presbyterian distinctives wef september 24 2014
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Presbyterian Distinctives WEF September 24 , 2014

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Presbyterian Distinctives WEF September 24 , 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presbyterian Distinctives WEF September 24 , 2014. Our Schedule: Week 1 – Polity and History Week 2 – Theology Last week – Lyndsay’s GA report Week 4 – Lane wrap up and questions. Polity. “How a church is governed” Three historic answers:

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Our Schedule:Week 1 – Polity and HistoryWeek 2 – TheologyLast week – Lyndsay’s GA reportWeek 4 – Lane wrap up and questions


“How a church is governed”

Three historic answers:

Episcopal ~“power” is in the hands of individual leaders

Congregational ~“power” is in the hands of the congregation

Presbyterian ~“power” is in the hands of committees


We are Presbyterian – governed by “presbyters”

From presbuteros -- elder

Principles of Presbyterian Polity

God is Lord of the conscience

Corporate judgment

Teaching elders and ruling elders rule together

Mutual forbearance

Election by the people


Two important terms to remember

Presbyterian – our form of government

Reformed – our theology … with roots in the teachings of Swiss reformer John Calvin


The key to theology…

Where do you begin your theology?


Other tenets of Reformed theology:

    • Authority of Scripture
    • Emphasis on Ethics
    • Continuation of the Covenant

Sacraments in Reformed theology:

    • Baptism
    • Lord’s Supper

What about predestination?

  • Predestination answers the question about what happens to us when we die… is my salvation based on my acceptance or God’s call?
    • Classic “double”
    • Universalism
    • Pelagianism
    • Barthian

Questions you asked…

  • What were the specific actions of CAT, HP, and Motorola that generated the decision of the GA to divest?
  • If GA approves gay marriage will RPC?
  • Can you speak to the hermeneutics in religious right (non-progressive) Christian practices/churches?

Questions you asked…

  • How can you say God calls and we have the choice of whether to respond if God is sovereign and therefore determines our only possible choice? In other words, if Shirley Guthrie was right that Jesus is already Lord of your life, then hasn\'t Jesus already sovereignly directed that choice? Do you believe in unconditional election and irresistible grace?

Questions you asked…

  • Where does RPC stand on dropping the name “Presbyterian” and leaving the Presbytery?
  • In the Apostles’ Creed, why does it say “on the third day he rose again from the dead?” Again? When was the first time?

Questions you asked…

  • Why are there so few paintings showing Jesus smiling or laughing? Is there a record of happy biblical times for Jesus?