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Healthy kids zone
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Healthy Kids Zone. Team 14. Operational Concept Description. Xu Zhang. Things Don’t Change. System Objectives Benefit Chain Diagram System Boundary Diagram Project Constraints Element Relationship Diagram Business Workflow Diagram Level of Services. System Capabilities.

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Healthy Kids Zone

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Healthy kids zone

Healthy Kids Zone

Team 14

Operational concept description

Operational Concept Description

Xu Zhang

Things don t change

Things Don’t Change

  • System Objectives

  • Benefit Chain Diagram

  • System Boundary Diagram

  • Project Constraints

  • Element Relationship Diagram

  • Business Workflow Diagram

  • Level of Services

System capabilities

System Capabilities

Things do change

Things do change






  • Deploy HKZ website and database on the GoDaddy server which clients provide.

  • Changed part of website user interface

  • Changed part of mobile user interface

  • Prototyping connection between mobile and database (on remote server) to exchange the data.

Change on website ui

Change on website UI

Change on mobile ui

Change on mobile UI

System architecture

System Architecture

Ye Tao

Things don t change1

Things don’t change

  • System Context Diagram

  • Hardware Component Diagram

  • Software Component Diagram

  • Deployment Diagram

  • Sequence Diagram



  • Use cases

  • Database schema

  • Internal Interfaces

Use cases

Use cases

  • Adapt with requirement & test cases updates

  • 12 top-level use cases in web and mobile







Answer a question

Answer a Question

Answer a question cont d

Answer a Question cont’d



  • Store critical information of surveys/paths/schools/questions/answers and relations between them

  • Support features like markers/comments/images/path display

Database schema

Database Schema



Life cycle plan

Life Cycle Plan

Yang Wang

Roles responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

Coincomo assessment

COINCOMO Assessment

  • Total team efforts = 9.77 person month

  • One team efforts = 1.67 person month

  • So we need 5.85 person

  • 7 in 577a and 6 in 577b, still acceptable

Project plan


  • 12 Modules----12 Test Identifiers

  • 32 Features----24 Test Cases

  • 62 Small Features----62 Win Condition

  • 3 Construction Iterations

    • Iteration 1 (2.13 – 3.5)

    • Iteration 2 (3.6 – 3.26)

    • Iteration 3 (3.26 – 4.16)

  • Transition Iteration (4.16 – 4.30)

Traceability matrix

Traceability Matrix

Iteration plan

Iteration Plan

Transition plan

Transition Plan

Test plan cases

Test Plan & Cases

Chenglu Wang

Test strategy

Test Strategy

Test identifier case basis

Test Identifier & Case Basis

  • 12 Modules----12 Test Identifier

  • 32 Features----24 Test Case

  • 62 Small Features----62 Win Condition

Relationship between identifier and test case

Relationship between Identifier and Test Case

  • The whole diagram will be showed in Visio

Requirement traceability matrix

Requirement Traceability Matrix

Test plan

Test Plan

Test schedule

Test schedule

Acceptance test

Acceptance Test

Test case list

Test Case List

Test case list cont d

Test Case List (cont’d)

Test case tc 02 02

Test Case TC-02-02

Test case tc 02 02 cont d

Test Case TC-02-02 (cont’d)

Feasibility analysis

Feasibility Analysis

Chad Honkofsky

Current risks

Current Risks

  • Development to proceed without formal interface definition

    • Define general messages for each interface

    • Proceed with development and interface definition concurrently

      • Expect some updates

      • Development will help drive the definition of interface

  • Undefined survey export format

    • Walk through statistical analysis of paper survey results with customer to glean information

  • Mobile app prototype has minimal working code

    • Team meeting this weekend to further decompose tasks needed for mobile development

Traceability matrix1

Traceability Matrix

Definition of done

Definition of Done

  • Source code checked into github repository

  • Baseline compiled without error from repository

  • Deploy module to appropriate test environment

  • Unit Tests Completed

  • Code and Unit Test Peer Review Completed

  • Incorporated Peer comments to source code and checked into repository

  • New Baseline compiled without error

  • Re-run Unit Test

Metrics effort report

Metrics (Effort Report)

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