Vector technologies ltd performance proven vacuum solutions for over 30 years
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Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years™ PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years™. Vacuum Solutions for Shipyards. Vector Technologies Ltd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years. Why consider Vector?

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Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years™

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Vector Technologies Ltd.Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years™

Vacuum Solutions for Shipyards

Vector Technologies Ltd.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Vector Technologies Ltd.Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS for over 30 years

  • Why consider Vector?

  • 30+ years of vacuum experience

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin quality and work ethic.

  • Building powerful industrial vacuums with vacuum truck power for a fraction of the cost.

  • Reduced maintenance time and cost versus other vacuum systems.

  • Designs to load into roll-offs, dump trucks, boxes & gaylords

  • Over 5,000 VecLoader vacuums working in the field

  • Shipyard friendly--Hundreds of VecLoader and Titan M vacuums are operating in shipyards in the US and other countries.

  • VecLoader and Titan M vacuums for shipyards are offered in either diesel or electric power.

Vacuum Products

Vector Technologies Ltd. Equipment  Parts  Service  Solutions

  • Mobile Industrial Vacuums

  • Portable Vacuums

  • Central Vacuum Systems

  • Abrasive Blasting/ Classifying Equipment

  • Dust Collectors/ Baghouses

  • Vacuums to match to high-pressure and ultra high-pressure water blast equipment

  • Cyclonic Baghouses/ Intermediate Separators

  • Vacuums for Asbestos/ Hazardous waste removal

  • Tubing, Fittings, Hose and Accessories

Proven Performance

  • Convey blast media, liquids, or other bulk materials

    • Over 300 meters total distance

    • Rates to 25 tonnes/hr

    • Vertical or horizontal runs

    • Single hose or split to multiple

Shipyard Friendly

Why a VecLoader?

  • Most advanced all-purpose vacuums available

  • Combining unequaled power and reliability

  • VecLoaders are completely self-contained and many trailered models can be towed by a one ton truck

  • Vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry materials into a truck, dumpster, or other collection devices and conveyers

  • Superior filtration allows dry grit recovery or collection of water and debris from water-jetting activities without changeover.

  • Built to last; many VecLoaders are operating after 20 years in the field.

  • No complicated setup; minimal maintenance.

  • Replaceable wear sections combat abrasive wear.

  • Operate on the job full time without the shoveling, hoisting, dumping, and multiple handling steps required with vacuum trucks or other vacuums.

  • Units are offered in diesel and electric and all shipyard models are available with crane lift packages.

  • Varying sound attenuation packages are available. Electric units can be attenuated to below 85 dBA.

Titan M

  • Designed specifically for Shipyard use. Crane lift cage, standard.

  • Recover spent abrasive from internal and external blasting activities.

  • Combines unequaled power and reliability

  • Generally used with a vacuum box or a ten cubic yard vacuum bottle

  • with only the carryover of fines continuing onto the vacuum.

  • Superior filtration allows both dry grit recovery or vacuuming of water

  • and debris from water-jetting activities without changeover.

  • Shipyard friendly- 200 Titan M vacuums in the field at shipyards.

  • Now available in diesel power.

  • Replaceable wear sections to combat abrasive wear.

  • Extremely quiet; with sound panels and premium silencers, electric

  • models can achieve sound levels under 85 dBA.

  • No complicated setup, minimum maintenance.


Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™

Vector offers a wide variety of vacuum systems for use in high-pressure and Ultra-high pressure blast activities. Systems can be equipped with pump-off capabilities where beneficial.

Superior Filtration

  • Vector Vacuums feature a performance proven cyclonic baghouse for superior filtration, wet or dry without changeover

  • Vector Kleanprop™ filters are pulse-jet cleaned by onboard compressor

  • Hepa filtration available on most designs to levels of 99.997 @.3 microns

  • Long lasting filter bags require infrequent change outs for most applications

  • Filter change-outs are substantially less expensive as compared to vacuum trucks or other systems.

Experience Makes the Difference

Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™

  • Our Engineers have over 100 years of combined experience.

  • Our Manufacturing Team has over 130 years of combined Vector experience.

  • Our Sales and Support groups have over 100 years combined experience.

  • Vector has more than 30 years experience building vacuums with 6000+ total units in the field.

Vector designs and manufactures each VecLoader vacuum in our 42,000 square foot manufacturing and corporate office facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Support Makes the Difference

Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™

  • Start-up training

  • Detailed Product Manuals

    • Operations and Maintenance

    • Parts and Accessories

  • Fully Staffed Factory Support

    • Hotline 24/7 including weekends

    • Highly Experienced Service Dept

  • Factory Authorized Local Support

  • Complete Warranty

RepresentativeCustomers and End Users

Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™

Contact Vector Technologies Ltd. or your local representative today!Vector Technologies Ltd.Milwaukee, Wisconsin -

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