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Violence in the workplace worker training module 7
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Violence in the Workplace Worker Training Module 7. Worker Focused Safety Program. Module 7 Domestic Violence. Worker Focused Safety Program. What this module will cover. Domestic Violence Definition How We Know, Now We Know Responsibilities Safety Response Who gets to know Conclusion.

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Violence in the Workplace Worker Training Module 7

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Violence in the workplace worker training module 7

Violence in the WorkplaceWorker Training Module 7

Worker Focused Safety Program

Module 7 domestic violence

Module 7Domestic Violence

Worker Focused Safety Program

What this module will cover

What this module will cover

  • Domestic Violence

    • Definition

    • How We Know, Now We Know

    • Responsibilities

    • Safety Response

    • Who gets to know

    • Conclusion



  • Although we sometimes think of domestic violence as a private, family problem, it does not stop when your employees come to work.

  • As workplace incidents have proven, domestic violence can have deadly consequences.

Workplace avenues

Workplace Avenues

  • Domestic violence can enter the workplace through:

    • Disruptive phone calls

    • Harassing emails

    • Inappropriate visits by the abuser

    • Threats of harm to the victim’s co-workers

    • Physical violence in the workplace

Legal obligations

Legal Obligations

  • According to the Workers Compensation Act (sections 172–177) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (s4.24–4.31), employers have a legal duty to protect workers from violence arising out of their employment.

  • Under certain circumstances, this may include violence arising from domestic situations.

Address the risk

Address the Risk

  • When you learn of a threat – assess the risk – Use Threat Assessment Form

  • According to the Regulation, employers must conduct a risk assessment if there is interaction between employees and persons other than co-workers that might lead to threats or assaults

Eliminate or minimize risk

Eliminate or Minimize Risk

  • If the threat of violence is imminent, the Administrator will:

  • Contact the police immediately.

  • Take steps to eliminate or minimize the risk to workers — for example, secure the premises.

  • When non-imminent threats exist, employers must establish procedures, and practices to address the risk

Instructing workers

Instructing Workers

  • Inform staff of a hazard as soon as it is identified

    • This includes any staff who may reasonably encounter the individual posing the risk in the normal course of their employment

  • There is no duty to inform all workers

    • A balance must be struck between the obligation to inform and worker confidentiality



  • If a violent incident occurs, obligations under sections 172 to 177 of the Workers Compensation Act and s3.4 of the Regulation to report and/or investigate the incident and take the appropriate action are initiated

  • If a worker is injured in a violent workplace incident, advise her/him to consult with a physician



  • SD61 takes all forms of domestic abuse seriously, including criminal harassment (stalking)

  • Acts and threats of violence, stalking, and breaching protection orders are all crimes and will be reported to the police



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