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Welcome to everybody. Identity:Rahena Akter Assistant Teacher Lakshmipur Eidgha Govt . Primary School. Class-Five Subect -English Lesson-9. Learning Outcome: At the end of the lesson students will be to:. 1.Listen the lesson attentively. 2.Answers simple questions.

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Welcome to everybody


Identity rahena akter assistant teacher lakshmipur eidgha govt primary school

Identity:RahenaAkterAssistant TeacherLakshmipurEidgha Govt. Primary School.

Class five subect english lesson 9


Learning outcome at the end of the lesson students will be to

Learning Outcome:At the end of the lesson studentswill be to:

1.Listen the lesson attentively.

2.Answers simple questions.

3.Read the lesson with correct


4.Write a paragraph about a Firefighter.

Title of lesson a firefighter

Title of lesson-A Firefighter

I will read the lesson with correct pronouncitation and students will be follow me

I will read the lesson with correctpronouncitation and studentswill be follow me:





Say if the following statements are true or false if false give the true answer

Say if the following statements are true or false. If false,give thetrue answer.

1.Raju is now a volunteer Firefighter.

2.He’s afraid of fire,butit’shis job to fight fire.

A composition on person by answering the following questions.

1.What does he/ she do?

2.How does he/ she do the work?


Evaluation: questions.

statemeFill in the gaps with a nt or a question

As suitable.

1.What does a dressmaker do?

2.What a singer do?

3.What does a bus driver do?

Home work

Home work: questions.

Think of a person who works in your aria to help you live well.

Thank you questions.