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ECO-City . A city overview by. Mayor-Cass, Wind-electric-Kristen, City water Manager-Catherine, Markets CEO-Laurie, Restaurant-Manager- Karel, and Transportation engineer-Stephanie . Eco- City .

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A city overview by. Mayor-Cass, Wind-electric-Kristen, City water Manager-Catherine, Markets CEO-Laurie, Restaurant-Manager- Karel, and Transportation engineer-Stephanie


Eco- City

  • Eco city is a city where everyone can live in an ecologically safe environment virtually free from the pollution that would result in any other city around the globe!
      • “Green” is the main idea of our city
      • Peace, a feeling from which “green” ideas are contrived
      • Every aspect – Virtually Ecologically safe

-Business’s, and every residential area included.(whole city effort)

A cycle to all waste, and water.

*Markets, restaurants, business, and government.

People wont naturally maintain the principles of having an ecologically safe city.

There must be order…there must be a CITY HALL.

the governing system
The Governing system…
  • How are people going to maintain principles of city.


Form of government, to provide incentives for maintenance and to keep the ongoing cycle of ECO-city running.

city hall building
City Hall Building
  • The Heart of the City
    • Virtually everything cycles through ECO City Hall
    • Police station also next to the city hall, to maintain peace amongst ECO city
    • 2-level building
      • 1st level –waste, water, and electric
      • 2nd level- transportation, parks and rec, and Construction as well as business bureau.

Greenscape? Yeah …Wait I need a raise.!

On the roof top, the essence of the cities “green ideas”, there is a greenscape
  • Encompassed by solar panels- a provision for the buildings energy needs.
  • To provide an escape for the employees of the city hall there is a recreation area amongst the greenscape, to relax.
  • A greenscape provides a way to keep the building cooler.

Give me all the money you have and I’m happy!

  • There are many costs that are included with running a governing system such as this just like any city.
  • With all the many aspects that this environmental business oriented city hall provides it only makes sense that the people give back with taxes.
The budget for the city hall business and planning building will come from bills paid to and certain taxes on the services provided
    • Water- $.01 per gallon used per home
    • Waste- 1 trash can per home-$35.00, per bag non recycled $2.00, 30% off each bag with each recycled box filled.
    • Electricity- Tax of 2% on each bill received by electric co. directly to city hall.

Each Business will be taxed and charged the same.


ECO\'s Energy

  • WIND
  • What is Wind Energy or Wind power?
  • Wind is a form of solar energy.
  • For specific tasks it is processed into electricity!
  • Through wind turbines!
  • Horizontal?
  • Vertical?
  • Wind Farms And Wind Power Plants –prove to be the best way to an ingenious electric source!
wind energy in practice
Wind Energy in Practice
  • Advantages
  • Effect:
    • On economy
    • On environment
ways to cut back
Ways to cut back.
  • Common concerns…
surface and ground water
Surface and ground water
  • Water from…aquifers,wells,and extracted from rivers,lakes,and streams
  • Water source is limited! Water must recycle in every aspect of its use
  • Adjustments:
when it rains it pours
When it rains it pours!
  • Storm drains are designed to collect excess runoff.
        • Dumped into rivers,lakes, and streams

To reduce flooding and Pollutants in water:-reduction of pavement

-collect and treat before dumping.

there are recreational uses
There are recreational uses!
  • Skiing,swimming, fishing, boating,rafting, etc.
    • Irrigation
      • Reduce amount of water evaporated,wasted, polluted
        • Drip Irrigation system and leveling off fields.
        • Capture and reuse runoff
          • Runoff makes a good fertilizer-Reduces pollutants
      • Cattle/livestock also benefit from this process
everyday use
Everyday use
  • Filter and bottle own water-none shipped
  • There are “smart faucets” every where
  • Minimal water using toilets, and other machines…
waste water
Waste Water
  • What isnt consumed should always be reused
    • Treatment Facilities-will clean water in multiple steps until reusable

Recycle Cycle

-First time through:Drinking, domestic use, public use

-Second time through: Irrigation, landscape, watering, industrial use

benefits of our improved water cycle
Benefits of our improved water cycle
  • Cut down on wasted and polluted water
  • Reduce environmental damage
  • Increase amount available fresh water
  • Ensure a continued source of fresh water and healthy environment for the future


  • Instead of one huge market there are many located throughout the town
  • Markets are in walking distance to everyone living in town-reduces pollution caused by driving
  • Markets are filled with necessities-exotic foods can be ordered for a fee
Fresh seasonal food from local farmers
  • Seasonal food has peel off recipes that help customers actually cook with the seasonal food
  • Items needed from recipes are always in stock

Food not selling or after the holidays will be sold to the restaurant to make dishes Ex: Pumpkins

  • There is a recycling center in the markets that gives customers ten cents for every recyclable item brought in
  • Grocery bags are made from hemp so customers can reuse them and waste less paper and plastic
  • Market does not use plastic for fruit and vegetables-we us the reusable bags
We also have biodegradable products that help with our soil and water system Ex: soap and shampoo
  • Some of our products come in bulk which reduces packaging
  • All recyclable products are recycled and used for products sold in our store
  • We do not waste any products, we help the farmers with compost and will put things on huge discount if not being sold
why our market
Recipes that help customers make meals

Our fresh, locally grown products

More organic choices

Close walkingdistance

Alternatives to plastic

Less packaging, helps with cost of trash

Recycling center that pays customers for recycling

Bulk packaging to help cut down costs

Why Our Market
grocery shop with us
Grocery Shop With US!

People shopping in our town are not only helping out the environment, but also helping out the people living in it.


Recycle Bin Restuarant

  • Restaurant
  • Aspects
    • Foods
    • Water
    • Compost
    • Menus


  • Leftover foods go to animals and their feces will be used as soil

Grocery Store

    • Recipes
    • Pumpkins
    • Frying oil – use for Transportation


  • Graig Farm Organics
what s to eat
What’s To Eat?


  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Filterization process will be used to clean the water so we can reuse the water( brought in part by

our very own Water Corp, if not)

  • Recycled for farmers to make fertilization
  • Hybrid Vehicles aloud.
    • What is a hybrid vehicle- one that uses two different sources of energy.
    • Prius(model)- those whom a god wishes to destroy he first drives mad, really is latin for drives
    • Insight(model)-the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively


-Range of 380 miles -Sandia National - More efficient than a gas/electric car

public transportation
Public transportation
  • Locomotive
    • Gas consumption is better than a gas electric Hybrid’s passenger car
    • -a commuter train operating with most of its seats unused is still more fuel efficient
transportation trucks with bio diesel
Transportation Trucks with Bio-diesel
  • Research at the univ. of idaho has involved the following types of oils.
        • Rapeseed oil
        • Canola oil
        • Soybean oil
        • Hydrogenated Soybean oil
        • Tallow, and others
  • Bio-diesel can be made from most any plant derived oil. Bio diesel is actually an alcohol ester of vegetable oil.
  • Eco-City
    • Positive Green ideas
    • Ways to alleviate pollution within aspects of city
    • Convenient healthy restaurants and markets!
    • An ongoing cycle through which products are some products may be used over and over again!
    • Our City is a modern day ecologically safe CAMELOT!