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Missouri may void federal law

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Missouri may void federal law - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Missouri may void federal law.

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The Missouri state legislature is trying to accomplish something interesting and controversial: pass a state law in opposition to the federal law. By superseding current federal regulations, MO. would make it a criminal offense to enforce background checks or to publish the name and address of a gun owner in the state. It would also allow citizens to own a machine gun, which is banned under federal regulations. Most importantly, it will nullify federal gun laws and make it a crime for a federal agent to attempt to enforce them. The state House and Senate (led by Republicans) already passed the law-- only to be vetoed by the Democratic governor. The governor argued that the legislation violated a provision in the U.S. Constitution called the Supremacy Clause. The Supremacy Clause gives preference to federal laws over state laws. However, many state lawmakers disagree, suggesting they are protecting 2nd Amendment rights and so Wednesday, the legislature votes on an override of the veto. If the state legislature succeeds in overriding the governor\'s veto, the issue would almost certainly head to court.

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