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C 2 Pipeline. Wayne State University Advisory Board Meeting July 9, 2013. C 2 Pipeline. First Year Updates. First Year Updates. Since October 1 to June 14 th : We have had : 137 Regular Program Days

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C 2 Pipeline

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C2 Pipeline

Wayne State University

Advisory Board Meeting

July 9, 2013

C2 Pipeline

First Year Updates

First Year Updates

  • Since October 1 to June 14th:

  • We have had:

  • 137 Regular Program Days

  • 19 Special Programs – which included a Mentoring In Medicine Dinner on Campus, 100 Students/Parents Participated

First Year Updates

  • Since October 1 to June 14th:

  • There were:

  • 8,270 Duplicate Participants

  • 288 Unduplicated Full Time Students (Attended 30 days or more)

  • We served over 7,996 Dinners

  • Completed 1,590.75 Programming Hours

  • 119 Male and 169 Females

  • Arab/ME: 3; Hispanic: 7; White: 10; Black 255; Asian:1; Other: 11; Unknown: 10

First Year Updates

  • Since October 1 to June 14th:

  • There were:

  • There were 16 Parent Volunteers from the schools

  • Community Service

    • East Detroit Developed and Designed Activity Books for patients on the cancer ward at Children’s Hospital

    • Ecorse raised money through a penny drive for Children’s Hospital

    • East Detroit hosted a senior citizens dinner/senior appreciation day

    • Cody participated and raised money for Race for the Cure as part of the CON Team

First Year Updates

  • Building Recruiting Plan

  • How Building’s Viewed Us

  • Teacher Buy In

  • Staff Learning Curve

  • Student and Parent Perception of WSU / Mid Town / College

  • School Calendars / Building Release Times

First Year Updates

  • New Partners:

  • College of Education

  • Engineering/Computer Science

  • Gleaners

  • Henry Ford Health System

  • Urban IPO

  • Children’s Resource Network

  • Academic Success Center

  • Michigan Branch 4-H in Partnership with Duke University

  • Build On (Formally Building With Books)

First Year Updates

  • Committees and Activities Participate/Coordinate:

  • WSU K-12 Committee

  • MDE Financial Best Practice Advisory

  • MDE Partnership Advisory

  • Grantee Project Director Advisory

  • Michigan Afterschool Association (Conferences Workshops and Trainings)

  • National Afterschool Alliance (Conferences Workshops and Trainings)

  • David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality (Program Evaluation Improvement Meetings)

  • 2014 Summer Curriculum Development Sub Committee

  • Invited to present at 2013 Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference

  • Invited to Present at Michigan After School Summer Summit

First Year Updates – Upcoming Reviews



Michigan Out-of–School Time

Standards of Quality

Financial Audit

MSU “ARF” (Annual Report Form) REPORT

First Year Updates – School Data/Outcomes

Students participating in 21st CCLC programs have increased classroom participation and homework completion by 70% and improved student classroom behavior by 71%.¹

Students that are most academically at-risk that participate in 21st CCLC programs have shown a higher rate of improvement in math and reading grades compared to all students.¹

1Michigan State University, Community Evaluation and Research Center (2012), Michigan 21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation 2010-11 Annual Report. East Lansing, MI.

C2 Pipeline Program

Primary Goals

  • Prepare students to become Career and College Ready

  • Increases Student Awareness through Career Enrichments & other non-academic learning

  • Increase Academic Achievement & Student Learning

Goal Outcomes for Academics

  • 48% improve by ½ grade in Reading/LA.

  • 48% improve by ½ grade in Math.

  • MEAP Reading and Math Scores improve.

  • 75% students improve in teacher rated classroom behavior.

  • 75% improve in teacher rated homework completion and class participation.

  • 85% students report that the program help them in reading, math or other school subjects

  • Increase on time graduation rates.

  • Increase attendance

  • Decrease drop out rates.

Other Goal Outcomes

  • 85% of students will report that the program helped them in non-academic areas (leadership, peer relations, community service, etc.).

  • 60% students will show a positive change in behavior.

  • 30% will have increases in self-esteem and conflict resolution skills.

  • 90% program partners will respond with a favorable response to the program.

  • 30% of parents will show increased awareness, understanding and use of community programs & resources.

  • 10% of families will have an increase in the time spent as a family unit.

  • 75% of families will have a satisfaction level of high or very high.

  • 100% staff will be qualified.

  • Will have a High Quality program based on achieving 100% of Out-of-School Time and Day Care Licensing standards as well as the YPQA.

[1] US Census Bureau, 2010 American Community Survey-3 yr EST.

C2PipelineParticipant Demographic

C2PipelineEducational Programs

C2PipelineStudent Academic Grades Fall

Increase A/B from 34% to 37%

C2 Pipeline

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

  • Program runs July 8th – August 16th

  • All Programs here at Campus – Transportation provided daily to and from High School

  • As part of our university collaboration we are assisting other programs on campus with occasional transportation needs during the day when we are not utilizing the buses

  • Providing Free Lunch to all Youth (Whether in the program or not) daily through the USDA National Lunch Program

Summer 2013

  • Computer Science Camps (Engineering/CIS) : July 8th – 25th

    • Creating Animation & Movies

    • Creating Android Phone Apps

    • Exploration in Robotics

    • Exploration in Computer Gaming

  • College Jump Start (Honors College Residential) : July 14th – July 20th

  • C2 Pipeline Engineering Camp (Engineering/CON) : July 15th – July 25th

  • Detroit Pre-Medical Scholars Program (SOM) : July 16th – August 23rd

  • Summer in the City (Social Work) : July 29th – August 2nd

  • Summer Science Series (SOM) : August 5th – August 16th

  • Nursing Experience Camp (CON) : August 12th – August 15th

C2 Pipeline

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

  • WSU Programs/Partnerships from 2013

  • Parent/Student - 3 Day Residential Camp

  • Interprofessional Education Camp – 11 Day Residential

IPE Camp

C2 Pipeline

Recruitment/Retention Plans for SY 2013/14

C2 PipelineRecruitment & Retention


  • Career and Hobby Interest Survey

  • Building Teachers/Staff Referrals

  • Parents

  • Focus Groups


  • Registration:C2Pipeline Lanyard ,ID Card, Planner and Pin

  • 1 Term:C2Pipeline Pin

  • 2Term’s: C2Pipeline T-Shirt

  • 3 Term’s: C2 Pipeline Scrub’s

  • 4 Term’s: C2 Pipeline Lab Coat

  • Specialty Pins (to wear on lanyard):

    • College Visits

    • CPR/First Aid Certified

    • Community Service

    • Partners & Colleges

    • Summer

    • Competitions

  • Schools Ideas:

    • Teachers give extra credit for class

    • Schools offer a High School Elective Credit

    • Oak Park Example

Michigan Department of Education

Students who are at risk of dropping out of school

C2 Pipeline

Open to all students 9th – 12th grade that attend that school

Must Have an Interest of Attending College

Interest or Willing to Learn and Explore Health Careers

Recruitment + Retention = ENGAGING

C2 Pipeline

2013/14 School Year Program

Enrichment – S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M

  • Provision of training that can easily be translated into practical application in the present and future world of work.

  • Career explorations will be infused into regular academic content areas, and will be supported by the community’s involvement as mentors and role models in the classroom.

  • Enrichment activities are based on student’s interests and will be health career focused. These are hands on enrichments where students learn and create interest by doing. These could include forensics, chemistry, hands on career exploration, robotics, nutrition, and others which would be developed based on student interest.

New Offerings

  • 2nd Opinion – Integrated Curriculum on Complementary & Alternative Medicine

  • Health Career Exploration

  • CSI / DNA Fingerprinting

  • Explore It/Design It

  • Tech Xcite

  • Anatomy in Clay

  • Community Service Projects

  • Underwater Robotics (Oak Park)

  • Youth Council

  • Cedar Point Physics

  • Academic Success Center Partnership

C2 Pipeline

Funding and Expansion

Need Exceeds Funding level

  • In 2013, 70 applications were received for Cohort H’s competition; only 18 were awarded.

  • In total Michigan would need over $69.5M to fund all of the application requests received for Cohorts F, G, and H.

  • Michigan’s anticipated 2013 federal allocation of $37.3M funds only 34 percent of the grants submitted for all three cohorts of applications.

Currently Michigan funds 72 grants,

totaling 271 sites in 21 counties, serving

more than 35,000 students in schools with 30% free or reduced-price meals.

How We Scored

Grant Cut Off Score: 215

Testimonials We Are On the Right Track

The program is becoming recognized by other low achieving schools in South East Michigan as both unique and impactful. These schools want to implement this model within their schools and are competing to be part of our program.

Fall 2012, had 75 school’s (represented by principals and superintendents) attend an overview meeting and left excited about the concept of the program and wanted to be a part of it, however funding limits our ability to expand. Comments from this meeting included:

  • “I would also state that our high school needs this type of program.  It will not only benefit and support their academic growth (Academy Center) but also educate them with future career opportunities.  In the end, it will make them better educated and better-rounded.  Finally, they will have a better chance of becoming meaningful and productive citizens.”

  • Don Vogt, Principal Hazel Park High School

  • “Many students in Harper Woods have the opportunity to be the first generation in their family to attend college. Our students deserve to be well prepared for this college experience.  Early exposure to career options, additional academic support, and engaging in the college experience during their high school years would significantly and positively impact their likelihood of success once they leave Harper Woods High School. The Nursing Pipeline Grant opportunity would provide the exposure, experience, and support at a high level and in the safe and risk free environment of their current high school setting that our students otherwise would not receive.  It is for this reason that the opportunity that exists through Wayne State is so critical to supporting our students and giving them the experience and tools necessary to succeed at the college level.”

  • David Rabbideau, Director of Academic Accountability and Student Services, Harper Woods Public Schools.

  • “Waterford Mott is a school where most of the students receive free or reduced lunch.  Many, if not most, students will become the first person in their families to attend a four year college.  The college process is overwhelming for many of our students and their families.  Yet, recent reports from colleges pertaining Mott graduates at their schools indicate successful measurements such as low drop-out rates during the first year of college.  In essence, if the path to college is understood, it becomes attainable for Waterford Mott students.  The WSU/CON C2 Pipeline Program will provide this focus and will certainly help our students. Without question, most of the jobs available to our graduates will require some type of post-secondary education.  It is not enough to simply have a college degree. Students must be guided to degrees that will permit them an enjoyable career within an in-demand field.  The WSU/CON C2 Pipeline Program will give students this valuable guidance.”

  • Tina Mitchell, College and Career Center, Waterford School District

  • “We are already outpacing our peer schools and the state as a whole in terms of college success, all on very limited resources.  We believe the C2 Pipeline Program can provide the supports necessary to help us reach unprecedented levels of college success for urban youth. We have found that our biggest challenge is to overcome the gaps in skill and knowledge that our students bring to us when they enroll in ninth grade.  We are running into limits on how much we can do, during the school day, while still teaching our approved curriculum.  The logical next step is after-school and summer programming, but shrinking budgets over the past several years have severely limited our ability to provide these types of programs for our students.  The C2 Pipeline Grant is exactly what we need to extend our scope of interventions, and provide additional services to struggling student’s after-school and during the summer months.”

  • Jason Beatty, University High School

Wrap up and Reflection

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