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Agriscience Applications. Biotechnology. The Beginning…. In your notebook write a definition for biotechnology. Bio. Technology. The Beginning…. Bio. Life or living. Application of science to an industrial or commercial objective. Technology. History.

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The beginning
The Beginning…

  • In your notebook write a definition for biotechnology



The beginning1
The Beginning…


Life or living

Application of science to an industrial or commercial objective



  • Biotechnology has been around since the beginning of time

    • Yeast to make bread rise

    • Bacteria to ferment sauerkraut

    • Bacteria to produce cheese, yogurt

    • Transform grain into alcohol


  • Silage

    • Used for animal feed

    • Green grasses and grains stored in air tight containers

    • Converts sugars and starches to acids

The genetic connection
The Genetic Connection

  • Genetics

    • Biology of heredity

      • Transmission of characteristics from an organism to its offspring through genes in reproductive cells

    • Gregor Mendel

      • Experimented with garden pea plants

The genetic connection1
The Genetic Connection

  • Genes

    • Components of cells that determine individual characteristics of all living things

    • Comprised of DNA

      • The “Blueprint” of cells and their successive cells

The genetic connection4
The Genetic Connection

  • Gene Mapping

    • Matching a gene to a trait

      • Determines what gene is responsible for certain traits


    • Tendency of baldness

    • Tendency of females to have twins

    • Height of plants

Application of biotechnology
Application of Biotechnology

  • DNA Matching

    • Identifying the parents of offspring

  • Genetic engineering

    • Early 1980’s

    • Modifies the genetic make-up of animals and plants

      • Movement of genetic information (genes) from one cell to another

Products of genetic engineering
Products of Genetic Engineering

  • Insulin

    • Treats diabetes

  • Herbicide resistant crops

  • BST (bovine somatotrapin)

    • Increases milk production

  • Lee-minus

    • Bacteria that retards frost formation on plants

  • Convert waste to fuel

  • Objective

    • Explore the structure of DNA as it is related to examples of agricultural plants and animals


    • Found in all living cells

    • All DNA is similar in structure and function

      • transmitter of heredity information


    • Deoxyribonulceic acid

    • Come in pairs of strands

      • connected by bases

        • Adenine

        • Guanine

        • Cytosine

        • Thymine

    • Shape

      • double helix

    Dna in genetics
    DNA in Genetics

    • Gene Splicing

      • Removing and inserting genes into DNA

      • Alters a given characteristic

    • Examples:

      • Alter a plants susceptibility to disease

      • Make a plant resistant to insects

      • Alter bacteria to increase meat production

    Gene mapping
    Gene Mapping

    • The process of finding and recording the location of genes

    Recombinant dna
    Recombinant DNA

    • Improves animal and plant performance by manipulation

      • Alter microorganisms

      • Control

        • disease

        • insects

        • weeds

        • pest

      • Less use of chemicals more biological control

        • better for the environment


    • Federal and state governments monitor use

    • Extensive testing

      • Laboratory to the greenhouse

      • Final testing is occurs outdoors prior to final approval

    • Final approval only after all phases are completed


    • Organize a discussion group with two other people.

    • Explore four benefits and concerns of biotechnology

    • Record your benefits and concerns in your notes with an explanation

    • Provide the best solution for your concerns

    • Be ready to share your work