Ncfe level 1 award in sexual health awareness
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NCFE Level 1 Award in Sexual Health Awareness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCFE Level 1 Award in Sexual Health Awareness. Sex and Relationships. What is meant by friendship?.

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What is meant by friendship
What is meant by friendship?

  • Friendship is a personal relationship shared between each friend for the welfare of others, in other words, it is the relationship of trust, faith and concern for each other’s feelings. It is a relationship of mutual caring and intimacy amongst one another. A friend is one who knows you as a person and regards you for what you are. Friendship is all about how much you care and understand each other. It is a pure relationship, which would make your friend smile. It is all about talking, listening and building up a strong relationship.

What is meant by relationship
What is meant by relationship

  • A Relationship is aparticular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other: or having a romantic or sexual involvement. An example of relationship is a husband and his wife. Another example would be a relationship between a brother and sister, or boyfriend and girlfriend. It is a connection between variables, such as a correlation, or between people, such as a marriage

What is meant by intimacy
What is meant by Intimacy

  • Intimacy is the closeness shared between two people that are friends either on a personal or private nature. It is a interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. This can be characterized by romantic attachment or by sexual activity. It is defined as a close or warm friendship with an affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group, a feeling of belonging together and closeness

Why do people want close relationships
Why do people want close relationships?

  • The need to belong

  • Belonging promotes well-being

  • Interdependence

  • Emotional attachment

  • Fulfils needs – sexual and emotional

  • Status

Examples of sexual health and relationship concerns
Examples of sexual health and relationship concerns

  • Does sex hurt?

  • Is masturbation normal?

  • Can I get pregnant is I have sex without penetration?

  • I fancy my best friend am I gay?

  • Will they still fancy me if I don’t have sex?


More concerns
More concerns…


Why may a person want to delay having sex
Why may a person want to delay having sex?

  • They don’t feel ready – emotionally, physically.

  • They want to make sure the relationship is based on trust etc – not just about sex.

  • They haven’t found the right person.

  • Health reasons.


  • ‘We worry that the GP will phone our parents.’

  • ‘We want to be reassured that it’s confidential. We want to feel that staff can be trusted.’

  • ‘We don’t want to be judged but to be treated with respect and with understanding.’


  • It can remain confidential – i.e. information will not be passed to anyone as long as no law is being broken and no-one is at risk.

  • Is the under-16 competent to make a decision about contraception and having sex?

  • Are they being pressurised by an older person?

  • Is there any suspicion / disclosure of abuse? In which case, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.