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TRB Session 275
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TRB Session 275 Creating a Vision for Operations Dr. Christine Johnson D irector, ITS Joint Program Office Program Manager, FHWA Operations January 11, 2000 Washington, DC. We are expanding the mission of FHWA. From constructing the infrastructure. …to operating it safely and efficiently.

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We are expanding the mission of FHWA

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We are expanding the mission of fhwa

TRB Session 275Creating a Vision for OperationsDr. Christine JohnsonDirector, ITS Joint Program OfficeProgram Manager, FHWA OperationsJanuary 11, 2000Washington, DC

We are expanding the mission of fhwa

We are expanding the mission of FHWA

From constructing the infrastructure...

…to operating it safely and efficiently

while enhancing and protecting the natural and human environments.








Success depends on

Success Depends on:

  • Developing an understandable vision

  • Delivering added value

  • Developing a constituency



  • What is Operations?

  • What’s going for us?

  • What’s working against us?

  • What’s our approach?

So what is operations anyway

So What is Operations Anyway?

Access Management

HOT Lanes


Ride Sharing

Work Zones

Weather Response


Traffic Signs

HOV Lanes

Emergency Response

Incident Management

Size and Weight

Congestion Management


Border Crossings

What ties it together

What Ties it together?

What IS Operations Really?

  • Managing

  • Transportation Resources

  • Under Varying Conditions

  • To Deliver Transportation Services

  • To Customers

Driven by “Optimizing Performance”

The time is right

The Time is Right

  • Need

  • Opportunity

  • Public appetite

  • Funding and policy

  • Political will

So why isn t it happening

So Why Isn’t It Happening?

Rocky terrain

Rocky Terrain

  • Policy based on

    • Building, problem solving

  • Success = Ribbon Cutting

The industry is fragmented

The Industry is Fragmented









Communicating a concept or vision of operations will be difficult

Communicating a concept or vision of operations will be difficult.

There is not a well developed operations discipline

There is not a Well Developed Operations Discipline

  • No national measures

  • Scarce tools

  • No Operations planning process

  • 1st or 2nd level “best practices” -- neglected

  • Little accountability

  • No association

No aggressive research deployment agenda

No Aggressive Research & Deployment Agenda

  • Minimum standards for surveillance on the NHS????

  • Standard operating procedures, response time, etc.

  • Tool development

So how are we starting

So how are we Starting?

  • Launch national dialogue

  • Catalyze Operations thinking

  • Capitalize on existing operating practices

  • Give customers a megaphone

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