Bee research
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Bee Research. By Ms. Kuykendall’s Class 2007. Honeybees and Honey. Honeybees make honey so they have food to eat. By William, Devin and Franklin. Honeybees cannot get nectar in the winter so they must make plenty of honey to survive.

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Bee Research

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Bee Research

By Ms. Kuykendall’s Class


Honeybees and Honey

Honeybees make honey so they have food to eat.

By William, Devin and Franklin

Honeybees cannot get nectar in the winter so they must make plenty of honey to survive.

A honeybee can visit up to 10,000 flowers a day to get nectar and pollen. That makes only one teaspoon of honey.

It takes nectar and pollen from one million flowers to make one pound of honey.


  • The queen bee lays many eggs. This is the first stage of a bee’s life. The worker bee takes 21 days to become an adult. The drone takes 24 and the queen takes 16 days.


  • The baby bee is very small at this stage.

  • It takes 3 days to become a pupa.


  • A pupa is a little white worm.

  • The pupa spins a silky cocoon around itself during this stage.


  • The drone lives 1 to 2 seasons.

  • Queen bees live 3 to 5 years.

  • The worker lives 3 weeks.

Where do honeybees live?

By Patrick, Simon, Monica and Julia

They live in all parts of the world except the Arctic and Antarctic.

The honeybees live in a colony in a bee hive.

60,000 honeybees live in a hive.

What Jobs Do Honeybees Have

By: Brenda , Megan , J.T. , and Shayne

Worker Bees

Worker Bees build honeycombs, feed the larva, clean the hive, and build honeycomb.

Drone Bees

The drone bees mate with the queen bee.

Queen Bees

The queen bee lays eggs and is the ruler of the hive.

The Honeymakers

By : Anna , Elena, Dylan , and Jenny

Making Honey

  • First, a field bee collects nectar

  • Next the honeybee turns the nectar into sweet honey

  • Finally the honey is put into cells called honeycombs and then a cap of bees wax is put onto the top of the honeycomb

  • Then a beekeeper comes and puts the honey in bottles to sell to people

Interesting Facts

  • It takes one million flowers to make a pound of honey

  • The female workers collect the nectar

More Interesting Facts

  • The taste and color depends on the nectar

  • They take it back to the hive in a honey stomach


  • www.factsforlearning

  • PBS video on

Honey Bee Communication

By:Justen, Shoyhn, Christina, and Shelby

Round Dance

Honeybees communicate one way by doing a dance called the round dance which tells the estimate of the distance between the hive and the flowers.

Wagging Dance

Honeybees also have another dance called the wagging dance that they use to say the exact distance between the hive and the flowers.


Honeybees also smell to communicate. The smell is called pheromone. The worker bees smell this and it tells them if they can get back to work or have to help the queen.




Bees pollinate the same plant for several days.

A bee is searching for a blossom.

A honeybee pollinates crops and helps make seeds.

Pollen will stick to a honeybee’s body.

The seeds grow and soon become fruit.

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