IBM and University Relations

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IBM and University Relations

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1. IBM and University Relations C. Mohan, Ph.D. IBM Fellow & IBM India Chief Scientist

2. 2 IBM Research Worldwide

3. 3 IBM Research Ecosystem

4. 4 Evolution of Researchs Role

5. 5 History of Innovations

6. 6 Diversity of Disciplines at IBM Research

7. 7 Researchs Strategic Thrusts

8. 8 Culture of Innovation External Recognition

9. 9 14 Years of IBM Patent Leadership - 2006

10. 10 IBM India

11. 11 IBM India Extensive Operations Across India

12. 12 Innovation Ecosystem Problems/Issues More focus needed on innovation rather than maintenance, infrastructure, support kind of work in bulk of Indian IT industry Very poor CS PhD production rate by Indian Universities (2004: 36 in India, 3300 in China!) Most good undergraduates from IITs go abroad for studies or go for domestic jobs/MBAs Not enough Indian researchers or product technologists from US returning to India, unlike in the case of China, Taiwan, Korea, Difficulty of recruiting good faculty with deep research focus Many 2nd tier universities have large # of non-PhDs as faculty Whole innovation ecosystem needs to be upgraded industry should collaborate more with academics IBMers in India being encouraged to go for PhD/Masters

13. 13

14. 14

15. 15

16. 16 UR-IBM India activities

17. 17

18. 18 E Learning at VTU through EDUSAT Program

19. 19 IBM Academic Initiative Partner with colleges and universities to drive open standards Better educate millions of students for a more competitive IT workforce

20. 20 IBM Academic Initiative offerings IBM middleware and tools Access to IBM hardware Course materials and textbooks Curriculum assessment services Education for faculty and IT staff Certifications Tutorials, articles and Redbooks Forums, webcasts and newsletters

21. 21 Middleware Skill Development DB2 and WebSphere software in colleges Rational Program Training, certification and 100% discounted courseware 10,000+ students certified in DB2 and WebSphere Open Standards Eclipse innovation grants Apache Derby/Cloudscape Linux Campus Club Advanced Technology Updates SOA, Web Services, Grid Computing IBM Academic Initiative provides software and courseware for use in curriculum and research

22. 22 Benefits for faculty and students Access to leading-edge, open standards-based technology Access to world-class curriculum Ongoing faculty skills development Increase in student placement Industry-leading certifications Potential partnerships with IBM customers and Business Partners

23. 23 Curriculum Consultation: Areas to Consider Programming: Consider using Eclipse or Rational Application Developer as an IDE (and dont forget the huge COBOL install base!). Introductory Programming: Are you currently using Java? If not, consider including Java in an introduction to programming class. Software Engineering, Methodology, or OO Design: Consider using Rational modeling tools for labs. Database: Consider including Derby, Cloudscape and DB2. Operating Systems: Consider Linux. Business Intelligence: Consider Data Warehouse and WebSphere. Knowledge Management: Consider Lotus products and tools. Security Monitoring and Network Management: Consider Tivoli. Internet Access and Protocol: Consider WebSphere. IBM server technology as a platform of choice

24. 24

25. 25 IBM Student Portal Here is the IBM Student Portal. Its the one place for students (middle school through post graduate) on to direct them to relevant resources, such as jobs, downloads and contests. Here is the IBM Student Portal. Its the one place for students (middle school through post graduate) on to direct them to relevant resources, such as jobs, downloads and contests.

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