peas in the picture? Where are the potatoes?

6. Touch the Veggies Touch each vegetable and think about what each one feels like.

7. Use a sheet of drawing paper: Draw a vegetable that you might want to try. Write a sentence about your picture.

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