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Tool 2. Cost/Benefit Check. COMFOR educative packages. Tool 2: Cost/Benefit Check. The tool helps you to monitor and estimate hidden costs related to ill health benefits from ill health prevention This is necessary to decide and invest in appropriate preventive measures. .

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Tool 2

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Tool 2

Tool 2

Cost/Benefit Check

Presentation 2009

Comfor educative packages

COMFOR educative packages

Presentation 2009

Tool 2 cost benefit check

Tool 2: Cost/Benefit Check

  • The tool helps you to monitor and estimate

  • hidden costs related to ill health

  • benefits from ill health prevention

  • This is necessary to

  • decide and

  • invest in

  • appropriate preventive measures.

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Sme voices about c b check

SME voices about c/b-check

  • the illness costs become clear

  • good to show and discuss with the employees

  • useful to raise awareness of these costs

  • enables to quantify what could be saved thanks to appropriate measures/improvements

  • offers easy calculations for price negotiations

  • this information is essential for determining financial result of my enterprise

  • Money talks! Real Euros are interesting!

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Structure of tool

Structure of tool

The tool consists of three parts:

  • Input data from the company

  • Illness costs

  • Scope for investments

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The effort was to keep tool

  • simple

  • general

    therefore …

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… therefore

  • have items of limited relevance been left out

  • is net production value used

  • are logistic losses beyond the reduced performance of one machine not considered

 cost estimates are rather too low than too large

Presentation 2009

Four sickness cases

Four sickness cases

  • Operator working though feeling ill reduced performance

  • Operator on sick leave, no replacement  machine stand still

  • Operator on sick leave, with replacement  extra costs and reduced performance

  • Operator have to quit forestry new recruitment

Presentation 2009

Further consequences

Further consequences

Illness during very busy periods may result in

  • loss of contracts

  • drastically reduced profits

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  • Save a working copy of tool

  • Replace default values with company data in blue fields

  • Additional information in cells with 

  • Automatically calculated costs appear in red fields

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Company data


  • Salary costs

    • Harvester

    • Forwarder

  • Output per hour (m3 or ton)

  • Price per m3 or ton

  • Variable costs

    • Harvester

    • Forwarder

  • Recruitment costs

Presentation 2009

Default values

Default values

For guidance:

Illustrative values from Finnish forestry

 Much better to use data from contractors own company!

Where find this input data?

Presentation 2009

Data to enter

Data to enter

For harvester and forwarder operators:

  • Days with reduced performance

    • % of performance reduction

  • Days without production

  • Days with replacement

    • salary for replacement

    • % of performance reduction

  • % of recruitment costs caused by illness

… for cases occurred during last year!

Presentation 2009

Company illness costs

Results from Tool 1: Health & Performance Check

Company’s own files on sick leave

Your advanced estimations

Sources of input data:


Presentation 2009

Total costs


A summary of the costs last year in the4 cases:

Which costs may be reduced?

Presentation 2009

Preventable costs


  • Change figures in blue fields

The corresponding benefits appear automatically in the red fields

Presentation 2009

Benefit check


Specification of ’benefits’

  • Scope for annual investments in preventive measures

What measures are promising?

Presentation 2009

Identification of measures

Identification of measures

  • Question 10 in Tool 1: Health & Performance Check

  • Discussions with operators

  • Guidance from OSH-services

  • Own experiences

Work scheduling?

Pause exercises?

Job rotation?

New seat?

Presentation 2009

Decisions table

After discussion, specify for each measure:




Responsible person

Involved persons

Starting date

Finishing date

Follow up and close

Decisions table

NOTE: Total available scope is displayed!

Presentation 2009

Tool 2 cost benefit check1

Tool 2: Cost/Benefit – Check

Presentation 2009

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