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Communication Problems. According to the article, what help ed to solve the problems with relationships between Martians and Venusians?. Work in groups to answer the following questions.

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According to the article, what helped to solve the problems with relationships between Martians and Venusians?

Work in groups to answer the following questions.

Both Martians and Venusians were able to solve such relationship-linked problems because they could recognize that they were different. One of the secrets of their success was good communication. According to the article, they could communicate well because, interestingly, they spoke different languages.

Do you agree that men and women seldom mean the same things even when they use the same words? Are there any examples in the article that may support your point of view?

Yes, I agree. Male speakers are more direct, and female speakers are more indirect or tactful. For instance, when a woman says, “I feel like you never listen.” she does not expect the word “never” to be taken literally. Using the word “never” is just a way of expressing the frustration she is feeling at the moment. It is not to be taken as if it were factual information.

Communication Between Martians and Venusians even when they use the same words? Are there any examples in the article that may support your point of view?(Para. 1—3)

The author here skillfully applies analogue (类比)into the communication problem between men and women.

1) When they had problems,they would just go to a translator

for assistance.

2) When there was a conflict they didn’t start judging or

fighting but insteadpulled out their phrase dictionaries to

understand each other more fully.

Communication Between Men and Women (Para. 4—9)

For example, if a woman says, “I feel like you never listen”, “never” is just a way of expressing the frustration she is feeling at the moment.

1. One of the secrets of success in dealing with relationship is

the good communication between Martians and Venusians.

(Para. 1)

2. How did they communicate well though they spoke different

languages? (Para. 2)

3. People from Mars and people from Venus experienced a

trust and acceptance that we rarely experience today. (Para.3)

1. Men and women seldom mean the same things even when

they use the same words. ( Para. 4)

2. Ten common complaints that are easily misinterpreted.

(Para. 5—9)

值得注意的是当两个从句并列时,后一个从句的引导词往往不可省略,以显示句子间的关系。此句中的值得注意的是当两个从句并列时,后一个从句的引导词往往不可省略,以显示句子间的关系。此句中的that 就是这一用法。

  • So when communication problems emerged, they assumed it was just one of those expected misunderstandings and that with a little assistance they would surely understand each other. (Line 14)

此句中,assume 后跟了两个宾语从句,一句为it was just one of those expected misunderstandings, 另一句为that with a little assistance they would surely understand each other。


  • So when communication problems emerged, they assumed it was just one of those expected misunderstandings and that with a little assistance they would surely understand each other. (Line 14)

  • It is not to be taken 因此,当交流出现问题的时候,他们认为误解是必然的,这只是众多误解中的一个。同时,在些许帮助下,他们必定能够彼此理解。as if it were factual information. (Line 22)

as if所引导的从句的谓语动词多用虚拟语气,表示所叙述的情况与事实相反。


  • 谈论现在情形,动词用过去时。

a) Why is she looking at me as if she knew me?


b) He behaves as if he owned the house.


1) 过去时,表示过去的状态,如:

  • He stood there looking at me and laughing, as ifto fool me was the best joke in the world.


  • Mr. Coleman always talked as if he knew everything.


  • 但是,如果状态动词带有持续时间状语, 则用过去完成时:

They talked as if they had been friends for years.


a) It was as if he had lost his last friend.


  • “I remember,” she tells her children now, “how wild her white hair looked—as if it had been electrified.”


a) She looks as if she had seen a ghost.


  • He talks about Rome as if he had been there himself.


He walks as if he 必须注意的是,在指过去的动作时,即使主句是is drunk.

He walks as if he were drunk.

  • 如果as if后面的从句所表示的情况是真实的或很

    可能是真实的,则动词可以用陈述语气,在 feel,

    look,seem, smell, sound, taste之后尤其如此。


  • It is not to be taken 必须注意的是,在指过去的动作时,即使主句是as if it were factual information. (Line 22)


take sth. lightly/seriously



UN urges financial institutions to take water scarcity more seriously.

当今时代,世界上还有一半人口遭受着饥荒, 健康状况不良以及生活质量低下,我们决不能再轻视人口问题。

At a time when half of the world is suffering from starvation, poor health and a deplorably low standard of living we simply cannot take lightly the population problem.


  • A man’s literal translation of “I don’t feel heard” leads him to take the woman’s complaint lightly. (Line 47)

1.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。encounter( Line 1, Para. 1)

vt. find oneself faced by (danger, difficulties, etc.), meet

(an enemy or enemies); meet unexpectedly (a friend, etc.)


情景造句:Describe your process of pursuing success.

Encountering difficulties in the process of pursuing success is quite normal.


That Muslim ______________________________________ on his way to Mecca to make a pilgrimage.

was encountered with an old friend from China


n.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。 sudden or unexpected (esp. hostile) meeting (with)


An encounter with a branch of Al-Qaeda

___________________________________ resulted in a serious injury in the American soldier’s left arm.


2.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。assistance(Line 6, Para. 2)

n. help; aid 帮助;援助


Can I be of any assistance to you?

Chinese government is prepared to ___________________ to that quake-stricken African country. (提供经济援助)

give financial assistance

is of great assistance for

The identity of world champion _____________________

Liu Guoliang to become one of the youngest head coaches

of Chinese national table tennis team. (有着很大的帮助)


= help(正式用语)帮助;援助


He is willing to assist those children from the single-parent families to go back to school.

aid联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。, assistance与help

  • aid 多指因处于困境或危难之时需要别人的帮助或援救。

e.g. 他愿意去帮助那些不幸的人。

He is willing to go to the aid of those ill-fated people.

  • assistance主要指在共同工作中对所属的部分工作做出

    贡献。assistance 不一定都是在紧迫的情况下提供帮助。

  • help 的用法最为普遍,assistance 最为正式,aid 次之。

    help 往往是出于同情而提供帮助。

e.g. 他已经给了我们很多的帮助。

He has already given us a lot of help.

3.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。conflict(Line 8, Para. 2)

n. 1) fight; struggle; quarrel 战争;斗争;争执

This is a serious dispute, and could lead to armed conflict.


There is a growing conflict of interest between her position as a politician and her business activities.


2) (联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。of opinion, desires, etc.) opposition; difference


vi. be in opposition or disagreement



His statement was apparently in conflictwith other evidence.


Their account of the road accident conflictswith ours.

4.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。pull out(Line 8, Para.2)

1) take something out of a bag, pocket, or cupboard 拿出

pulled out all

That disarming young man ______________

____________________ to show to the two

strangers in the same carriage. (Adapted from

Feng Xiaogang’s 2005 new year movie A

World Without Thieves)

his money from his bag


2) 联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。use force to take something from where it is

fixed or held 拔出,拉出


You’d better have that bad tooth pulled out tomorrow.


Pulling outthe lid of that bottle needs great strength.

5.联合国敦促各金融机构更加认真对待水资源短缺问题。emerge(Line 14, Para. 3)

vi. 1) come into view; appear


2) (of facts, ideas) appear; become known



The sun emerged from behind the clouds.


That fact that he was just the murderer emerged from theinterrogation.


No new ideas emerged during the discussion.


  • 这两个词都是不及物动词。均可指人或事物的出



  • emerge 后常接介词from。有时表示经过调查、询


    appear 在作系动词时,与seem用法相似,表示“看



  • Eventually the truth of the matter ________.

  • A smile ________ on his face.

  • Quite a few successful businessmen _________ from poor families.

请选择appear 或 emerge 的适当形式填空。





6. if he really is. assume(Line 14, Para. 3)

vt. 1) believe something is true without definite proof

假定, 假设, 臆想

American national basketball team is not as unconquerable as you assumed it to be.



Let us first assume his statement to be believable.

2) if he really is. take up; undertake 担任;承担


assumes a leading position

Her father ______________________ in that state-owned enterprise.(担任领导职务)

You should ________________________ of what you have done.(承担所有的责任)

assume all the responsibilities

assume if he really is. ,guess,imagine与suppose

  • 这几个词都表示对客观情况在未证实以前就做出主观的推


  • suppose (vt.)表示“想”、“认为”时,可以接从句或者复合宾

    语(补足语多为 to be, 其他情况多用不定式的完成时或进


1) I suppose (that) we’ll meet him at that hotel.


2) Few people supposed that young man (to be) innocent.


3) His brother was supposed to have already left for England.


  • suppose if he really is. 的设想还有某些根据,而 guess (vt./vi.)则有随意


    answer, riddle, thought等词,可作“猜着了”理解。

1)Can you guess my age? 你能猜出我的年龄吗?

2) Guess what I am doing. 猜猜我在做什么。

3) The little girl guessed the right answer immediately.


  • imagine (vt.)是指思想中形成的图景,想象或猜想某事物



1) if he really is. Can you imagine her becoming a famous hostess of CCTV?


2) You cannot imagine how happy I was to know that my

daughter was still alive. 你无法想象当我得知女儿还活


  • assume (vt.)的“假设”往往强调以某种设想或条件(并未



e.g. She assumes that you always get up at the same time.


  • They are _________ to arrive on the six o’clock

    passenger train from London.

  • He said he could _________ the scene clearly in his mind.

  • That young man _________ the girl to be a warm-hearted

    traveler, but she was in fact a thief.

  • It might be safely _________ that there are nocreatures on

    the moon.

请选择 assume, guess, imagine 或 suppose 的适当形式填空。






7. if he really is. exaggerate(Line 23, Para. 5)

v. say something is better, worse or more important

than it really is 夸大,夸张

The significance of that commercial performance ___________________________.

has been obviously exaggerated


The deadly earthquake and tsunami breaking out in Southeast Asia in December 2004 was so serious that the final death toll _______________________ at first.

sounded a bit exaggerating


8. if he really is. ignore(Line 32, Para. 5)

vt. take no notice of, refuse to pay attention to



People all over the world should not ignore severe water shortage problems.


I said hello to her, but she ignored me completely.

情景造句:驾驶员 闯红灯

A good driver never ignores a red light.

9. if he really is. convey(Line 42, Para. 6)

v. 1) communicate information or a message



I will have to convey that bad news to him.


conveyed their

The leaders of the local government _____________

_______________ to the relatives of that sacrificial


deepest sympathy

2) if he really is. transport or carry 运送,载送,输送

Those trucks had secretly conveyed weapons to the local anti-US forces.



A bus conveyed the passengers from the city to the airport.

10. if he really is. on the verge of(Line 53, Para. 9)

very close to, on the border of


on the verge

Her husband’s death almost pushed her ___________


of emotional collapse


Zhao Benshan’s humorous performance even made his serious-looking father _____________________.

on the verge of laughing


Famous singer Kris Phillips is _________________. (年近50了)

on the verge of fifty

找人帮忙 if he really is.





go to sb. for assistance / help

Speech is a means of conveying information.

I don’t feel heard.

to take his words lightly

They are on the verge of arguing.