Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse. Psychological Dependency (Habituation)Drug necessary to maintain user's sense of well-beingPhysical DependencyPhysical symptoms if intake reduced. Drug Abuse. Compulsive Drug UsePreoccupation with obtaining drugRituals of preparing, using drug as important as drug effectsTolerance

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Drug Abuse

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1. Drug Abuse Self administration of drug or drugs in manner not in accord with accepted medical or social patterns

2. Drug Abuse Psychological Dependency (Habituation) Drug necessary to maintain user’s sense of well-being Physical Dependency Physical symptoms if intake reduced

3. Drug Abuse Compulsive Drug Use Preoccupation with obtaining drug Rituals of preparing, using drug as important as drug effects Tolerance Increasing doses needed to obtain drug effect

4. Drug Abuse Addiction Includes Psychological dependence Physical dependence Compulsive use Tolerance Plus, complete absorption with obtaining, using drug to exclusion of all else

5. Drug Abuse Suspect drug-related problem in patients with: Altered LOC Bizarre behavior Seizures

6. Drug Abuse Ask EVERY patient about recreational drugs. Be non-judgmental. Keep drug box/cabinet secured. Use discretion. If held up, give them what they want!

7. Narcotics Opium Opium derivatives Synthetic opium substitutes

8. Narcotics Examples Opium Morphine Heroin Codeine Dilaudid Oxycodone (Percodan) Meperidine (Demerol) Propoxyphene (Darvon) Talwin Fentanyl

9. Narcotics Effects Analgesia CNS depression Euphoria Drowsiness Apathy Antidiarrheal action Antitussitive action

10. Narcotics Overdose Mild to Moderate Lethargy Pinpoint pupils Bradycardia Hypotension Decreased bowel sounds Flaccid muscles

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