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Trees for the 2014 Plant Sale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trees for the 2014 Plant Sale.

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Trees for the

2014 Plant Sale

Tatarian Maple, var. Hot WingsAcer tatarian ‘Gar Ann’The perfect maple when you don’t have room for a 50-100’ tree. The habit is graceful, upright and spreading. The little yellow flowers are followed by bright red samaras, hence the name ‘Hot Wings.’ The dark green foliage turns yellow to red giving the fall color expected from a maple. Tolerant of alkalinity and dry conditions. A Colorado Plant Select introduction. Oval, irregular shape. Dark green foliage. Yellow to red fall color. Zones 3-6Mature Size: 20-25’ H x 18-20’

Showy Mountain AshSorbusdecoraThis smaller ornamental tree is grown for its white flowers, handsome foliage, and showy red fruit. The hardiest of the species in this country, it is slow growing and resistant to disease. Own root. Rounded shape. Dark green foliage. Red fall color. Zones 2-6Mature Size: 20-25’H x 20’

Reliance PeachPrunus 'Reliance'The hardiest yellow-fleshed freestone peach available. Medium sized, roundish, yellow-fleshed peach that ripens with 'Redhaven'. Has a rather dull blush over green-yellow color. Flesh is bright yellow, rather soft and juicy. Flavor is fair. Good for fresh market in cold regions. Zones 5-8Mature Size: 18-20’H x 12-15’W

Meadowlark ForsythiaForsythia'Meadowlark‘This hybrid forsythia was developed for the Northern Plains. A shrub with superior flower-bud hardiness and showy, bright yellow spring flowers, its flower buds are hardy to - 35°F. It will perform best in full sun. Zones 3-8Mature Size: 8-10’H x 6-10’W

Japanese Tree LilacSyringareticulata This handsome small specimen tree or large shrub bears creamy white flowers in large panicles in June and July. Clumps will have three or more stems. Zones 3-7Mature Size: 25’H x 25’W

Patton PearPyruscommunis 'Patten' Fruit is of good size and quality. Very tender and juicy. Requires pollinator. Bloom: Early May Ripen: Mid-Sept. Zones 4-8Mature Size: 12-15’H x 8-12’WLuscious PearPyruscommunis‘Luscious'Juicy, sweet, medium to small bright yellow fruit. Blooms early May. Tree globe shaped. Glossy green foliage, red fall color. Excellent dessert pear for northern Great Plains. Fire blight resistant. Requires pollinator. Bloom: Early May Ripen: Mid-Sept. Zones 4-8Mature Size: 12-15’H x 8-12’W

Zestar! AppleMalus ‘Zestar!’An early apple that has a sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar and is juicy with a light, crisp texture. Longer storage life than most early apples. Good for fresh eating and cooking. Requires pollinator. Bloom: Early SeasonRipen: Late AugustZones 3-7Mature Size: 10-15’H x 10-12’W

North Star CherryPrunus 'North Star' Very productive dwarf variety of red sour pie cherry with a small stone. Bloom: Early MayRipen: Late JuneZones 4-8Mature Size: 8-10’H x 6-8’W