Garbage to gems
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Garbage to Gems PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Garbage to Gems. Alya Fayoumy, Anood Al Ali , & Sultan Al Issa. Artifact #1. We infer that…. Name: Boojy Description: White. Holes in the middle. Slices all over. Broken Edges. Made out of Styrofoam.

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Garbage to Gems

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Garbage to Gems

Alya Fayoumy, Anood Al Ali, & Sultan Al Issa

Artifact #1

We infer that….

Name: Boojy



Holes in the middle.

Slices all over.

Broken Edges.

Made out of Styrofoam.

It can be used as a toy cutting board. This is because has slices all over, it cant be a real one because it is made out of Styrofoam.

Maybe it was used as a piece of decomposed floor board. Since it is thin and soft.

It may have been as a side/part of a box. Because it is like card board and it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Artifact #2

We Infer That….




Picture of lamb

A lot of ingredients.

Graph of nutrition facts.

Powder inside.

Its Halal.

Established in 1975

Has an offer

Picture of vegetables

It can be a mix of spices. This is because it all the ingredients are spices and herbs.

Maybe it can be traditional ready made soup. This is because it sounds like it is powder.

Maybe it can be used as a gravy mix which is put on lamb. Since there is a picture of lamb.

Artifact #3




The color is silver.

The size is small.

It has a rough feeling.

Made out of coir.

It is squishy.

We Infer That…

It may be used as a Lofabecause it rough so it will be able to remove any dirt of the body.

It can be used as a wig because it looks like hair, but it is made out out of coir and its rough.

It could be part of a shield because it rough and it looks like metal.

Artifact #4

Name :



In a red and black box.

Designed in Italy.

Sharp edge.

Different sizes.

All silver but different shades.

Some with texture some without.

Some thin some fat.

Made out of metal

We Infer That….

This maybe used as ear rings because there is a sharp edge so it can fit in the ear hole easily. Also there is a circle on the top as a design.

It can be used as a broche, since the edge is sharp so it can go through any cloth.

It can also be used as a hair clip because some have texture and some don’t and some are thin and some are fat.

Artifact #5




Sharp edges.


Written 923-4A

Made out of plastic.


We Infer That….

It can be used as a police weapon because it has sharp edges and has codes all over the sides.

It can be used as a way to transfer classified information. The information goes through the orange part.

It can be used as a USB. The orange part that opens and closes is the cap.

Artifact #6




A lot of words.

Written Qtel.

Says “brings you closer”

Says “Application for wireless service”

Several pages.

A lot of places to sign.

We Infer That…

Maybe it’s a business contract because it has several pages and a lot of places to sign.

Maybe it is a company brochure because the is a logo and slogan.

It can be divorce papers because there are places to sign.

Artifact #7

We Infer That….




Says Imation.

Says Diskettes.

Squared items inside.

The box is Grey and Maroon.


A lot of Description.

It can be used as a traditional way to serve desserts. Because it is flat and if you put anything on it they wont fall off.

A box of squared cardboard because there are squared boards inside.

It can be used as a box for someone business card. This persons name is “Imation.”

Artifact #8




Golden color.

Says Ultralite

Written Italy

Hole on top

Written UL050

Sharp edges

Circle on the top

We Infer That…

It can be the royal gold key of Italy. Since it says Italy and it is gold.

It maybe a knife because the circle is the handle and it has sharp edges.

This can be a shaving blade for men because the circle is the handle and it has sharp edges.

What can we find out about this past civilization from the artifacts in front of us?

  • I think Qatar use to be a very clean civilization that cares about how neat and clean they look. Since there was a lofa and a men shaving blade. Also, it looks like it was very traditional. Because they had the “Qorma” and the traditional tray.

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