Good afternoon!
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Good afternoon!. Pieter van den Busken. Advisory Chairman. RCD & Partners Milano Italia. Canada 1978. Why InterDirect? • Local DM professionals with access to the International DM world. • To exchange the latest, international top level DM knowledge and developments.

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Pieter van den Busken

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Good afternoon!

Pieter van den Busken

Advisory Chairman

RCD & Partners



Canada 1978

Why InterDirect?

• Local DM professionals with access to the International DM world.

• To exchange the latest, international

top level DM knowledge and developments.

• To exchange DM business from country

to country.

What are we talking about today?

  • DM statistics in the Netherlands

  • Trends and developments in international direct marketing.

  • Award winning campaigns from the Netherlands

  • The oldest and most successful Direct marketing campaign ever.

• What are the latest trends and developments

in international DM?

•Increase of multichannel methods, media and techniques.

(Direct Mail, Direct E-mail, Web, Mobile communications, Telemarketing, etc.)

•Strong increase of e-marketing communications (Direct E-mail, Mobile communications, etc.)

•The use of DM in CRM: from acquisition of new customers to keeping the customers close to the company, brand and product.

The big question:

How to use all this new and old opportunities in the right balance to get the best results?

The problem:

The lack of experiences and knowledge at

both the agency's and client's side.

The solution:

• Training of DM people.

• Exchange of knowledge/experience

on international level.

• Test,test,test… and share the results.

Business is getting more international than ever. DM campaigns cross borders.


Big companies are becoming global players.

2. More and more brands and products are developed for international markets.

The “global” type of consumer is growing fast.

Marketing and communication activities are rolled out in more markets, or at the same time, or one after the other.

Marketing consultants and suppliers have to follow these developments at the client’s side.

Including Direct Marketing agencies.

But how?

By knowing their own market perfectly

AND have access to DM professionals

in other markets.

Act local AND act global.

Some Statistics D.M. from Holland

Only until 2003


Our national DMA got bankrupt

In 2003!

Expenditures letterbox 19932003

Direct Mail10611699

Unaddressed 302 711

Total letterbox advertising13642410

Expenditures Direct Mail19932003

Total expenditures10611699

Expenditures prod.costs 540 884

Expenditures handl.costs185 290

Expenditures distr.costs 336 525

Expenditures unaddresed 1993 2003

Total expenditures 302 711

Expenditures prod..costs 215 512

Expenditures distr. costs 87 199

Volume 1993 2003

Direct Mail1083 1312

Unaddressed5326 11473

Total letterbox advertising6409 12785

Average Costs Direct mail19932003

Average production costs 0,50 0,67

Average handling costs 0,17 0,22

Average distribution costs 0,31 0,40

Average costs unadressed19932003

Average prod. costs 0,0400,044

Average distri. costs 0,0160,017

Adressed and unadressed mailing

per household, per week:

1991: 15 pcs.

2005: 30,5 pcs. (+5,9% vs 2004)


Increasing: door-to-door sampling.

Of all sampling distributions:


NL 6%




IT 6%

Still growing!

Online advertising in NL:

Increase of 55% in 2005 vs 2004:

Of all online advertising in NL:

  • 46% banners & skyscrapers

  • 35% content integration & sponsoring

  • 8% pop ups, interstitials and full screens

  • 5% e-mail

  • 3% search

  • 3% other

Which industries spend most online advertising in NL?

  • Media 21%

  • Telecom/ICT 21%

  • Finacial sevices 15%

  • Horeca/Tourism 8%

Some award winning cases from the Dutch Esprix D.M. & S.P. Awards '05


Share that you care


• There are many product introductions in the field of skin care products.

• Many are product (and product name) oriented


• Create a preference and likeability for the Nivea brand and their new skin care product


Consumers could send via the Nivea web site a nice, personal letter with a sample of the skin care product by mail to someone they like.

Nivea sent the letter and the sample to the consumer who asked for it and to the person the respondent likes.


Target: 100.000 sample sendings

Results: 150.000

Many spontanious thanks from consumers.


Adopt a chicken

  • Case:

  • This foundation promotes

  • biological agriculture and:

  • needs donors for the foundation

  • Target:

  • Sell more eggs from biological chickens

  • Store traffic to 230 biological food

  • stores

  • More donors for the foundation.

  • Campaign:

  • Consumers can adopt a biological chicken in 3 ways:

  • Adopt a chicken for one year.

  • The "Chicken-Gift", a present to other people to adopt a chicken for a half year.

  • "Chicken-and Egg" bankaccount at the Triodos bank

  • No interest from your money, but you get biogical EGGS, for 5 years.

  • Adoptants/attendents are automatically donors of the foundation


Target: 17.500 donors

Result: 32.000

Sales of biological eggs + 27%


Scream the Orange soccer team to the top.

  • Case:

  • The beer market does not grow

  • Market share increase must come from other brands

  • More and more promotional activities are used, instead of theme/brand advertising.

  • 25% of the beer volume comes from promotion.


Sales: increase of market penetration of 2%.

Increase of market share: 1%

Increase of beer volume: 10%

Distribution of promotional packages: 70%

Sales of "loud speakers/hats": 200.000


Dutch soccer game viewers always scream and like to be dressed funny with something orange.

The big idea: the "loud speaker hat"

You can scream and shout AND you can wear it on your head.

The hat could be bought with a tray of beer.


Many more than the targeted 200.000 hats were sold.

People were dressed with it everywhere, especially at the soccer

championship in Portugal. A big hit.

The best results: lots of free publicity!

Carlsberg beer complained and forbidded to wear the Heineken hats in the stadiums!

  • Multikabel

  • Homework for schools

  • Case:

  • Multikabel is a Dutch supplier of internet connection on a glassfiber network, targeted to schools.

  • Their competitor NL Tree was the monopolist in Holland till 2005.


Generate contacts with schools

Sell contracts to schools.


Multikabel sent 2 mailings in the size and format of a classical school exercise-book.

The text was hand written.

In the first mailing they explained the offer and offered a discount if the school replied for the deadline.

If people did NOT reply before the deadline they received an exercise-book with 20 lines with the same text as a"punishment" for not responding on time.


First Mailings sent: 600

Contracts: 50

Second reminder mailing sent: 500

Contracts: 119

  • Mini

  • NOT for sale!

  • How to create more new, refreshing ideas to promote the whole year through the Mini cars.


Generate leads to Mini dealers

Commitment/Involvement of Mini owners


All Mini owners received an email, with the message:

print the poster "This Mini Is Not for Sale. Go to the Mini dealer and buy one yourself”.

Mini owners and Mini dealers were requested to make a photo of the poster on the car or showroom windows and send the photo to the "Mini action website"

Senders had the chance to win a prize.


Lot of free publicity and positive reactions from Mini owners.

70% of all emails to owners were opened.

7% sent in photo's

And … a very low budget!

Who the hell is Hans Ubbink?

  • Case:

  • The clothing industrie is having heavy times.

  • Retail outlets do not want to buy more fashion design "labels"

  • Target(s):

  • How to get sales leads from retail-outlets which want to sell the (young) Hans Ubbink fashion?


Hans Ubbink is the designer himself.

He is not very well known yet.

The direct mail campaign had 3 mail shots:

1. Box with T-shirt: "Who the hell is Hans Ubbink?" plus a personalized letter from Hans.

2. Box with the "Holiday Do Book of Hans Ubbink", for addults. Designed and developed by Hans.

3. Box with mobile phone.

With a voice mail from Hans "Please come to my fashion show". The recepient could speak his/her message to Hans as a reply.


Mailed: 50 pieces

Response for new contacts: 36%

Maetis Arbo

It is your turn now!

  • Case:

  • More competition, because of the new "free commercial market" for supporting social and health services

  • Maetis Arbo offers the service of prevention and coaching at absence by illness of employees.

  • Target:

  • Generate leads from company prospects to inform them about the services of Maetis Arbo, and build a relationship with contactpersons at companies.


The central creative idea is based on baseball. Only one person: the "hit man", who has to hit the ball can score and let other people score.

There were 4 mailings

1. Mailing with a real baseball stick "You can score"

2. Mailing with a baseball knee cushion

3. Mailing with a real baseball ball

"You can hit the ball yourself now"

4. Mailing with a package of classical baseball chewing gum.


Target Group: 2.000

Sales appointments: 1.000 (50%)

Cost/Plan proposals to prospects: 500 (50%)

Brand awareness: from 8% tot 26%

(within target group)

Golf on Spot

How to introduce a new medium:

Hole in one!

  • Case:

  • How to introduce a complete new medium: folders/cards in a display on golf courses

  • Target:

  • Getting sales leads from the top 25 media buying agencies.


Promoteams glued stickers with (half) golf balls on all cars parked at the top 25 media buying agencies on the front window screens of cars.

With a leaflet behind the whipers. It looked if a golf ball really has hit the window of the cars


Orders from media-buying agencies in the first 3 months: 320% higher than the target.

With an extremely low budget: 6.000 Euro!

ING Bank

Amsterdam Marathon 2004

  • Case:

  • Create promotional activities to increase brand and image awareness through the ING Globerunners program.

  • Target:

  • Increase the awareness of ING as the main sponsor of the ING Amsterdam Marathon. An event of sport and entertainment.

  • Campaign:

  • Strategy: rumour around the ING brand and the event, by new, creative activities, like:

  • shoe-boats in the Amsterdam Canals

  • Huge sand shoe sculptures in Amsterdam

  • + Many media activities: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, etc.


More marathon runners: + 42%

More visitors: + 29%

More free publicity: + 74%


The Rabo Total Package

  • Case:

  • All banks sell "total packages" of financial services, no separate products anymore.

  • How to promote this in a different way?

  • Especially just before the holiday saeson?

  • Target:

  • More efficient communication channels and spend less costs to get the requested results.


130.000 clients received a mailing just before holiday time. With a window envelope and a "typical" holiday photo of a family.

Now if you insert the photo (which is also the reply card) behind the window you can read the 10 selling points, why you should order the Rabobank Total Package.

The same method was done by email.


Target: 9,5% conversion

Result: 11.6% conversion

20% more than expected.

30% less costs by the use of email

What’s new in

International Direct Marketing?

A very successful case history of international direct communications from the past.

Cleopatra’s Direct Mail campaign

What was the result?


Pieter van den Busken

Thank you for your attention.

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