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CHARACTERISTICS OF IMAM MAHDI (A.S). Son of Imam Hasan Askari (AS), 11th ImamBorn on 15th of Shaban 255 AH/869 ADHis father was martyred so he became the Imam in 260 AH/874 ADWent into minor occultation in 260 AH/874 ADWent into Major occultation in 329 AH/944 AD. He will reappear when Allah wi

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2. CHARACTERISTICS OF IMAM MAHDI (A.S) Son of Imam Hasan Askari (AS), 11th Imam Born on 15th of Shaban 255 AH/869 AD His father was martyred so he became the Imam in 260 AH/874 AD Went into minor occultation in 260 AH/874 AD Went into Major occultation in 329 AH/944 AD

3. He will reappear when Allah wills Title - Al-Mahdi, The guided one Name - Muhammad ibn Al Hasan (AS) His lineage, traced back to Imam Ali (AS), including the 11 Aimmah


5. How can a five year old boy become the Imam of mankind ? But she pointed to the baby. They said How can we speak to one who is yet a baby in the cradle? He (Jesus) said Indeed I am a servant of Allah! He has given me the Book and made me a prophet. He has made me blessed, wherever I may be, and He has enjoined me to the prayer and to pay the zakat as long as I live. (Quran 19:29-31)

6. "'O Yahya! Hold on with power to the Book, ' And We gave him the judgement while still a child." (Quran 19:12) Prophet Sulayman who was appointed by Allah the heir of his father, Prophet Dawud, and became the king of his community while he had not yet reached the age of puberty.

7. Every human is mortal. How can Imam Mahdi (a.s) live so long? Prophet Nuh (a.s) - 2500 years (Quran, Al Ankabut, 29:14) Prophet Isa (a.s) - still alive and is 2042 years old. Prophet Khidr (a.s) - still alive, been on earth for more than 3000 years People of the cave (AhlulKahf) slept in the cave for 309 years Story of Prophet Uzair (Quran, Suratul Baqarah, 2:259)

8. Prophet Luqman (AS) - 3800 years Prophet Sulaiman (AS) - 700 years Prophet Hud (AS) - 464 years Prophet Adam (AS) - 930 years Prophet Shish (AS) - 900 years Bibi Hawwa (AS) - 930 years Prophet Idris (AS) is alive, is thousands of years old SHAYTAN IS ALIVE AND WILL BE UNTIL THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT

9. Is Imam Mahdi (AS) in a cave right now? Then where? Last seen in a cave when he disappeared. Does not mean that he is confined to a cave Its said that Shias believe that he is in a cave not true Imam al-Mahdi (AS) - travels around the world

10. Why did Imam (AS) disappear? When will he appear? Main reason disclosed when he appears It is Allahs will Allah wants to test us

11. He will come when the people are ready for him: -People were never ready -People killed the Prophets and the Imams -When people will realize that they need a divinely appointed leader -When he has 313 top virtuous helpers & 40,000 pious followers who will fill the secondary position

12. If he is in occultation, how do we benefit? " As to the benefit of my existence in occultation, it is like the benefit of the sun behind the clouds where the eyes do not see it.

13. The Shias say that the mother of Imam Mahdi(AS) was a slave. Isn't it shameful that he should be born to a slave-girl? Imams mother - Roman princess, taken by the Arabs as a slave girl Prophet Abrahams (AS) wife Hajra -slave Prophet Ismail (AS) - son of Hajra

14. Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) - direct descendant of Ismail (AS) Arent slaves human? In Islam, piety (Taqwa) carries more weight than cast, race, creed, or color

15. PROOF THAT OUR IMAM EXISTS The Messenger of Allah said: "The stars are amnesty for the inhabitants of the heavens, and if the stars go away (i.e., become non-existent), the inhabitants of the heavens will be destroyed. And my Ahlul-Bayt are amnesty for the inhabitants of the earth, and if my Ahlul-Bayt go away (i.e., all die), the inhabitants of the earth will be destroyed."

16. WHAT WILL HE DO WHEN HE COMES? Will not bring a new religion Will not change any regulations of Islam It will seem to some, that he brings something new Will reject any innovations Will bring a divine Tafsir of Holy Quran Will revive the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAWW)

17. ARE WE READY FOR HIM? Wajibats Praying for his safety and success Salaam and Arizas Loyalty He is the true ruler of the world Against those who change religion Preserving true religion

18. Sadqa Right leaders Respect of his name

19. IMAMS COMPANIONS Strong each with the strength of 40 men Hearts will be as solid as steel Strong on the inside - face many difficulties Forbid evil - suffer insults Intellect, reasoning and understanding Fearless

20. SIGNS OF IMAMS COMING MINOR SIGNS: General situation long period of time MAJOR SIGNS: Close to time of reappearance, specific details of what will take place

21. MINOR SIGNS Lack of faith Doubt about the Mahdi Men - feminine clothes and vice versa Women - remove Hijaab Worship Allah (SWT) only in Ramadhan Full of calamities

22. Worship money No implementation of the Quran Men will approach men and vice versa Youth will disrespect the elders and vice versa Sins will be committed openly Interest will be openly charged Huge donations for popularity, not Allah (SWT)

23. Wiser than Allah (SWT) Children will dishonour their parents A lot of money will be spent on music People will move with musical instruments in their pockets The Centre of Learning - Qum A canal will be dug from the Euphrates through Kufa and will expand till it is joined with Najaf 12 Sayyids will claim to be the Mahdi In each house there will dwell a devil. Not only will they dwell in the houses, but will show their appearances on the roof. On top of each house there will be an antenna.

24. MAJOR SIGNS Wars will be fought in Iran, Pakistan, India, Tibet and China 1/3 of the world will die of plague, 1/3 in war and bloodshed and 1/3 will survive Yellow flags from direction Egypt approach Syria terror Attack on Kufa and killings Loud voice from the skies Fire in the horizon

25. Sun will rise from the West In Safar, a comet will be seen Heavy rains in Jamadil Akhar for 40 days destruction and rising of the dead Vision of hand and face in the sun Sun eclipse in Ramadhan Cry from the skies Hajj will be prohibited Killing of a Pure Soul


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