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This demonstration is designed to provide an overview of how Intelliform works. We have tried to illustrate not only the power, but the ease of operation as well. We hope at the end of this brief presentation, you will try Intelliform FREE for 30 days and experience first hand the results of this remarkable program.

Intelliform is a software program created specifically for distributors of Business Printing and Promotional Products. It is highly functional, yet simple to use. In fact, if you can fill out a form, you can automate your business with Intelliform.

Intelliform has only one form to complete. Unlike other software programs, Intelliform encompasses all relative data as well as all functions for both customers and manufacturers into this single form. A user inputs information into a single template in order to generate Customer Quotations, Purchase Orders, Acknowledgements and Invoices. It is this capability, more than any other, that gives Intelliform its power and simplicity. The following slide illustrates the Promotional Product Template.

With The Promotional Products Template you can:

  • Select both your customer and vendor from your database.

  • Enter an unlimited number of items into the same template.

  • Use the Imprint, Customer, Vendor and File Tabs to enter an unlimited amount of information into those areas.

  • Choose items to be taxed by simply checking the tax box.

  • Change the cost, margin and price as you wish. When you enter any two fields the third is automatically calculated by the program. Change one and the other two are automatically updated.

  • View your total cost, margin and profit for the entire order.

With a click of the mouse, from within Intelliform, you can also:

  • Send an e-mail to your customer or vendor

  • Access the Vendors Website and check on delivery status of your order.

Whenever you have entered the necessary information for either your customer or vendor into the template, you are ready to send the information. Once you select the “Print” button in the lower left of the template, you will receive the dialog box below:

Simply select three buttons and choose which function to perform and how you wish the information to be sent. With Intelliform, it is simple … and incredibly fast!

For distributors of Printed Material, Intelliform functions in much the same manner as previously demonstrated with one main exception. For printing, the template is divided into three tabs. The first tab is for the Order and is shown below:

The second tab is for Quotes and is shown below:

The third tab is for the specifications of the printed product you are selling. This tab will differ depending upon the product being sold. Below is the specification tab for Unit Sets.

Intelliform has separate specification tabs for Unit Sets, Continuous Forms, Cut Sheets, Labels, Envelopes and Business Cards. Below is the Specification Tab for Continuous Forms:

This is the specification tab for Cut Sheets:

For Labels:

For Envelopes:

For Business Cards:

One you have entered information into the Intelliform template, you are ready to perform the following tasks… quickly, precisely and with maximum efficiency:

  • Request For Quote

  • Customer Quotation

  • Customer Acknowledgement

  • Purchase Order

  • Invoicing

    The following slides illustrate the output of the above functions, which can be printed or sent by fax or e-mail.

Customer Quote


Purchase Order


Being able to access information quickly allows you to make better decisions and spend your time selling, not searching through files. Intelliform allows you to find vital information in seconds.

Following are illustrations of how you can access a customer’s history, generate a variety of reports and calculate commissions.

Customer History


Commission Reports

Finally, to send your data from Intelliform to QuickBooks, just click on the “Post To QB” button shown below.

We hope this short presentation has given you an idea of how Intelliform can help you increase your revenue and reduce administrative time. But the only way to know for sure if any software program, including Intelliform, is right for you is to try it.

We think once you’ve experienced the positive results of Intelliform, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. To test Intelliform for yourself, at no risk or obligation, return to our web site and request a FREE 30 day trial.

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