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Overview. Today's FBIThe FBI's role in cyberspace FBI's Cyber DivisionCritical Infrastructure protectionInfraGardOverviewMembershipInitiatives. Today's FBI. After the terrorism acts of 9/11. FBI Mission Statement . The Mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against ter

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FBI s InfraGard

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1. FBIs InfraGard

2. Overview Todays FBI The FBIs role in cyberspace FBIs Cyber Division Critical Infrastructure protection InfraGard Overview Membership Initiatives

3. Todays FBI After the terrorism acts of 9/11

4. FBI Mission Statement The Mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.

5. Organization of the FBI Field Offices 56 400 satellite or resident agencies International 45 Legal Attache offices

6. Personnel Special Agents - 11, 633 (6/30/03) Training at Quantico 17 weeks Academics, Firearms, Physical Exercises Assigned as needs dictate Professional Support - 15, 904 Recruit and hire own directly through 56 Field Offices www.fbi.gov

7. FBI Headquarters

8. FBI Academy

9. The FBIs Role In Cyberspace

10. Cyber Division June 2002, Director Mueller approved organizational structure Addresses cyber threats in a coordinated manner by examining all violations with a cyber nexus Supports FBI priorities across program lines: counterterrorism, counterintelligence, criminal Forms and maintains public/private alliances

12. The FBIs Role Critical Infrastructure Protection

13. Critical Infrastructure

15. Is there a threat to the Critical Infrastructure? Terrorist Organizations State Sponsored Activity Recreational Hackers Hactivists Organized Crime Trusted Insiders Foreign and Domestic Competitors Lone Criminals Information Warfare Units The Unknown

16. Critical Infrastructure Protection How do we protect or secure infrastructure, including cyber systems? Reduce/Eliminate Vulnerabilities - education Reduce/Eliminate Threats information sharing Reduce/Eliminate Consequences with planning Who protects the infrastructure? #1, the owners & operators FBI/Law Enforcement investigation DHS threat warning and analysis It is no longer possible to separate our countrys economic well-being from its national security

17. Objectives: Explain networks and vulnerabilities Context of networks Vulnerabilities/Exploitations Investigative objectives Proactive objectives Objectives: Explain networks and vulnerabilities Context of networks Vulnerabilities/Exploitations Investigative objectives Proactive objectives

18. Law Enforcements Role Assist owners and operators with threat reduction Information sharing New era requires new solutions partnerships with industry Investigation Law Enforcement has legal authorities and ability to seek resource leveraging to determine who is (are) behind an attack(s)

19. InfraGard Overview Initiatives Membership

20. InfraGard Overview

21. InfraGard Program Mission Statement

22. What is InfraGard? Program with 11,500+ members spread across 84 local chapters nationwide Who: business executives, entrepreneurs, military and government officials, computer security professionals, academia, state and local LE, and concerned citizens Why: public/private partners share expertise, strategies, and information adding to intelligence and criminal cases

23. What is InfraGard? www.InfraGard.net - public web site with DHS threat alerts, warnings, vulnerabilities Intelligence Bulletins from FBIHQ Essence is information sharing, primarily from FBI Agents assigned to each Chapter, bringing meaningful news and information

24. FBIs Role in InfraGard Gather information and distribute it to members Process membership applications Perform background checks for secure net access Organize and facilitate local chapter meetings Recruit new members

25. Non-FBI InfraGard Roles Partners National Center for Manufacturing Sciences National Institute of Standards and Technology Small Business Administration Board of Directors (7) InfraGard National Member Alliance Voluntary, two-year terms Responsible for representing membership in their alliance with the FBI InfraGard Member Alliances per each Chapter An FBI Field Office may have more than one Chapter

26. Non-FBI InfraGard Roles InfraGard Program Office Under contract with FBI to support InfraGard and Law Enforcement Online Sustains InfraGards ability to collect and disseminate information Principal point of contact for daily operations Significant assistance: Processes member applications; assists with organizing training conferences; moderates 190 Listservs

27. Non-FBI InfraGard Roles Formats and uploads daily public and secure web site content 24/7 technical support for members Administers InfraGard and LEO, reducing overall costs

28. Why InfraGard? Sharing of FBI & DHS information Protection requires assistance from owners and operators of critical infrastructures Computer and physical security expertise shared and enhanced Relationships help establish trust between private industry and government agencies Aids Law Enforcement and intelligence gathering

29. How accomplished? Jointly with DHS Intelligence product for dissemination to InfraGard secure web Produced by Analyst/Agent -- Field Intelligence Group dissemination FBIHQ to InfraGard InfraGard LES admonishments and accompanying question or statement Assimilation of new information into intelligence or case work Electronic communication FBI field office

30. What Chapters have done Philadelphia: CIDDAC automated cyber attack early warning system prototype Las Vegas: aided investigation allowing LE to capture a criminal who used a computer to embezzle $150,000+ Los Angeles: participated in a two-day nationwide simulated terrorist attack training exercise San Francisco: trained FBI Agents on hacker tools Vermont: offers free classes to teach local residents how to protect themselves from online threats Portland: Phishing authority added to FBI Subject Matter Expert alliance

31. InfraGard Membership

33. InfraGard Initiatives

34. Special Interest Groups AgGard & ChemGard InfraGard & WMD sponsored portals designed to allow sector sharing of sensitive B2B information w/o governments direct involvement Facilitate sharing Know when to contact LE LSU facilitating Online application to WMD Unit for admission WMD gatekeeper of info to determine value Commencement TBD

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