Greek Roots
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Greek Roots. Literary Terms. Parts of Speech. More parts of speech. Vocab and Greek roots. 10 PTS. 10 PTS. 10 PTS. 10 PTS. 10 PTS. 20 PTS. 20 PTS. 20 PTS. 20 PTS. 20 PTS. 30 PTS. 30 PTS. 30 PTS. 30 PTS. 30 PTS. 40 PTS. 40 PTS. 40 PTS. 40 PTS. 40 PTS. 50 PTS. 50 PTS.

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Greek Roots

Literary Terms

Parts of


More parts

of speech

Vocab and

Greek roots

10 PTS

10 PTS

10 PTS

10 PTS

10 PTS

20 PTS

20 PTS

20 PTS

20 PTS

20 PTS

30 PTS

30 PTS

30 PTS

30 PTS

30 PTS

40 PTS

40 PTS

40 PTS

40 PTS

40 PTS

50 PTS

50 PTS

50 PTS

50 PTS

50 PTS

Rule by dead people


Study of animals


A cutting of an area of the heart


Something containing many colors


Unable to grow or be nourished


The tone of Anthem is: a. serious,

b. nostalgic, or

c. regretful


The narrator only reveals one character’s thoughts and feelings

3rd Person Limited

The point at which conflict is introduced- you want to know what happens next.

Narrative hook

In Anthem, this is the part of the novelwhere Equality breaks out of the House of Detention, and runs to the Uncharted forest, where he meets Liberty…

Falling action

When Ayn Rand wrote Anthem, she wanted her readers to learn to question those in authority and to be individuals. She wanted to teach us this lesson.


Corinth Holders High school is Pirate Nation. What’s wrong with this sentence?

School should be capitalized. It’s part of the name of the CHHS.

The students at CHHS are all amazing people.

What’s the complete subject?

It’s the best school in Johnston County.

What part of speech is “best”?

The students at CHHS


Coach K is the head basketball coach at Duke.

What part of speech is “at”?


Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!

What part of speech is “yes”?


Football players at games depend on their fans for support.

What’s the complete predicate?

depend on fans for support


What are they? And name each one.

Conjuctions: for, and, nor, but, yet, so

Pirates will walk the plank if they disregard or disrespect their captain.

What’s the verb?

will walk

Freshmen did an exceptionally good job this year as pirates.

What’s the adverb?


Boys can sometimes be so dense that they cannot see how girls want to be treated.

What is dense in this sentence? (the part of speech…not “Boys”)


What is the study of stars?


Freshmen girls are often times ___________ - they walk in herds and are always seen together.


I had to see a _____________ when I broke my foot.


If Heliopath were a real word, what would it mean?

Feeling or suffering from the sun

Chirology is the study of….


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