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Banner HR Upgrade. Agenda. Faculty Load and Compensation module Multiple Year Encumbering Combined Benefits Limits Support for Internationalization Multiple Race and Ethnicity entry in EPAFs Multiple Job processing in a Single EPAF. Agenda. FMLA Enhancement Form Changes

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Banner HR Upgrade

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Banner HR Upgrade


  • Faculty Load and Compensation module

  • Multiple Year Encumbering

  • Combined Benefits Limits

  • Support for Internationalization

  • Multiple Race and Ethnicity entry in EPAFs

  • Multiple Job processing in a Single EPAF


  • FMLA Enhancement

  • Form Changes

  • Banner General related enhancements

  • Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)

    • >300 enhancements and/or problem resolutions

  • Testing and Upgrade planning

Faculty Load and Compensation Module

  • Automate faculty assignment data from Banner student to Banner HR

  • Access information through Self Service

  • Provide faculty oriented view of compensation details and contract information

New Business Process Flow

New Business Process Flow

Multiple-Year Encumbering

  • Areas affected

    • Encumbering

    • Effort Certification

    • Labor Redistribution

  • Changes covered over two consecutive releases 8.0 and 8.1

Multiple-Year Encumbering

  • 8.0 release extends the encumbering functionality for multiple years

  • The process provides a more effective method to track labor and fringe encumbrances associated with grant

  • Recommend implementing at the end of a Fiscal Year

Combined Benefit Limits

  • Satisfies RPEs: CMS-RPE32584 and 1-LXAVB

  • Track employee

    • Annual contribution limit-tracks a total for deductions and benefits

    • Annual compensation limit-tracks a cap limit for applicable gross associated with a benefit

    • Catch-up contributions

    • 15-year rule plan

Combined Benefit Limits

  • New and updated forms

    • PTRBDCL – Benefit/Deduction Combined Limit Rule Form

    • PTRBDCA – Benefit/Deduction Rule Form

    • PDADEDN – Emp Benefit/Deduction Form

    • PTRBDMC – Benefit/Deduction Mass Change Rules Form

    • PEIDHIS – Emp Deduction History Form

      • Additional block to include new limit rules

Modified payroll/benefit processes

  • Pay Period Proof Process (PHPPROF)

    • Linked retirement deductions are using same combined limit code

    • Verify associated deductions have same combined limit rule code

  • Payroll Calculation Process (PHPCALC)

    • Three new calculation rules:

      • 16 – Flat amount by employee with employer share

      • 28 – Percent of gross by employee with employer share

      • 29 – Percent of gross (each plan) with combined limits – employer match

Modified payroll/benefit processes

  • Pay Period Proof Process (PHPPROF)

    • Enforce new combined maximum limits

  • Benefit Deduction Mass Change Process (PTRBDMC)

    • Insert of update Combined Limit Code in PDRDEDN

Internationalization Changes

  • Unicode – UTF-8

  • Additional IDs – assign ID type (GTVADID)

    • Added to Banner identification forms

    • New tab on PPAIDEN – Additional Identification

  • Enhanced Fields

    • Expanded fields for Name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, and SSN

    • New fields – House numbers, telephone country code, and surname prefix

Multiple Race & Ethnicity entry in EPAFs

  • Forms updated to include the multiple race entries



Multiple Job Processing in a Single EPAF

  • Users will be able to perform the following types of actions within a single EPAF transaction:

    • Change appt (change FTE)

    • Convert temp positions to permanent, or vice-versa

    • Reassign to another position

    • Funding change with a different position number (new job)

    • Employee type change

    • Lateral transfer

    • Promotion

    • Hire/Terminate for a short-term appointment

FMLA Enhancements

  • Expansion for capturing FMLA Time for the care of Military Service Members

    • Ability to comply with the new Federal Regulation H.R. 4986, which allows for the extension of up to 26 weeks of FMLA for care of Military Service Members.

  • Address the deficiencies of recording and displaying balances for FMLA information associated with the ‘Qualifying Event’ and ‘Rolling Backwards’ method.

  • Additional FMLA Year types to comply with Federal regulations

    • Employee Service Date Year

    • Institution Specified Year

FMLA Enhancements

  • Incorporated existing Banner data to provide user information for employee qualification for FMLA

    • Calculation of prior 12 months work hours

    • Primary Employee Class

  • Reformatted Comments area to record user and activity date

  • FMLA Event History – New record to record data changes

  • Ability to import FMLA usage from payroll to the FMLA Leave Tracking Area

Form Changes

  • Newly Tabbed Forms

    • Position Description Form (PAAPDES)

    • Position Requirements Form (PAAPREQ)

    • Position Definition Form (NBAPOSN)

    • Employee FMLA Information Form (PEAFMLA)

    • Employee Class Rules Form (PTRECLS)

    • Benefit Category Rules Form (PTRBCAT)

    • Installation Rules Form (PTRINST)

    • Fringe Chargeback Rules Form (NTRFBLD)

Banner General Enhancements related to HR

  • Supplemental Data Engine (SDE)

    • A simple way to add data fields to Banner forms

    • Allows you to store data that is not part of the existing Banner data model

    • No customization of Banner forms or tables is needed to capture and use additional data with SDE

  • Possible uses

    • Add comments for miscellaneous notes

    • Add data translated into different languages

    • Add date field or new field for additional info

Banner General Enhancements related to HR

  • Limitations

    • SDE is tied to forms indirectly, data is stored in a separate table

    • Not all tables, blocks, and forms work with SDE

    • SDE and VPD (Virtual Private Database) in multi-Enterprise Processing is not supported

    • Masking is not supported

    • Must request your DBA to turn-on

Banner General Enhancements related to HR

  • Partial Data Masking

    • Banner 7.0

      • Full content masking

      • Partial number and date field masking

    • Banner 8.0

      • Partial character field masking

Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)

  • NBPENCM (CMS-RPE3882 & CMS-RPE38587)

    • Issue: Errors which occur during the Budget Maintenance

  • Process (NBPBUDM) need to be identified or reported in a visible manner.

    • Issue: If a user is in the Job Labor forms when the Budget

  • Maintenance Process (NBPBUDM) is running, the process will end in the middle without aborting.

    • Resolved with the Encumbrance Maintenance Process

  • (NBPENCM) in Position Control 8.0.

Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)


    • Issue: Processes were not in compliance with Check 21 guidelines for printing numerical amounts.

    • Issue: Processes where the SSN/SIN may be printed should have a parameter allowing for control of SSN/SIN display.

    • Resolved in 8.0 release of PHPCHEK and PHPCHKL

Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)


    • Issue: The Mass Time Entry Process (PHPMTIM) was automatically overwriting all earnings in pay history.

    • Resolved in 8.0 release of PHPMTIM

Request for Product Enhancements (RPEs)

  • PDABDSU (CMS-RPE 4756)

    • Issue: The Begin Date in the Key block would default to the System Date initially. This could result in deductions being added for an employee with the incorrect date.

    • Resolved in 8.0 release of PDABDSU

HR Banner Upgrade Project Planning

  • Group(s) have been meeting since April

    • Identify processes, forms, interfaces, etc., to be tested

    • Develop test plans and prioritize testing order

    • Develop testing timeline

    • Develop communication plan

    • Involve functional areas to solicit input (HRBUG)

HR Banner Upgrade Project Planning

  • Technical Aspect

    • Develop testing database to ease future upgrade testing preparation

    • Develop testing scripts utilizing IS Trainers to retain documentation

    • Collaboration with NEOUCOM

HR Banner Upgrade Testing Priorities

HR Banner Upgrade Testing Timeline

HR Banner Upgrade Testing Timeline

HR Banner Upgrade Website

Testing Plan

  • Testing lab in ASB to be shared with all areas

  • Testing will be done formally with test scripts, test cases, logging issues, etc.

  • Testing schedule will be posted to the Upgrade website, as well as, scheduled via Outlook

  • Imperative that users dedicate themselves to attending their assigned testing session

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