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MINICHECK ID Pro™. Team #2 07/02/08. Team Members. Imran Ullah Mohammad Roles: Team Lead, Programmer Email Id: Anjali Arvind Satam Roles: Programmer , Technical Writer Email Id: Team Members. Megha Dubey

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Team #2


Team Members

  • Imran Ullah Mohammad

    Roles: Team Lead, Programmer

    Email Id:

  • Anjali Arvind Satam

    Roles: Programmer , Technical Writer

    Email Id:

Team Members

  • Megha Dubey

  • Roles: Programmer, Webmaster

  • Email Id:


Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue

Professor, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Chair, Division of Computing and MathematicsUniversity of Houston-Clear Lake 2700 Bay Area Boulevard Houston, TX 77058


Homepage: Home Page of Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue


Bruce Brenner

PresidentMiniCheck-OCR, Inc.Phone: (713)446-6676Email: info@minicheckocr.comMiniCheck-OCR,Inc.

Mini Check ID PRO Introduction


  • MiniCheck Introduction. Presented by : Anjali Duration: 2 min

  • Goal and Scope of the project. Presented by : Megha Dubey Duration: 2 min

  • Requirement Specification. Presented by : Megha Dubey Duration: 4 min

  • Cost Analysis of the Project. Presented by : Imran Duration: 2 min

  • Use Case Scenario Presented by : Megha Dubey Duration: 4 min

  • System Architecture Presented by : Imran Duration: 4 min

  • Implementation Concepts Presented by : Imran Duration: 4 min

  • Payment Gateways Integration Presented by : Anjali Duration: 4 min

  • Conclusion Presented by : Anjali Duration: 4 min

Problem Statement

  • Minicheck ID ™ is an existing application where user can scan, parse, and validate the ID cards and process checks.

  • Minicheck ID ™ uses third party VERIS to verify customer’s further details such as Social Security Verification, Address Verification

  • The existing application cannot be used for credit card processing.

Project Scope

Enhance the existing architecture of MiniCheck ID™

Integrate credit card capabilities into MiniCheck ID ™

The scope is to minimize the fraud transaction due to the fake credit card

Validating the credit card details, processing and authorizing the credit card

Converting the PC into the credit card machine.


  • Extract the raw data when credit card is swiped.

  • Parse the raw data.

  • Display the data on the user interface .i.e Windows form.

  • Merchant can edit the user details.


Send request to the payment gateway i.e. credit card number and expiration date.

The payment is transmitted to the Authorize. Net using Advanced Integration Method (AIM).

Payment gateway will process the credit card transaction and sends the response.


For Implementing AIM, following requirements must be fulfilled

  • Have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital certificate

  • Provide Server and Client side encryption

  • Developing of a script on a web server for the integration to the gateway


  • Merchant will be provided with the Payment gateway login and password on the configuration.

  • Generating the marketing lists using several search options.

  • Mailing list labels format option will be expanded to include more choices of label format.

Use Case Diagram

Project Timeline

Cost Analysis

MagTek Vs Credit Card Machine

Cost Analysis of Payment Gateway

  • Case 1:- Cost Conscious

  • Case 2:- Feature Specific

System Architecture

Implementation Concepts


Phase -1

  • Retrieve Raw data from the scanner.

    • MSCOMMLIB COM Component

      • Initialize the Port.

      • Open the Port

      • Set field values for com.RThreshold , com.InputMode , com.InputMode, com.Settings ("baud,p,d,s" ) .

      • Perform Handshaking (com.Handshaking).

      • Initialize event handler for the COM component.

      • Close the Port

        OnComm Event

        The one single event that the com control calls is the OnComm event whenever something happens.

Phase 1

  • Parse the Raw data

  • Set the obtained data on the form fields.

Payment Gateway Integration

Working of payment gateway

Integration of payment gateway

Class WebClient

Class NameValueCollection

Required fields for Advanced Integration Method (AIM)


  • The ease of use and the security aspect of the application will make it extremely popular and useful for the merchants.

  • Exposure to third party components, software development kits and hardware devices has been an enriching experience.





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