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Getting Started In Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Training PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Started In Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Training. Dennis Duncan IM’ing Strategies WP Plugins & Software. Getting Started In Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Training.

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Getting Started In Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Training

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Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

Dennis Duncan

IM’ing Strategies

WP Plugins & Software

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

The Basics Like They’ve Never Been Explained To You Before

How To Build A Website

4 Steps

Decide On Domain Name

Decide On Hosting

Decide On Your Wordpress Theme

Get An Autoresponder Service To Build Your List

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

Don’t fall into any of the TV commercial myths for “FREE WEBSITE BUILDING” services like or

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

These services get you in the good then upsell you on web optimization, SEO, etc., and eventually suck you in for thousands of dollars. It’s a sham.

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

One of the best skills you can have as an internet marketer is to learn how to set up your WP site, add content to it and modify it when you choose.

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

There is nothing worse than having to depend on another person or company to add content or make simple modifications to your own website.

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

There will be a small learning curve but if you spend the time learning this stuff you’ll be much better off in the future.

Getting Started In Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training

Bootstrapping when you are starting out is going to be difficult but the skills you will acquire will be well worth it.

Two Important Lessons Will Come From This:

You’ll never again be dependent upon someone else to help you with your site.

You’ll know how time consuming these tasks are, you’ll know how long it will take someone else to do it and how much you can expect to pay them to do this work for you thus forever preventing someone from ripping you off for tasks that may only take 30 minutes to do but someone will charge you hundreds of dollars….

How To Build A Website

4 Steps

Decide On Domain Name

Decide On Hosting

Decide On Your Wordpress Theme

Get An Autoresponder Service To Build Your List

Choosing Your Domain

Branded Domain

Or Niche Specific/Keyword Focused Domain

Branded Domain Examples

Branded Domain Benefits

You Build Your Own Brand

Gain Credibility In Your Niche

Become The Go To Person/Expert In Your Niche

Branded Domain Disadvantage

Harder To Build Credibility

Could Take Longer To Get Followers

No One Is Looking For You

Niche Specific / Keyword Focused Domain

Niche Specific / Keyword Focused Domain


SEO Benefits of Having Keyword/Niche In Your URL

People May Already Be Looking For You

Focused On One Pain The Visitors May Have

Niche Specific / Keyword Focused Domain


Could Limit Growth Of Site

Not Branded + Limited To Possibly One Niche/Pain

Could Get Slapped By Google At Any Time

How Do You Decide?

There is no right or wrong way to do this.

It all depends on what you want to do. I’ve done both but I’ve settled on having one specific URL “home base” to disseminate all my info from

How Do You Decide?

However, I would advise you to enter into a niche that you are passionate about.

Otherwise, you’ll get burned out and it will become a J.O.B.

Where I Should Start?

Research What Others Are Doing In Your Niche

Do Some Keyword Research ( or Google) – don’t get bogged down trying to do your own keyword research if you are new. Go to

Or just go with building your brand – But try to put part of your niche keywords in your URL to get some SEO benefits

Buying Your Domain

There are several companies you can buy your domains from.

Here is what I suggest…

Go with a company that is all encompassing.

Meaning, a company that you can buy your domain & hosting from.

Buying Your Domain

I use GoDaddy exclusively and I’ll tell you more about why I have stuck with GoDaddy in the next video.

Why Do I Recommend This?

If you buy your domain (URL) from one service then your hosting from another then you are going to have to configure your name servers and this is going to be very difficult for you to do since you are new.

Why Do I Recommend This?

Believe me when I tell you this, stick with one company until you become more experienced. Right now the important thing is that you keep making progress and can start seeing results rather than getting bogged down in tech B.S.

Before Buying Anything Search For A Coupon Online

You can save some money when you buy your domain and hosting simply by searching for a coupon online. If you choose GoDaddy then search online for “GoDaddy Coupon”.

If you want to use my affiliate link you can:

Using my affiliate link is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to me for putting together this video for you.

If You Want More Info Join My IM Scout Troop

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Bonus-Video – Drilling Down A Niche

Be sure when selecting a niche to enter that there are enough products or services to support your efforts.

What do I mean by this?

Either you can create enough products or there are enough products or services that you can market to your list.

Bonus-Video – Drilling Down A Niche

For example, choosing something that is season is fine but that isn’t likely to make you full time money throughout the year.

Christmas blogs, Valentines Days Blogs, Halloween, etc.

These are very season.

I’m not saying never enter into those niches but you don’t want to base your business off of season types of niches.

Bonus-Video – Drilling Down A Niche

Choosing something that will have a year around marketplace & also have world-wide appeal would be best.

I made this mistake. I created a real estate product that was focused on Government Owned Homes. Well, other countries don’t have this type of program. So, I immediately limited my market because of this.

Bonus-Video – Drilling Down A Niche

Think broad and wide. A good way to find a niche is to do this:

I fire up Google and I type in something like..."how to cure *"

The * is a wildcard and that will be replaced by search terms people are actively looking for.

"how to get *” "how to lose *""how to become *” "how to reduce *""how to improve *” "how to remove *""how to jump *” "how to cure *""how to get rid of *” "how to prevent *""how to avoid *” "how to stop *""how to overcome *” "how to master *""how to increase *” "how to not *""how to make *” "how to quit *""how to start *” "how to learn *""where to buy *” "where to buy * online""where to buy * for christmas"

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How To Choose HostingFor Your Website

You need a place to “put/host your domain” and there are service providers that will host your site for you.

How To Choose HostingFor Your Website

Here are some of the leaders in the industry:


Liquid Web

Blue Host

Host Gator

How Do You Choose?

I make all of my internet marketing choices based on the level of customer service I receive from a company.

You may be on a tight budget and I understand that.

However, if you are new then you are better served by a company that offers good phone support to answer all your questions.

Who I Use Exclusively

I Use GoDaddy Exclusively & Here Is Why

Excellent Support

I can get them on the phone 24/7/365

They are very newbie friendly

They will help you with just about anything you need.

Who I Use Exclusively

Again, you can look for a coupon online

When you are ready to purchase your hosting you will likely also be ready to buy your domain.

My link below will give you 50% off hosting.

One More Thing…

If you are currently one of my subscribers and you happen to choose GoDaddy then I too can help you when you are having problems.

If you have an issue then I’ve probably experienced it.

If you choose another web hosting company then I won’t be able to do much to help you.

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Deciding On A Wordpress Theme

There Are Free WP Themes & Paid

I recommend choosing one theme from one provider and sticking with that theme.


Deciding On A Wordpress Theme

Each WP Theme has different features within the dashboard.

Getting accustomed to one theme and learning it very well will save you a lot of time.

Switching from one theme to another will only frustrate you and you’ll get bogged down in tech hell!

Free WP Themes

WP comes with the Ten Ten Theme and that is a very nice user friendly theme to start out with.

Wplook is also a good free theme..Lets see it now..

Remember, it isn’t how fancy your theme is it is how easy it is for your visitors to navigate and the quality of content on your site.

Paid Themes

There are a variety of paid WP themes.

I use a combination of two or three because over the years I have learned how to use them and set up pages and posts quickly.

Paid Themes

Here are some places you can start.

Woo Themes

Elegant Themes

Optimize Press

United Themes (my Internet Marketing Scout Site)

Paid Theme-Optimize Press

Optimize Press Is The

Go To Theme For Internet Marketers

If you have been in internet marketing for any length of time then you likely have seen Optimize Press.

It has tons of flexibility but is difficult to navigate when you are just getting started.

Optimize Press

If you want to get a copy of one of the most

versatile WP Themes on the market then

Optimize Press is the way to go.

I do want to caution you, there is a learning curve but, once you get used to it, there is no better theme.

Wordpress Set Up Tutorials

Once you have your domain, hosting and have chosen a theme then you are going to need to know how to set up WP and navigate the WP dashboard.

Wordpress Set Up Tutorials

On my site I have WP set up tutorials that you can get for $7.

There are over 60 videos that will help you get started and teach you how to navigate WP.

Buy Button Is Below This Video

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Building Your List

The biggest mistake any new internet marketer makes is not starting to build their list early on in their business.

It’s a common misconception; Who would want to optin for a new site that I have?

Fact is, once you build it, people will eventually find it.

Building Your List

About 50% of my income comes from my list.

I’ve built a loyal subscriber and customer list over the years in a couple different niches.

You’ll need to know what autoresponders are available to you and which ones are the best to use.

Building Your List

The “affordable” leaders are:


Get Response

Constant Contact

Send Reach

One of these above is where you’ll want to start.

Building Your List

There are others out there but they are more expensive such as:

Infusion Soft

Office Auto Pilot

But for the new internet marketer I recommend Aweber.

Aweber is what I have been using since I started.

Why Aweber?

Aweber, much like GoDaddy, has a great support team and I can get them on the phone during business hours to ask any questions that I may have.

They are very helpful and have extensive tutorials that will normally resolve any questions you may have.

Building Your List

Putting an optin form on your new website is very important.

But putting it in the right place on your site is even more important.

It will be your true path to making a full time income. Without a list, you will be chasing one trend after another and that isn’t a good place to be.

Building Your List

Normally you’ll want to put it on the top right side in the widget bar of your site and have a clear call to action.

This is where you will offer an ethical bribe to interested parties. An ethical bribe is something you can offer of value that will compel your visitor to give you their email address in exchange for the thing of value.

Building Your List

This can be anything such as:

A free report

A PLR book you’ve found online.

A free WP Plugin

A free video on a related topic

Really, anything that a person can download you can offer to them.

Building Your List

Your list will be your biggest asset you have. Don’t be shy about starting to build your list early on.

It’s very exciting to see someone subscribe to your list for the first time. Someone subscribing to your list is like a small reward for your efforts. It shows you that you are creating content that others like and, for me, it makes me feel good and let’s me know I’m helping someone with their business or helping them solve a problem.


Again, I recommend Aweber. Plus, if you are my subscriber and you use Aweber then I can answer some questions for you when you are having difficulty.

If you choose another service that I am not familiar with then I won’t be of much help.


Aweber is very user friendly as well.

So, if you feel like you want to get Aweber then you can grab it from my affiliate link below:

In Summary

Choose your URL

Choose Your Hosting

Be sure to decide on one company to buy both your hosting and your domains from. You’ll thank me later.

In Summary

Be sure to find an online coupon to save you some money on your domain purchase and hosting.

Or, use my affiliate link to get a discount.

It is up to you.

In Summary

You can download my WP Video Tutorials Pack via the link below.

In Summary

Finally, don’t hesitate to start building your list.

It will be the most valuable asset you have.

Regardless of the niche or niches you choose, you should be building lists for every site you have.

This is the biggest mistake new marketers make. Don’t make the same mistake.

In Summary

Remember, internet marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme like all the gurus want to you believe.

It is a marathon. Most people that attempt to make money online never do because they don’t take the right steps, don’t know the right tools to use, become frustrated and then quit.

Take your time. Be patient. Put in the hard work.

In Summary

I’m proof that anyone can do this.

Your biggest enemy is distractions.

Stay focused and don’t chase every shiny object.

In Summary

If you need some help deciding on a niche then I’m open to helping you find one.

Email me at:

[email protected]

If I were to get on skype with you I could help you find a niche in no time flat.

In Summary

To download my WP Video Tutorials Go To:

Keep Working Hard & Never Quit!

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