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Wine & RKR Wine List. Introduction to Wine. White Grapes. There are 50 major white grapes grown in the world today, 24 in California alone. The three most important grapes are listed here, ranked by texture from lightest to most full-bodied.

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Wine & RKR Wine List

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Wine rkr wine list

Wine & RKR Wine List

Introduction to Wine

White grapes

White Grapes

There are 50 major white grapes grown in the world today, 24 in California alone. The three most important grapes are listed here, ranked by texture from lightest to most full-bodied.

European wines will usually be identified by their appellation; elsewhere wines will be identified by varietal. GrapesWhere they grow best

  • RieslingGermany; Alsace, France; New York State

  • Sauvignon BlancLoire Valley, France; Bordeaux, France; New Zealand; California (Fumé Blanc)

  • ChardonnayBurgundy, France; California; Australia; Champagne, France

    Other significant white wine grapes, listed alphabetically:GrapesWhere they grow best

  • AlbariñoSpain

  • Chenin BlancLoire Valley, France; California;

  • GewürztraminerAlsace, France

  • Pinot Grigio/GrisItaly, Alsace, France

  • SémillonBordeaux (Sauternes), France; Australia

  • ViognierRhone, France; California

Wine definition

WINE Definition:

“Wine is the alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of the juice of freshly gathered grapes, the fermentation taking place in the district of origin according to local tradition and practice”



  • A chemical process by which sugar is converted into alcohol

    Natural sugar from Carbon dioxide gas

    the grape pulp given off

    Yeast occurs on the

    skin of the grape


Types of wine

Types of Wine

  • Table or Still Wines

  • Sparkling Wines - second fermentation

  • Fortified or Aromatized Wines - brandy added

Wine vintage

Wine - Vintage

  • Year the grapes were picked

  • Some years are better

  • Great vintages don’t mean all great wines

  • Champagne and Port - vintages in exceptional years only

  • Vintage is replaced once previous vintage is sold out

  • Each vintage is different

Wine labels

Wine Labels

  • Vintage -Year the grapes were picked

  • Type of wine or name of wine

  • Region - appellation

  • Producer

  • U.S. requires alcohol content, sparkling or still, warning label

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting

  • Color/Clarity

  • Body - “legs”

  • Aroma - Bouquet

  • Taste - Sweet, Sour, Bitter or Salty

Wine storage

Wine Storage

  • Dark, well ventilated, and insulated

  • Temperature controlled - constant 55- 60ºF

  • No movement

  • Store horizontally, label up, bin number

Wine serving aids

Wine Serving Aids

  • Waiter’s tool, captain’s knife, bar key (church key)

  • “Ah – So”

  • Wine baskets - red wine

  • Wine buckets - lower or maintain temperature

    • 3/4 full - 1 part water to 2 part ice

    • Is this bottle chilled to your liking?

  • Glassware -

    • Saucer shaped sparkling - Marie Antoinette vs. Flute

    • White wine - 1/2 full

    • Red wine 1/3 full

Wine information available for staff

Wine Information Available for Staff

  • Bin #

  • Phonetic Spelling

  • Year

  • Bottle Size

  • Price

  • Type

  • Origin

  • Serving Temperature

  • Characteristics of wine

  • Food pairing

Food wine

Food & Wine

  • Whatever the guest desires

  • Traditional

    • Red wines with red meats

    • White wines with fish or fowl




Sommelier wine steward

Sommelier/Wine Steward

  • Selects wines for wine list;

  • Maintains wine inventory;

  • Responsible for storage, handling, and conditions of wine cellar;

  • Wine consultant to guests

Wine serving temperatures

Wine-serving Temperatures

  • White and Rosé wines chilled to 45-55 °F (7-13°C)

  • Sparkling wines 45 °F (7°C)

  • Most Red wines served 60-65 °F (16-19°C)

  • Very good Red wines 70 °F (21 °C)

Wine service

Wine Service

  • Taking the order

  • Collecting the wine

  • Showing the bottle

  • Opening the bottle

  • Letting host taste

  • Serve wine

  • Top up glasses

Wine service1

Serving Size Guidelines

1/2 Bottle - 2 people

Split - 1. 5 glasses

Bottle - 2 to 6 people

Magnum (2 bottles) 7 to 12 people


Serving (from the right)

White before Red

Decanting Red

Different Glasses for each wine

Bring new before taking old glass

Wine Service

Wine training tasting benefits

Wine Training & Tasting Benefits

  • Increases wine sales

  • Gives servers confidence in making wine suggestions

  • More opportunities for suggesting substituted

Wine list

Wine List

  • A sales tool that can generate revenue

  • List should be attractive, informative, easy to use

  • Organize in various ways: according to uses, dryness, sweetness, body, country etc.

  • Include appealing descriptions; Relate wine to food

Champagne sparkling styles

Champagne & Sparkling Styles

  • Some Champagnes & Sparkling wines are bone dry, while others are off-dry and still others are sweet. The level of sweetness depends on the last step before the cork, dosage.

  • Extra Brut or Brut Natural – Bone dry - the driest of the dry

  • Brut – Dry. This is the typical style of Champagne, with no sweetness

  • Sec – Still very dry but with a hint of sweetness.

  • Demi-sec - While the definition is half dry, think of it as half sweet. This wine will be fairly sweet.

  • Doux – also known as rich, this wine is the sweetest you can get in Champagne –over 5% sugar. It's a dessert in itself and very rare.

Sparkling wines champagne

Sparkling Wines & Champagne

  • Sparkling wines are enjoyed around the world for their festive addition to a meal or celebration.

  • Enjoy sparkling wines with salads, seafood, desserts, or alone as an aperitif.

Sparkling wines champagne1

Sparkling Wines & Champagne


11 Schramsberg “Mirabelle” Brut nv 24

12 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs, 01, Napa Valley, 375ml 24

13Roederer Estate Brut, Anderson Valley, Estate Bottled 30

  • Roederer Estate Brut Rose, Anderson Valley,

    Estate Bottled 33

    15Piper-Heidsieck Brut Champagne, France 42

    16Borgo Magredo Prosecco NV, Italy 20

    17Maschio Prosecco Brut NV, Italy 18

Ros wine row zay

Rosé Wine(row-ZAY)

  • A Rose by Any Other NameTechnically, a rosé is an "unfinished red wine," but the term seems so- secondary.

  • Rosé is a different sort of wine, with all the refreshing qualities of a white wine mixed with some characteristics of a red.

  • It can be made from many different grape varietals and in many different regions, the most popular and successful being Southern France, Spain, California & Italy.

Ros wine summing it up

Rosé WineSumming it up

  • Successful Sites: Southern France, Spain, Italy, California

  • Common Descriptors: strawberry, raspberry

Ros wines

Rosé Wines

  • Rosé wines can be a pleasant alternative to a meal. They are refreshing, crisp and cold and compliment the acidity in salad dressings. Rosé wines also work well with rich, grilled and smoky foods. Great for easy sipping and hot weather!


  • Beringer White Zinfandel ‘05, California 12

  • Rivera Rose, ’05 Castel del Monte, Apulia Italy25

  • La Vieille Ferme, 06, Côtes Du Ventoux, France15

  • Hart Syrah Rose ‘05, Temecula Valley20

Chardonnay shar dawn ay

Chardonnay (shar-dawn-AY)

  • White Wine’s Queen BeeLike Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay can grow just about anywhere. It adapts well to different soils and different climates. While frequently paired with California, its native home lies in the vineyards of Burgundy, France. The only white grape of the region, Chardonnay is at its best from rolling slopes in Bourgogne. Other popular Chardonnay sites include California (just about everywhere), Oregon, Washington, Other US, Australia, South Africa, South America and New Zealand.



  • Depending on climate conditions and the amount of wood aging, Chardonnay wines range from crisp and citrusy to buttery, rich and toasty. Chardonnay compliments shellfish, chicken and cheese dishes.

  • Wines are listed in descending order from no oak to heavy oak flavors.




  • Sterling “Vintner’s Collection ‘05, Central Coast 21

  • Alamos 06, Mendoza, Argentina 20

    35Dog Point Vineyard ‘02, Marlborough, New Zealand 37

    38 Cambria ‘03, Santa Maria Valley, Katherine’s Vineyard 26

    39 Chalone Vineyard, ‘01, Chalone AVA, Estate Bottled 35

    40 Dehlinger ‘00, Russian River Valley, Estate Bottled 36

    41Domaine Alfred Chardonnay, ‘03 Edna Valley 34

    42 Patz & Hall, Durrell Vineyard ‘02, Sonoma Valley 45

    43 Patz & Hall, Dutton Ranch ‘02, Russian River Valley 42

Sauvignon blanc so veen yawn blahnk

Sauvignon Blanc (so-veen-YAWN blahnk)

  • One of the most distinctive grapes, Sauvignon Blanc is a highly aromatic variety that does well in both the old and new world. From the Loire Valley of France to Marlborough in New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc has found many regions that bring out its unique and delicious flavors.

Sauvignon blanc summing it up

Sauvignon Blanc Summing it up

Successful Sites:

  • Loire Valley, New Zealand, California, Chile, Italy

    Common Descriptors:

  • grass, lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit.

Sauvignon blanc with food

Sauvignon Blancwith Food

  • Sauvignon Blanc is one of the worlds most distinctive and popular dry white wines. They range from very bright and tart, to rich, smooth and toasty.

  • Try Sauvignon Blanc with seafood, shellfish, chicken, and pasta dishes

Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


50 Château Reynier Entre-Deux-Mers ’03, France20

51 Pascal Jolivet ‘03, Sancerre, France28

52 Brander ‘04/‘05, Santa Ynez Valley23

  • Brancott Vineyards Reserve ‘03,

    Marlborough, New Zealand28

    55 Dog Point Vineyard “Section 94” ‘04,

    Marlborough, New Zealand37

    57Robert Mondavi, ‘03, Fumé Blanc, Napa Valley21

    58Spottswoode ‘03, Napa Valley42

    59 Lail Vineyards Georgia ‘02, Napa Valley57

Riesling summing it up

RieslingSumming it up

  • Successful Sites:Germany, Alsace, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Washington State, California, New York State

  • Common Descriptors:steely, peach, mineral, floral, petrol, orange blossom, citrus

Gew rztraminer summing it up

Gewürztraminer Summing it up

Successful Sites:

  • Alsace, Germany

    Common Descriptors:

  • lychee nut, floral, perfume

  • Other than lychee, typical descriptors of Gewürztraminer are roses and perfume. It’s blend of fruits and acid make it a perfect match for spicy food like Indian and Thai.

Riesling gew rztraminer

Riesling & Gewürztraminer

  • Both Riesling and Gewürztraminer pair well with many types of food. Particularly, chicken, seafood, cheese, and spicy foods! Think Asian cuisine.

  • The wines are listed in descending order, from lightest to most full bodied.

Riesling gew rztraminer1

Riesling & Gewürztraminer


70 Bonny Doon Pacific-Rim Riesling 05, Santa Cruz18

71 Dr. Loosen Bernkasteler Lay Riesling Kabinett, 05,


72 Ch. Ste. Michelle Eroica, Riesling 05, Columbia Valley33

73 Fess Parker White Riesling 05, Santa Barbara County 21

74 Chehalem “Reserve” Dry Riesling 05, Willamette Valley26

75 Domaines Schlumberger Grand Cru Riesling 04, Alsace, France33

76 Navarro Vineyards Gewürztraminer 02/05,

Anderson Valley 24

77 Zind Humbrecht Gewürztraminer 01, Alsace, France50

Other white wines

Other White Wines

  • Wines in this section are great for wine and food pairings! They offer a change from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • All work well with salads, seafood, shellfish, chicken, and pasta dishes.

Other white wines1

Other White Wines

80 Albarino, 06 Martin Codax, RiasBaixas, Spain20

81Champalou, 05 Vouvray, France25

82PazoSenoransAlbarino, 05 Rias Baixas, Spain31

83Planeta La SegretaBianco, 05 Sicilia, Italy16

84VignaltaSirioMoscato del Veneto, 05, Italy22

85Casal di Serra, 05 Verdicchio dei Chastelli di Jesi, Italy18

86 Vignalta Agno CastoColliEuganei Pinot Bianco, 04, Italy27

87La Famiglia Pinot Grigio, 03, California20

88 WillaKenzie Estate Pinot Gris, 03, Willamette Valley26

89Hugel Tokay Pinot Gris, 00 Alsace, France25

90Caparoso Pinot Gris, 02, Baden, Germany21

91CastelloBanfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio, Toscana25

92TriennesViognier, Sainte Fleur, 05, France27

93BridlewoodViognier, 05, Reserve, Estate Bottled30

94 VigneRegaliPrincipessaPerlate, 06, Italy23

Red wines

Red Wines

Red Wines

Red grape varietals

Red Grape Varietals

  • There are about 40 important red grape varietals grown in the world today. The major ones are listed below.

  • Generally speaking, as you go down the list the grapes will go from light to full-bodied in texture; low to high in tannin level; lighter to deeper in color (which generally corresponds to perceived acidity); younger to older in ageability.

  • In truth the redness of a wine depends on contact with the skin of the grapes: separate the grape from its skin soon enough after picking and you can make a very white red. For example, most wines made in Champagne are white wines made with a significant proportion of red grapes.

Red grape varietals1

Red Grape Varietals

European wines will usually be identified by their appellation; elsewhere wines will be identified by varietal.

GrapesWhere they grow best

GamayBeaujolais, France

Pinot NoirBurgundy, France; California; Oregon; Champagne, France

TempranilloRioja, Spain

SangioveseTuscany, Italy

MerlotBordeaux, France; California; Washington State


Cabernet SauvignonBordeaux, France; California; Chile

NebbioloPiedmont, Italy

Syrah/ShirazRhone, France; Australia



  • Successful Sites: Northern Italy, Other Italy, Some California

  • Common Descriptors: juicy, cherry, blackberry, chocolate

Barbera food

Barbera& Food

  • Barbera produces wines that are deep purple in color, high in acidity and dry in finish. These wines are enjoyed best while young and bright!

  • Enjoy with cheese dishes, seafood and grilled meats.




101Eberle ‘02, Paso Robles28

102Contratto Solus Ad ‘98, Barbera D’Asti, Italy36

801Contratto Solus Ad ‘97 Barbera D’Asti , Italy magnum75

103Vietti Tre Vigne ‘02, Barbera D’Asti , Italy 29

104Pio Cesare ‘04, Barbera d’ Alba , Italy 27



  • Successful Sites:Tuscany

  • Common Descriptors: tart cherry, red raspberries, olives, plum, spice

Sangiovese food

Sangiovese& Food

  • Sangiovese produces Italy’s most recognized red wine, Chianti.

  • The wines are usually very dry, earthy and high in acidity.

  • Try Sangiovese based wines with seafood dishes, poultry, and grilled meats.




111Seghesio 01, Alexander Valley30

112Falchini Chianti Colli Senesi, 05, Italy20

113Vignamaggio Chianti Classico 01, Italy32

114Selvapiana, Chianti Rufina 99 Riserva

“Vigneto Bucerchiale”, Italy48

115Rosso Di Montalcino, Castello Banfi 01, Italy34

116 Brunello Di Montalcino, Castello Banfi 98, Italy67

117 Collepino 06, Toscana17

118 Centine 06, Toscana 20

119Castello Banfi Cum Laude, Sant’ Antimo 04, Italy 51

Pinot noir pee noh nwahr

Pinot Noir(PEE-noh nwahr)

  • Just as Merlot was pooh-poohed by Miles in Sideways, Pinot Noir was worshiped in its glorious difficulty.

  • Pinot Noir is a finicky grape. It only grows in the right climate, with the right soils and the right care. Perhaps because it is so difficult is why it is so loved. Pinot Noir’s home and the classic wines from the grape hail from Burgundy. Pinot is the only grape allowed for AOC wines of the region. Pinot Noir mutates easily and so there are many different clones floating around in each wine region.

Pinot noir food order listed

Pinot NoirFood & Order Listed

  • Pinot Noir is the red grape of Burgundy.

  • It is well represented in the United States by California and Oregon. At its best, Pinot Noir can range from strawberry-scented, to plumy and earthy.

  • Rich stews, lamb, and roasted poultry dishes are great matches for Pinot Noir.

  • The wines are listed from lightest to full-bodied in descending order.

Pinot noir

Pinot Noir


121Aquinas 06, Napa Valley 20

122Melville 03, Santa Rita Hills, Estate Bottled 36

123Domaine Serene “Evenstad Reserve 04, Oregon 47

124 Dehlinger 00, Russian River Valley, Estate Bottled 53

125Robert Mondavi 06, Carneros 28

126Morgan “12 Clones” 04 33

127Dog Point Vineyard, 03, Marlborough, New Zealand 45

128 Hitching Post 02/05, Santa Rita Earth 40

129 Domaine Alfred “Califa” 02, Edna Valley 49



  • Successful Sites:Bordeaux, California, Washington State, Chile, South Africa

  • Common Descriptors:plum, cherry, blackberry, spice, raspberry



  • Merlot is a varietal of Bordeaux. It is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot, to create some of the world’s greatest red wines.

  • In California and Washington, as in the Pomerol and St. Emilion regions of France, Merlot is vinted into a wine of distinction.

  • Enjoy it with red meats, rich stews and cheese.




141 Raymond Estates 04, California19

143Miner 00, Napa Valley, Stagecoach Vineyard 47

144Havens 02, Carneros24



  • Successful Sites: California

  • Common Descriptors: jammy, blackberry



  • Zinfandel grapes are used to produce many styles of wine. From off-dry blush wines to late harvest port styles; Zinfandel wines produced in California work with a variety of foods.

  • Try it with grilled meats, hearty stews and pastas.




151 Ravenswood Vintner’s Blend ‘03, California20

152 Frog’s Leap ’03, Napa Valley33

153 Ravenswood ‘02, Sonoma County32

154 Terraces “Rutherford” ‘02, Napa 37

155 Howell Mountain Vineyards, Old Vines ‘01, Howell Mtn.32

156 St. Francis Pagani Vineyard Reserve ‘00, Sonoma Valley53

Syrah shiraz


  • Successful Sites:Rhone, Australia, California, Washington State, South Africa

  • Common Descriptors:pepper, jam, meat, smoke

Syrah shiraz1



161Echelon ‘01, Espéranza Vineyard 23

163Lysis Cotes du Rhone, ’01, France20

166Morgan ‘01, Monterey33

167 Melville ‘02, Santa Rita Hills Estate28

168 Guigal Chateauneuf- du Pape, ‘0157

169 Groom ‘02, Barossa Valley, Australia50

Cabernet sauvignon cab uhr nay sow veeh yawn

Cabernet Sauvignon(cab-uhr-NAY sow-veeh-yawn)

  • King of Red Many refer to Cabernet Sauvignon as the king of red grapes. Perhaps that title is due to its ability to grow worldwide in a number of climates, or to the fact that it produces wine with such character yet such diversity. Either way, this grape is responsible, as a whole or a partner, for some of the greatest wines in the world. In Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon is the principle grape of the Medoc. It plays a supporting role in the blends of the right bank in regions such as St-Emillion and Pomerol. Most of the classic and cult wines of Napa Valley are made with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the king of red wines!

  • Cabernet Sauvignon wines are best enjoyed with hearty dishes. Beef, lamb, and game are great matched with Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The wines are listed from light bodied to full-bodied in descending order.

Cabernet sauvignon1

Cabernet Sauvignon


201 Riboli Family Vineyard, 98/99 Rutherford46

204 Frog’s Leap 04, Napa Valley52

205 Provenance Vineyards 01, Napa Valley50

206 Jordan 00, Sonoma County60

207 Louis M. Martini Monte Rosso 99, Sonoma Valley 60

208Terra Valentine 00, Napa Valley, Spring Mountain44

209Spottswoode 01, Napa Valley,

Spottswoode Estate Vineyard 80

210Richard Partridge 00, Napa Valley53

212Sharecropper’s 06, Columbia Valley 26

Bordeaux blends

Bordeaux Blends

  • The Fab FiveWith so much history under its belt, it’s no wonder that Bordeaux has figured out the recipe to produce amazing wines.

  • Centuries of making (and drinking) wine has led them to the blend that has become synonymous with Bordeaux.

  • Winemakers in the New World replicated this formula and have created successful blends in their respective areas - you may see Bordeaux blends from the US labeled Meritage (rhymes with heritage).

Bordeaux blends notable facts

Bordeaux BlendsNotable Facts

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. These five red grapes are the components of a Bordeaux Blend.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and/or Merlot are usually the predominant variety,

  • while Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot are the supporting cast.

    • These three grapes help to add color, structure or body in varying amounts.

  • A Bordeaux Blend typically uses at least three of the five grapes to be labeled as such. The beauty of the blend?

  • Each year the percentage of each grape in the blend will vary and the winemaker can include more of the variety that excelled in that particular vintage.

Bordeaux blends summing it up

Bordeaux BlendsSumming it up

  • Successful Sites:Bordeaux, California, Australia, Washington

Bordeaux based blends meritage

Bordeaux Based Blends/Meritage

Meritage, rhymes with “heritage”. Meritage wines reflect the wine maker’s influence in blending Bordeaux grape varietals.


224 Ch. De Reignac 01, Bordeaux, France44

225Double T by Trefethen 03, Napa Valley30

226Ch. Reynier “Cuvee Heritage” 01, Bordeaux, France30

227Ch. Faugeres 00, St. Emilion Grand Cru, France66

228 Aquinas Red Table Wine 99, Napa Valley45

229Joseph Filippi “CinqVignobles” 03, library reserve 38

230DeuxMondes, by Joseph Fillipi 03, Cucamonga Valley55

231 Lail, J. Daniel Cuvee, Napa Valley, 0080

232VignaltaGemolaColliEuganeiRosso 01, Italy60

Other red wines

Other Red Wines

Wines in this section are great for wine and food pairings! They offer a change to Cabernet Sauvignon. All work well with hearty dishes, grilled and roasted meats.


241 Bogle Petite Sirah 04, California20

242Joseph Filippi Cabernet Franc, 01, Cucamonga Valley24

243 Ferrari Carano Siena, Cabernet/Sangiovese/Merlot 00,

Sonoma County38

244 Treana 99/00 Central Coast, Red Table Wine44

245 Este de Bodegas Alto Almanzora, 04

Monastrell, Tempranillo, Spain13

246 Castello Banfi Summas 99, Syrah/Cabernet, Italy65

247 Rutherford Grove Petite Sirah 01, Napa Valley50

248 Bramare Malbec 02, Mendoza Marchiori Vineyard, Argentina40

249 Donausome Blaufrankish “Ausbruch” 03, Australia22

250Umani Ronchi Cúmaro Rosso Conero 03

Montipulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy44

Dessert fortified fruit wines

Dessert, Fortified & Fruit Wines

Dessert fortified fruit wines1

Dessert, Fortified & Fruit Wines

These are wines made with addition of spirits to raise the alcohol content. The greatest are Port from the Douro region of Portugal, and Sherry from a region of Andalusia in southern Spain. Since wines in other countries are labeled as port, true Portuguese is now labeled



  • Sherry is a fortified wine from the area around Jerez, Spain ("Sherry" being the anglicized corruption of the word "Jerez"). Made primarily from the Palomino grape, Sherry is another of the world's great expressions of chalky soil (along with Chablis, Burgundy, and some Loire wines).



  • With non-vintage Champagne, Sherry is also one of the great expressions of the blender's art. In the Sherry Bodegas, fractional blending systems called Soleras, ensure a style of wine uniform from vintage to vintage. In the finest of these, space is left in the barrels of the solera for a special yeast called "flor" to develop and thrive. Sherries run from completely dry, light "finos" to nutty "amontillado" (remember "The Cask of Amontillado"?) to rich "oloroso." The latter two are often sweetened and sold as cream sherry or other proprietary brands. Interestingly, because of the fortification and the exposure to air-Sherry essentially being oxidized already!-an open bottle of Sherry will last almost indefinitely. Sherry is the perfect wine for tapas.

Fruit infused

Fruit Infused

  • A “Fruit Wine” is generally any wine that is fermented from a fruit other than grapes. None of the fruit character comes from the addition of fruit flavors but is the natural product of fruit fermentation. There are many different types of fruit wines, but the some of the most popular include: Red Raspberry, Blackberry, Cherry, Cranberry and Blueberry. These wines are big and intense in their fruit character as it typically takes over ten pounds of fruit to produce one gallon of premium fruit wine.

Fruit infused1

Fruit Infused

  • “Fruit Wines” have a multitude of uses. They are often consumed slightly- chilled (55 degrees F) with a dessert course. For example, Blackberry and Red Raspberry wines are a great accompaniment with dense chocolate desserts as the wine cleanses the palette of the sweet chocolate.

Wine rkr wine list


  • Port is a sweet fortified wine from the grapes growing on the deep valley walls sloping down to the Douro River in Portugal. Its name coming from Oporto, Port is made from up to about 40 grape varieties, most of which are red. After a brief fermentation to about 6% alcohol, the still fermenting grape must is poured off into larger containers holding spirit, which kills the yeast and stops fermentation.

Wine rkr wine list


  • The young wine is then shipped from the vineyards to the Port houses in Oporto, where it stays in barrel for a year or two. At that time a "vintage" can be declared, and the Port bottled with a vintage designation. This Port virtually demands 15 or 20 years of bottle age. In order to have Port that is enjoyable at purchase or shortly after purchase, there are other "wood-aged" Ports, which have spend more time in cask. These can be young "Ruby" Ports, aged "Tawny" Ports (which will sometimes average up to 40 years in cask), and "Late Bottled Vintage" Ports. Port traditionally accompanies walnuts and stilton cheese.

Dessert wines

Dessert Wines

  • Dessert wines can be enjoyed on their own or with sweets to complete a meal.

  • Some dessert wines can actually be enjoyed with savory dishes.

  • Experiment and see which combinations of food and wine you enjoy!

Dessert wines1

Dessert Wines


Sparkling Dessert Wine

  • Banfi Rosa Regale, Italy 28

    Sherry/Sherry Style

    301 Galleano Sherry Crema, Cask 3, Cucamonga Valley 6.00 43

    Late Harvest

    401 Ice Wine, Chenin Blanc, Kiona Winery 375ml

    Red Mountain ‘05 6.50 27

    Fruit Infused

  • Bonny Doon Vineyard Framboise 375ml 4.00 20

    Port/Port Style

    601 Galleano 3 Friends Port 50

    602 Porto Rocha 20 Year Tawny, Portugal 375ml 7.50 44

    603 Warre’s Colheits Port 1992, Portugal 6.00 43

Opening wine

Opening Wine




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