Increasing student interaction
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Increasing student interaction. by Larysa Telegan School №2 Cherkasy. Characteristics of interaction. practice that enhances the development of speaking and listening among the learners.

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Increasing student interaction

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Increasing student interaction

by Larysa Telegan

School №2


Characteristics of interaction

  • practice that enhances the development of speaking and listening among the learners.

  • communication of any sort, for example two or more people talking to each other, or communication among groups.

Practical aim

  • helps learners to develop language learning and social skills





Student - content



role – play

story – telling







discussion threads

group projects

peer reviews

study groups

video chat sessions


  • Student resistance

  • Self – consciousness

  • Large classes

  • Mixed abilities

  • Lack of motivation

  • Insufficient language

How can we promote an increase in student interaction?

  • pre – teaching task language

  • providing support

  • giving preparation time

  • varying the interaction

  • having different levels of task

  • providing a reason


  • Ask a question

  • Give students some time to think

  • Share thoughts with a partner

  • Share thoughts with the whole group

Circle Chat

  • Students stand in two circles

  • Students in the inside circle face their partner in the outside circle

  • Ask the question

  • At the two minute signal students in the outside circle take one step to the left


  • e.g. Topic “London. Places of interest”

  • Each student takes one picture and mimes doing smth which is typical for that place.

  • Students ask yes/no questions and compete trying to guess places of interest.

Can you see a bridge there?

Is there the Queen in this place?

Pupil`s Book by O.Karpiuk

“English 5”

Match the holiday with their dates and say as in the example.


1.New Year a) August 24

2.Christmas b) May 9

3.Easter c) January 1

4.Independence Day d) January 7

5.Victory Day e) April ( or May )

Example: The New Year is on the 1st of January

b) Ask and answer in pairs.

When is..?

It is on the…

c) Work in groups. Have a talk about your favourite holiday.

Upper Intermediate Students`Book “Success.”

Read the quotes on the website. In groups discuss what they mean.

Which do you like best and why? Exchange information with the other


You learn as much by

writing as by reading.

A writer is a person for

whom writing is more

difficult than it is for other


Lord Acton

Thomas Mann

The truth is that many of us

write novels for the same

reason that George Mallory

gave for climbing Everest-

“Because it`s there”.


Louise Doughty

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