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Instant Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Loan Store is a committed online lending hub in UK, providing deals on Instant Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit for varied financial problems of the people. If you want to know more about this credible loan company, then visit at: http://www.loan-store.co.uk

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Welcome to

Loan Store in UK


Loan Store is a unsecured loan company

and responsible credit lender in UK, which

specialises in offering online deals on an

array of loan options. Here you can get

instant approval unsecured bad credit loans.

About us


Best Deals on Offer on Unsecured

Loans for Bad Credit People in the

UK – Direct Lenders

What You Will Find here:

Details about Unsecured Loan Company and

how to Apply for these loans

B. Easiest way to get unsecured loans from direct


C. Instant approval loans without Fees

Genuine Bad

Credit Lenders



Do you want unsecured loans in bad credit

situation? Apply with no guarantor and no fees

From direct lender.

Loan Store is exactly the marketplace

where you can get an instant access of

funds through loans for people with bad






  • We provide unsecured bad credit loans on

  • flexible terms and conditions with no

  • guarantor needed from the borrowers’ end. There is no need to do Long process to get these unsecured

  • loans

  • Visit at Loan Store Lenders Website

  • Click on apply now button

  • You will get a form, after filling your details.

  • Without any wait submit this form.

  • In a very short time period you will get instant

  • approval on unsecured loans.

How to



No Upfront

Fees Required

Now the question is where you can get these loans

without providing any collateral or upfront fees?

Most of the lenders in UK ask for a fee

from those people who have bad credit score. But Loan

Store is different from the other lenders, we never ask for upfront fees.


If you want to get unsecured bad credit loans fast, then you are at the right place because we fulfil all your





Loan Store is surely the ideal financial partner of UK people as they can easily obtain benefit of unsecured

loans without fee.


  • There is so many reasons you can find before are at the right place because we

  • choosing a loan store lenders.

  • We provide unsecured bad credit loans on

  • flexible terms and conditions with no guarantor

  • needed from the borrowers’ end.

  • No Guarantor Required

  • Instant Approval Loans

  • Bad Credit Score? No Problem?

  • Minimal Efforts

  • No Documentation Required

Why to

Choose us

We are here to help our prospective borrowers

through the way of unsecured loans for bad credit on

instant decision.





Contact your purpose.


Loan Store Ltd.

Address: 69 Northdale Rd, Liverpool, L15 4HT

Company Registration Number: 5189364

VAT Number: 942739472

Apply Now: http://www.loan-store.co.uk


www.loan-store.co.uk your purpose.