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The Documentation of Faculty Teaching f or The USU Regional Campuses April 16, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Documentation of Faculty Teaching f or The USU Regional Campuses April 16, 2013 Laurens H. Smith Jr, PhD. Executive Senior Vice Provost. R ocky & Bullwinkle. Boris Badenov. The Documentation of Research or Creative Activity. What do you do? Why do you do it?

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The Documentation of

Faculty Teaching


The USU Regional Campuses

April 16, 2013

Laurens H. Smith Jr, PhD.

Executive Senior Vice Provost

  • Rocky & Bullwinkle

  • Boris Badenov

The Documentation of

Research or Creative Activity

  • What do you do?

  • Why do you do it?

  • Is it making an impact and if so, how much?

  • Where is the research program going?

    • How has your research program changed over time?

    • What would make your research program better?

    • What are the short and long term research goals and how will you achieve those?

  • Take action and achieve goals

  • Documentation of RESEARCH

    What You Do








    Teaching documentation

    • Prescribed Checklist

    • Individualized Narrative

      • Articulate Philosophy and Approach

      • Motivation, Effort, Activities

      • Engagement and Creativity

      • Assessment and Improvement


    What do you do?


    • Document teaching activity and teaching assignments

    • Course # Name Level Enrollment Venue Frequency Taught

    • BIOL 2000 Human PhysSoph 220 Face to Face MWF 900-950 27 times

    • Course descriptions

    • Class materials such as texts, readings, etc.

    • Syllabi with learning outcomes or goals

    • Grading plan; examples of quizzes, tests, assignments

    • Grading history

      • Student mentoring or advisor

    Why do you do it?



    • Reflections and the Teaching Philosophy

    • What is your teaching style, and why?

    • What are your teaching goals? Short term, long term, for each class.

    • What has influenced your choice of teaching approach and perspective?

    • What guides your teaching development? Are you using a scholarly approach to teaching?

    • Literature

    • Colleagues or mentors

    • Do you actively seek ways to improve your understanding of teaching?

    • What are those ways and did it make a difference?

    • What do you know about learning?

    • Do you know your students? Do you know what they know and why they are in your class?

    Is Your Teaching successful and Making an Impact?

    How Do You Know?

    • Teaching Assessment

    • Student Course Ratings, Comments, Other Forms of Student Feedback

    • What do you do with student feedback?

    • What changes have you made as a result of student feedback and did they improve your teaching?

    • Have you measured improved student learning?

    • Do you pre-test student knowledge?

    • Do you do mid-term class evaluations?

    • Peer Reviews

    • Do you do them?

    • Do you know best ways to do peer reviews and apply them?

    • What is your response to peer reviews?

    • Other

    • Non-institutional Methods

    • Awards

    • Have you documented this?!

    • Teaching Engagement – What have you been doing?

    • Pedagogical research and publishing.

    • Reading pedagogical literature and applying it.

    • Funding for pedagogical research.

    • Funding to improve your courses.

    • Restructuring your courses.

    • Leadership role in department or college to improve teaching.

    • Teaching Engagement

    • Attend teaching and learning workshops and apply or share what you learn.

    • Participate in, or lead, a department journal club in teaching and learning.

    • Produce teaching materials.

    • Earn awards or honors for your teaching efforts.

    • Student success in ways attributable to you.

    • Have you documented this?!

    short and long term Teaching goals

    • Teaching Improvement

    • What can you do differently and better?

    • Are you doing something more than delivering content and grading?

    • How are you responding to feedback from students and peers in constructive ways?

    • Are you measuring improvement in your teaching and in student learning?

    • Are you staying updated on teaching in your field? On new teaching methods or technologies?

    • Are you trying new approaches, new textbooks or information resources?

    • What have you done innovatively to improve your teaching?

    • Have you visited classes of colleagues to observe other teaching styles and approaches?

    • Have you had colleagues with expertise in teaching visit your classes or review your teaching materials?

    • Have you documented this?!

    Documentation of teaching

    What You Do





    Follow through

    and productive









      • Responsibilities

      • Philosophy or Statement

      • Assessment

      • Engagement

      • Improvements

      • Goals

    • Take home messages

    • Have an Excellent Teaching Enterprise

    • Reflect on Your Teaching Enterprise

      • Are you investing serious effort in teaching?

      • Is it thriving and improving?

    • Routinely Update and Organize Documentation of Teaching

    • Collect Evidence of Teaching Activities

    • Consider a Teaching Journal or Log

    • Questions, comments, discussion?