In 2014 why don t you do like john and yoko did
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In 2014… why don’t you do like John and Yoko did ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In 2014… why don’t you do like John and Yoko did ?. Bienvenue à / Welcome to Montréal en / in 2014 M cGill University / UQAM / Université de Montréal. Before you leave …. Dont forget your passport !. What about money?. ≈. What should you bring ?. Chicago. Washington.

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In 2014 why don t you do like john and yoko did

In 2014… whydon’tyou do like John and Yoko did?

Bienvenue welcome to montr al en in 2014 m cgill university uqam universit de montr al
Bienvenue à / Welcome toMontréalen / in2014McGill University / UQAM / Université de Montréal

Before you leave

Dont forget your passport
Dont forgetyourpassport!

What about money
What about money?

What should you bring



What should you bring1


If you are not lucky
If you are not lucky…

Going to montr al
Going to Montréal

Montr al is close
Montréal is close

Easy access by plane
Easyaccess by plane

  • More than 25 US destinations without stop

  • All major US hobs and carriers

  • 30 differentairlines

Even by train
Even by train!

Once at the airport
Once at the airport…

45 minutes, direct to the conferencehotel!

Once at the train station
Once at the train station…

  • The hotelis right aboveyourhead!

  • 2 minutes walk

  • No need to go outside (in case the weatherislike in Chicago or Washington…)

Staying in montr al
Staying in Montréal

Remember you will come for work
Remember, youwill come for work!

But you will remember having a great time outside work
But youwillrememberhaving a great time outsidework…

Discover montr al at your pace
Discover Montréal atyour pace

Capital of gastronomy
Capital of gastronomy

You can eat outside too
You caneatoutsidetoo

If you are hesitating
If you are hesitating…

5 around the hotel…

10 around the hotel

15 around the hotel!

38 museums and expositions centers
38 museums and expositions centers

2 international symphonic orchestras
2 international symphonic orchestras

And if not too late best hockey
And if not toolate… Best hockey!

We hope to see you next year
Wehope to seeyounextyear!