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Get found on google
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Get Found on Google. YouTube Secrets Revealed!. Use Video. To be seen by the world!!!!.

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Get Found on Google

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Get found on google

Get Found on Google

YouTube Secrets Revealed!

Use video

Use Video

To be seen by the world!!!!

Get found on google

Why Youtube? • 2 Billion Views Per Day on YouTube!• Avg. Person spends 17 minutes per day on YouTube•80% of Traffic is U.S.YouTube has become the 2nd most used search engine behind only Google (and if you didn’t know already Google owns YouTube)

Get found on google

What we’ll cover: • The 4 components each YouTube video must have to get MAXIMUM traffic1. A good title 2. A good description 3. Proper Tags 4. Geo TaggingPlus a super Secret Ninja Strategy to help you Keep your ranking.

Before we begin get your video uploaded to youtube

Before we begin….Get your video uploaded to Youtube

Get found on google

  • Login to your YouTube account

  • Select “upload”

  • Click “Select Files to Upload”

  • Choose the video you want to upload

    ***You can work on the 5 components while your video is being processed***

Get found on google


1 a good title

1. A Good Title

  • Your title should include your key words* or phrase

  • The closer to the beginning of the title that your key words* are, the better.

    add the | (pipe) symbol and your name and phone number to the title for additional branding



  • Hummingbird, is Google’s latest update. The new algorithm represents the biggest change to Google’s search functionality in 10 years —

    • One of the most telling things about Google’s recent updates is that the company chose to illustrate them with images of its mobile app, not its desktop site. That’s no accident. 

  • To sum it up, it looks like this:

    1. Mobile is the future, so Google should be attuned to answering search queries in the most mobile-friendly way.

    2.People tend to be conversational with their mobile searches (“How do I get a mortgage for a house?”)

    3.Soooooo, the future of Google search is mobile-focused and question-oriented.



  • Core to what Google is doing with Hummingbird is a shift in focus away from keywords and towards intent and semantics, which are infinitely more relevant to users.

  •  While the Google of a decade ago was focused on delivering search results based solely on queries, the Google of today is drawing insights from a variety of other signals — location, social connections, and even your previous searches.

  • SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan told VentureBeat by email… “Have good, descriptive content, and you should be doing all you can be doing to tap into long-tail searches,” 

  • SEO consultant Andrew Shotland, puts it slightly differently…“Hummingbird is forcing website owners to ask, ‘How can I answer questions that customers are asking Google?’

2 a good description

2. A Good Description

  • The description section is 100% SEO able.

  • The first sentence should include your long tail phrase.

  • Tell the story of what is in your video.

    Start your description with for a clickable link to your website.

3 proper tags

3. Proper Tags

  • Tags are keywords used to identify your video with the categories you want it related to.

  • Use any and all combinations of your key words.

  • Use long tail keywords as tags.

4 geo tagging

4. Geo Tagging

  • Google has been “localizing” it’s search results for a couple of years now.

  • The same “local” focused results have been incorporated into Youtube.

  • Plus…Google Loves to show Google stuff. Youtube is Google stuff.

    *More important now

4 geo tagging1

4. GEO Tagging

  • Select Advanced settings

4 geo tagging2

4. Geo Tagging

  • Type in a physical address.

  • Use your office address.

  • You can also use a Zip code.

Transcript and caption

Transcript and Caption

  • The Google spiders will pick up search terms in the transcriptions of your video.

  • Youtube automatically creates a transcription of every video complete with time stamps.

  • You can edit this transcription to be more SEO friendly.

Transcript and caption1

Transcript and Caption

  • First select video manager

Transcript and caption2

Transcript and Caption

  • Click the thumb nail image of the video you want to transcribe.

Transcript and caption3

Transcript and Caption

  • Click the Transcript Icon

Transcript and caption4

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the Closed Captioning Icon

Transcript and caption5

Transcript and Caption

  • Click the drop down and select English from the list.

Transcript and caption6

Transcript and Caption

  • You will see a “track” titled English automatic caption. Click the bar for more options.

Transcript and caption7

Transcript and Caption

  • Drop down the actions button and select the file type you prefer. They are all plain text editor.

Transcript and caption8

Transcript and Caption

  • You will likely be prompted to save or open, and may need to select the program you want to open the file with.

  • I am a PC user and choose NotePad to open any plain text file.

  • MAC user have TextEdit as the default plain text editor.

Transcript and caption9

Transcript and Caption

Transcript and caption10

Transcript and Caption

  • The download will be displayed with a number for each transcribed sequence as well as a time stamp for each sequence.

  • The time stamps and numbers are not important.

  • You are not trying to make a perfect transcription of your video.

  • You are ONLY concerned with SEO favor.

Transcript and caption11

Transcript and Caption

  • Edit your transcription

  • Add your long tail phrases throughout.

Transcript and caption12

Transcript and Caption

  • Save your edited transcript

Transcript and caption13

Transcript and Caption

  • Click the back arrow button above the original transcript.

Transcript and caption14

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the Add subtitles or CC tab

Transcript and caption15

Transcript and Caption

  • Select English again

Transcript and caption16

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the option to Upload File

Transcript and caption17

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the File type “transcript”

Transcript and caption18

Transcript and Caption

  • Select your edited Transcript

Transcript and caption19

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the upload button

Transcript and caption20

Transcript and Caption

  • Select the set timing button and you’re done

Transcript and caption21

Transcript and Caption

Transcript and caption22

Transcript and Caption

  • You have successfully added an SEO friendly transcription to your video.

  • It is highly unlikely anyone will select to turn on the Closed Captioning option while watching your video.

  • If they do, they will have the option of either the automatic caption or the uploaded caption.

Transcript and caption23

Transcript and Caption

Get found on google


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